Reality Check: Did Harry Cross a Line on American Idol? And Why Is Jax Under Fire? Plus: The Voice's Icky Ouster!

#TeamQuentin or #TeamHarry? #TeamJoey or #TeamRayvon? And is Jax authentic?

Those are just a few of the questions American Idol fans tackled following an explosive, sometimes uncomfortable Top 7 performance night.

On this week’s Reality Check, my co-host Melinda Doolittle and I tackle those topics and more — including who we’d have swapped for Joey and Rayvon in last week’s Bottom 2, whether Clark had one success or two with his “Superstition”-“Moon River” combo and how two people can view a B+ grade very, very differently.

If that’s not enough, Melinda and I also lament Mia Z’s early ouster on The Voice — especially in light of several contestants experiencing vocal collapses in relation to the teenage blues singer’s awesomeness.

Press PLAY for the full Reality Check experience, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. KIMBERLY is rising!!! 😉😍😭

    • Runner says:

      That girl is amazing. She is the only one I want to win that show, though there are a lot good singers this season.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I was always pro-Kimberly, but she really sealed the deal for me tonight. She is now my #2 and I’m firmly rooting for the girl now. That woman is a force to be reckoned with, vocally speaking. Even the best folks on Idol or The Voice struggle with consistency from week to week, but she has nailed each and every performances since the live performances have started. That alone should earn her some sort of award.

  2. Dee~Kay~Tee says:

    I really wish you guys would give Idol and The Voice equal time on Reality Check, especially since this season is so great! I love watching you two but I usually FF through the Idol stuff only giving me 3-4 mins of the banter between you two and that is just not enough!!! :-)

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      The top 5 performances of the week were all on The Voice. Right now, TV is crushing AI.

      • Jerry says:

        You are stupid if you think that. Clark was definitely in the top 5 performances. The Voice isn’t crushing Idol at all, especially this week. Clark was better than anybody on the Voice, you idiot. STOP BEING BIASED! The Voice’s boys this season are week. Yes, even Sawyer.

        • Allycat says:

          Art is subjective and whenever there is a snarky comment that goes against the grain of the convo/topic/whatever, you can bet there is a grammatical error, i.e., “the boys are week”…

      • HayderBHayden You are sooo right about Idol looking bad compared to the voice! I am not trying to be mean, but idol is like the “trailer park” version, and the voice is the High Rise Upper Scale Units! LOL What godly gift did Koryn have last night? I dont usually go for churchy, but she is more than that! Its her gravelly tone that I love and she shows the emotion of someone older than her age! I still love Sawyer because of his unique tone, but Koryn could be a REAL star for sure! I dont think ANY of the idol singers would make it on the voice at all, also the worst singers on the voice are better than the best on idol! I thought at the top 24 Hollywood week, that this would be a great year on Idol but I was wrong!

        • It looks like the ratings from the Voice on 4/14 for the Voice are 10.69 million, 4/21 for the Voice were 10.30 million, 4/13 were 11.03 million but the American Idol ratings for 4/15 were 7.63 and for 4/8 were 6.58. So the voice is indeed spanking American Idol. In terms of actual talent I agree American Idol just isn’t as good and I would rather watch the celebrities on the Voice as well. Even the very worst Voice contestant could best any American Idol contestant by a mile. Sawyer and Joshua are in a category all their own they are so good but Koryn did indeed step it up this last show.

        • Hayder B. Hayden says:

          Koryn was possessed last night. She has always been a good singer, but last night she was unreal. It was like she got bit by a radioactive microphone or something. She had super powers. If she were on AI, Michael would be raving about her “Idol Moment.” Meghan and Kimberly were great too, but Koryn was magical.

        • joey says:

          So Melinda Doolittle, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson are ‘trailer park’ compared to the Voice contestants?

          • Joey Heck no, I think im referring to THIS year! I love Adam Lambert, J hud etc.. Just this year seems to be especially bad. I would love it if they had a little better talent. By the way Idol has always been my fav over the voice, until this season!

          • kevstar says:

            I don’t think anybody is ripping Idol’s glory days. There just hasn’t been a huge star since I don’t know when. Phil Phillips is the last of the idols to have a #1 hit. I think the days of any US reality star being big in music is OVER.

          • james says:

            @calebswackofan: the talent is there this season of idol–it’s just that the mentoring isn’t. and because idol doesn’t have professionals–the contestants are confused. the theme weeks haven’t helped either

          • james says:

            i think they should bring back jimmy iodine

    • Dee says:

      I agree. I tweeted this a few weeks ago. I love watching them but if The Voice is only going to gets few minutes I might as well stop watching.

    • Tammy says:

      I agree… I wish we could have heard more about a few other Voice contestants. At least go 60/40 on the AI/Voice split. I get you wanted to talk all about things being “wack” on AI but come on.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m guessing with Melinda as an Idol alum there’s a clear bias, but Melinda and Michael need to get over that bias and go where the viewers and the talent are, which is The Voice. TV is crushing Idol on both fronts this season.

    • joey says:

      So when is the Voice going to produce a star? When the Voice creates a successful star, Slezak will probably give them equal of more time. Idol jumped the shark a long time ago when it started hiring ‘celebrities’ and paying them 7 and 8 figure salaries.

      Those of us who’ve been watching it since season one keep hoping that Idol will go back to its roots and make the show about the singers. That’s probably why Slezak keeps focusing on Idol instead of the Voice. Idol used to be great. Let it happen again, wishful thinking.
      Did you notice that Melinda Doolittle is also on Reality Check? How did Slezak hear about her? Idol contestant. Maybe Slezak should get Cassadee Pope to replace Melinda?

      • MAB says:

        Idol also generates more responses on the blog then The Voice. I watch both shows but I just can’t get into The Voice like I do with Idol even when Idol makes me angry like last week. I find The Voice to be boring. I know many of you think the talent is so great on The Voice but I just am not into the big Diva singing. Too many singers that are alike especially on Xtina’s team. Idol has a variety of different singers and they may not be as technically perfect as the singers on The Voice but I find them to be a whole lot more interesting. If Joshua gets eliminated this week I probably will not watch anymore. To each his own but I am really so tired of all this talk about how The Voice is so much better than Idol. On The Voice’s best show it can not even begin to come close to phenomenon Idol was in its hey day. I like to see where The Voice will be in 14 years.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          A lot of that is self-selection, MAB. Other than last week’s blip with the Harry / Quentin fiasco, The Voice has been getting more comments than Idol. Historically Slezak’s readers have been Idol fans, but as the talent and ratings wane and wane and wane for Idol, our trusty hosts should take note and adapt with the times. The Voice has roughly 50% more viewers, which is a whole lot of people. We’re talking millions upon millions more TV viewers than Idol. Strictly from a numbers perspective, it doesn’t make sense for Slezak and Doolittle to focus on Idol at the expense of The Voice. At the end of the day what matters for TVLine or any entertainment blog / site is page clicks and ad revenue, and with far more viewers for The Voice, I think they’re shooting themselves in the foot by focusing their attention on the sinking ship.

          • flutiefan says:

            why aren’t those 50% more viewers buying any music?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            You’re skirting the point that The Voice has far more viewers. I don’t see any Idol folks in the iTunes top 100, but oh, here’s Koryn Hawthorne at #3!

      • JoMarch says:

        The Voice is boring, boring, boring. It’s not because of the singers, but because of all the attention on the judges who love the sounds of their own voices. As obnoxious as Harry can be he doesn’t come close to the obnoxiousness of the “play” fights between The Voice judges which go on and on, and the stupid bromance between Adam and Blake. I don’t think it has to be either-or between the two shows; I just don’t like The Voice.

      • trf says:

        As far as ‘star power’ – I’m there for an entertaining tv show. Obviously, I’m not the buying I-tunes public. The Voice has my full attention this season. A.I. just isn’t on my viewing list this season.

  3. Jill Moy says:

    The thing with Harry is so blown out of proportion! It was no big deal…PERIOD! Harry was defending the show! He seriously thought Quenin was putting down the show! He felt tat way that’s all! Why does it have to be re-hashed over and over! It wasn’t racial either, like people are implying! People need to grow up! You are all so sensitive! Harry didn’t say anything so terrible! He’s human!

    • Dude says:

      What he was doing was making a spectacle of himself and blowing a situation out of proportion for the sake of attention and ratings. Let’s not pretend he did it out of some undying love for Idol.

      • Runner says:

        Well said, Dude. Harry is all about Harry.

      • Lynn says:

        He totally blew the situation out of proportion and he didn’t even hear what Quentin had actually said on top of it. I’m glad that Quentin came back out to tell Harry exactly what he was saying. I love Harry but he can be a drama queen at times.

        • Tyler says:

          I don’t think Harry was wrong in what he said, but I think he could’ve handled it better, such as discussing it with Quentin off camera.

          • Lynn says:

            IMO Harry was wrong in what he said because he misinterpreted or didn’t fully hear what Quentin said so his response didn’t even apply to this particular instance. I agree that he should have discussed it off camera instead of making a scene. And I have to say Harry did sound rather childish when he told Quentin that he could always go home.

        • Well It ate my comment! But here is what someone else said on Harry’s FB page! Quentin is 21 and not experienced at this yet and Harry is 47 and very experienced. Even if some people think Quentin was out of line, what does that make Harry? He knows better than to yell across the room and to “egg it on” starting even more drama. Quentin seemed to show he was more of a man by coming out, explaining what he meant and then shaking Harrys hand! Harry knows better. He should also know how to conduct himself in front of the public! He is a grown man and a father! There are lots of good points on Harry’s FB page!

          • WOO HOO! Look on the AI FB page and see a live video of Borchetta saying “Good for Quentin for calling Harry out and Borchetta supports Quentin completely! He said the very emotional artists are the best to work with and he gave Taylor as an example!

          • Hey to find the video of Borchetta supporting Quentin, its on AI FB under Quentins picture and then view more comments and you will find it.

    • Lynn says:

      Harry may have felt that but he took Quentin’s comments out of context because he didn’t even hear exactly what had been said. He made a big deal out of nothing!

      • Tyler says:

        IMO Quentin said exactly what Harry “may have” felt. But backpedaled to make it seem otherwise. I’m not blaming Quentin for what he “may have” said but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking otherwise. When Quentin said IT was whack–he meant the twitter vote. And he was right about it.

        • Lynn says:

          Quentin meant one of the best singers being in the bottom two and one of his close friends having to go home. I don’t see where he backpedaled at all. Since Harry clearly didn’t hear the full comment, he only explained to him what he had meant.

    • Me. says:

      Jill, totally agree. I think that calling someone on being disrespectful is what he should have done. When Quentin acted like he did, BEFORE Harry said anything, he lost my vote. I’m sorry but I’m tired of Harry getting dissed by Slezak who doesn’t have a thimble of the talent Harry does.

      • Jill Moy says:


        EXACTLY! I feel the same way about this OVERBLOWN situation!

      • Mary says:

        You have blinders on if you think Michael dissed on Harry is unwarranted. This is not the first time Harry has made a spectacle of himself. I could make a list but it is not worth the time. If you watch the film Quentin pointed right to the contestants in the chair when he spoke. I can only guess that you are one who think contestants should just be
        a robot. Quentin could of chosen his words better, but I think he handle the situation with dignity. If someone attacked me on national TV I am not so sure I would have been that calm. Harry might have talent, nobody denies that, but that doesn’t give him the right to humiliate someone. What you call disrespect I call standing up for one self.

        • Jill Moy says:

          I never have liked Harry ( loved him on his debut episode, that’s it) I know he’s made a fool out of himself before! But…..Quentin was getting the ball rolling by his attitude while he was singing….going up to Harry acting like an angry child! Two had to be eliminated! I’ll say it again……Quentin should have kept his pie hole shut!

    • sue says:

      Why is everything a racial issue now…bad manners has no color!!!

    • Josette says:

      I have been watching AI since 2004. I believe that Harry is racist. He tears the Black artists down and I don’t think he is fair at all AI should have never hired him as a coach. That is my opinion!!!

    • Josette says:

      Harry is racist— bottom line!!!!

    • Donna Locastro says:

      When you’re not really sure what’s being implied by someone’s comments, you shouldn’t say anything until you have all the facts! Harry misinterpreted Quentin, period & that little twerp, Ryan just added fuel to the fire. He did it again tonight, when Quentin reacted after Rayvon sang. Talk about stirring up the crowd! It was clearly obvious who the “American Idol Machine” wanted to win the final spot.

    • Sandra Jones says:

      I tell you what…he didn’t say anything you say but, Quentin is off the show. Keep thinking Harry had nothing to do with it. Welcome to America!!!

  4. Jill Moy says:

    As far as Joax…she can’t sing a lick! I don’t understand how a phoney whispering voice enables her to be this far along! She has no charisma and is homely as well! Adanna is gone and she’s here????? It makes no sense!

    • stormsurger says:

      She’ll be in the final.

    • Runner says:

      She has a humungous fan base. Like huge. I’d like to be happy for her, but she does nothing for me at all. I like her dad better :)

    • marie says:

      We heard you the first three million times.

      • Jill Moy says:


        Are you an ALIEN? You HEARD a comment! You must be pretty advanced on Mars to HEAR a comment! You said WE heard you?????? How many of your cronies are out here??????

        • Temperance says:

          You do realize the whole troll/hat thing means people simply dismiss whatever you post, right?

          • Jill Moy says:


            STUFF IT CLOWN!

          • Christian says:

            Please don’t listen to her. I hope that her comment didn’t offend you in anyway. ;)

          • Temperance says:

            I was slaying trolls before there was a world wide web. Jill Moy is a joke.

          • Jill Moy says:

            TO YOU HATERS OF ME……THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT SAY FAR MORE HARSH THINGS THAN ME AND NOBODY COMPLAINS! What I say usually happens, elliminations, etc.! I’m entitled to my opinion! Others say THEY HATE a singer and nobody complains! I never have said I HATE anybody! I just dislike no-talents like Joax, the Hoax, the Moax going on and on when they should be gone! The trolls are you and you all are delusional if you believe Joax has talent! She has a horrible voice and it homely as well….A LOVELY COMBINATION!

    • Tommyo2000 says:

      Well that took all of 4 minutes….

    • jen mac says:

      You are right!! let me just say I don’t dislike Jax I don’t know her but I wonder how she got this far. She is not a good singer. whispering through songs, fake affectations just to name a few things and last weeks beat it was like watching a high school band perform. It was so off key and vocally a mess. She is popular with the tweens and teens who have flocked to her on twitter. I also loved Adanna!!!

      • flutiefan says:

        agreed. it bothers me that she has made it this far on her fake affectations. i guess people think she’s a “cool girl”. great, maybe she’s “cool” (i think she’s a poseur). that doesn’t mean she should win a singing competition.

      • Jill Moy says:

        JEN MAC,

        A high school band has better singers ehan Jax! Adanna had the looks, showmanship and a great voice! Nobody left has all these qualities!

      • Temperance says:

        Well, that, and she’s a pretty awesome singer with a serious amount of artistry…

    • Christian says:

      Honestly, every time you comment you hate on Jax. It is rude and disrespectful. I get you don’t like her voice, but this is down right cyber bullying. You can say you don’t like Jax in a nicer way.

      • Jill Moy says:


        I’m being honest! I don’t hate anybody! I just think she’s a big
        0 with no talent and enough is enough! She shouldn’t be around….PERIOD! Consideringher talent and looks, I am being kind! She is the most pimped, overrated perormer in TALENT SHOW HISTORY….BAR NONE!

    • Stephen says:

      Addana has been on two singing competitions and still couldn’t get it done. Like her or not, Jax will have a future in music. She’s a record company’s dream. Young, attractive, good stage presence, big fanbase, and you wouldn’t have to auto tune her voice like you do most singers. There’s a reason mentors have called her one of the best. You know, established musicians, not people sitting at home complaining.

      • jen mac says:

        I disagree Jax will need a lot of auto tuning have you really listened to her? her vocals are all over the place, she only sounds decent when she sings a really slow song at the piano and that is in an over affected voice. She sings in a child voice.

      • Jill Moy says:



  5. neaorlean says:

    #teamMelinda on everything but Rayvon.

  6. Stormsurger says:

    Michael, sorry, you are Wack. Your endless droning about Harry and total forgiveness for the disrespect shown by Quentin are off base. Quentin started during the song (as Melinda pointed out) and carried over to the critique. If you can’t take the heat, get off the stage. He may not go home this week but I guarantee he killed any chance he’s the next American Idol. He’ll go home real soon. The people who watch and vote don’t want this awkward crap. Sing, smile and be lovable and you get votes. Create drama and you go home. That’s been proven over and over for 15 years.

    • Lynn says:

      What was so disrespectful? Ryan asked him why he was upset and he said because the best two vocalists are in the bottom two, one of his best friends would be going home and the show is wack (meaning the process of elimination with good singers going home).

      • Tyler says:

        I agree it wasn’t disrespectful but it also wasn’t smart either. Quentin needs to learn how to play the game. I realize it was probably a tough and emotional time for him to play the game when he knew his best friend would be leaving–but that’s the way it was. There was really nothing he could do about it.

        • Lynn says:

          I certainly couldn’t imagine myself under those circumstances on live tv in front of all those people being put on the spot like that by Ryan when you’re clearly upset and emotional. Who knows what I would have said and I’m a lot older! LOL

        • flutiefan says:


      • Ginger Snap says:

        So what? This isn’t the first season of Idol. Someone goes home every week. The closer we get to the finale, someone with talent goes home.

        And Quentin knew that when he signed up for the show. Stop Whining. Who else would he want to lose?

        • Mary says:

          You are missing the whole point of what happen. His BF was in the bottom two. I am sure Quentin knew this was a possibility in theory, but when it happen his emotion took over. Not everyone is made of stone. The way I look at it, even if he goes home this week I give him credit being man enough to address Harry and explain himself. I think he show maturity and class, something Harry might want to take note of.

      • JoMarch says:

        He should have ended his statement there, but he went on to say “that’s all I’m going to say” which seemed to mean he was really ticked and could go on and on about the injustice; that’s what was disrespectful. Let’s take the whole content of what he said, not what you want it to be. It’s a competition, there will be only 1 person standing at the end; did Quentin not get that. A simple, “I’m sorry to see my friends go” was sufficient.

        • Lynn says:

          “which seemed to mean” so basically you’re expressing your opinion of what you thought he meant and what you want it to be. LOL

      • stormsurger says:

        Lynn, go back and watch the video again. He was in Harry’s face during the song and threw his papers on the desk. It wasn’t a performance, it was an “in your face, Harry” and Harry was right to call him on it. THAT IS disrespectful.

        • Lynn says:

          I have but maybe you should rewatch it. Quentin was nowhere near his face and you can only see him pick up the papers but not actually throw them. LOL That is not what Harry even called him out on anyway!

      • karyn says:

        But Q was lying when he said what was upsetting him. It was clear during the critique that he was pissed off at Harry’s comments. I hadn’t even noticed that it started during the song until Melinda pointed it out. What really happened here is Quentin got himself all worked up DURING THE SONG about Harry being too hard on him. Slamming Harry’s papers down was his way of saying I don’t care about all your fancy music talk. Then he had to hear it anyway and got ticked off. The business about his friends going home was just cover. He deserved the dressing down Harry game him and Q made it worse by being even more disrespectful after that.

    • Temperance says:

      Your blather about things that didn’t happen is fascinating… and it’s total hooey. Slezak is pretty much dead on.

    • Lynn says:

      “Sing, smile and be lovable and you get votes.”
      Acutally that doesn’t seem to be working for Rayvon. Are they supposed to be robots on stage with no personality whatsoever? Idol has gotten the most buzz this past week than it has all season as evidenced by the abysmal ratings.

      • Mary says:

        And the rating keep getting worse. Personally I think it is the twitter save that is not helping. If I lived on the west coast I wouldn’t waste my time watching since if you are involved in the save you already know the bottom two. If you have a favorite you just vote and go on with your life. I hope this stops after the top five.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Have to laugh at Michael expressing concern about Clark’s voice. He always gives a pass to Quentin’s awful vocals. Quentin was right, Joey & Rayvon shouldn’t haven’t been eliminated, he should have been.

    • Judy says:

      Totally agree. I shocked at Quetin saying the show was “wack”. Sorry, people go home and he should be glad it wasn’t him. Grow up and be an adult, you can’t just open your mouth and vomit out every thought. I was glad Harry said what he did. Quentin needs to learn to have class. Only the huge stars get away with making horrendous statements.

    • Temperance says:

      That would be because his vocals aren’t bad at all. Every watch early Katy Perry or Rhianna (or Britney whenever)? Q’s a vocal genius in comparison, and theyd’ sold millions of records (and they also worked really hard on it and got much MUCH better live as they went along).

      • Anonymous says:

        No, I don’t watch them or appreciate them. I thought American Idol was a show where people actually could sing. If this is just going to be a show about finding over the top show pieces who can’t sing (Quentin), then the show should end. Please don’t excuse Quentin’s crappy vocals by bringing up other “no talents”. That is just ridiculous.

  8. Jenny says:

    I felt like the emotion Ravyon was trying to convey while singing Always On My Mind, was a little forced. When he shut his eyes and then opened them again while holding out a note, I swear he had a look on his face like he was trying to see if anyone was buying his emotional moment.

  9. #TeamHarry says:

    i have been saying the same thing about Rayvon for 2 weeks that he will be in the bottom 2 because everyone is forgetting to vote for him after the save. Thank you Melinda Doolittle for recognizing it too.

    • Runner says:

      Hm… this is a good point. I’m glad Melinda pointed that out.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      He is in the bottom 2 every week as he is entirely unoriginal and totally boring.

      • Temperance says:


      • Lynn says:

        He’s been in the bottom 3 for 3 consecutive weeks. The dude can sing but is boring as hell!

        • Temperance says:

          Yup. At least he tried this past week. The wardrobe improved (though skewed gay), we got a bit of chest hair (he’s a guy!), and he danced a bit. He wasn’t boring, though the song choice was awful.

        • smokey says:

          I would expect to see Rayvon and Quentin in a twitter battle this week. Rayvon will win again if that happens – so the whole discussion will move-on……………. There are a great many people who have been in these singing reality talent shows over the years —- in the USA and UK — that sell in both markets —— that came-in somewhere in the top 8 to 3 —— that could not make a good living with their music efforts, for long after the show…………..

    • Mary says:

      Melinda and you are dreaming. The only think saving him is the twitter save. Take that away and I would bet my last dollar he would be gone. He is on the wrong show. Should of went to the voice. Nice voice but no personality. Ever heard of the expression book smarts but no common sense. Rayvon is like that Technically good but blank everywhere else.

  10. MAB says:

    Thank you Melinda for pointing out how Quentin approached Harry while he was singing especially grabbing his papers and throwing them down. That may have set Harry off to begin with. That was really challenging. To be honest I am kind of sick of all the talk about Quentin versus Harry. To me they were both wrong and I kind of lost a little respect for both of them.

    • Lynn says:

      He approached Harry but didn’t Harry tell Quentin to move around the stage more last week?

      • MAB says:

        He didn’t tell Quentin to come up so close to Harry and pick up the papers and throw them down. He was right in Harry’s face. Until Melinda pointed it out I had missed that. There was something going on with Quentin then and he was singling Harry out. The reason Ryan asked him how he was feeling was because you could see Quentin was actually angry. I voted for Quentin every week except last week. There was something with him that rubbed me the wrong way. I’m not saying that Harry was totally right either. He should have asked Quentin to clarify himself before calling him disrespectful but after seeing that clip of Quentin I can kind of understand where Harry was coming from.

        • Lynn says:

          Harry responded to Quentin’s comments though. He could have said something about parts of the performance when he gave his critique if he was bothered by it. Why would he have waited until Quentin actually was already off stage if that’s what it was about?

          • MAB says:

            I never said that’s what it was all about but it could have been an accumulation of it all. Even if Harry never responded to what Quentin said I think there would have been many people out there who were not happy with Quentin’s words just like Harry. Showing your anger is never a good thing and is never received well. In the past much less then that has been criticized and remembered through the years. If Quentin had shown sadness instead of anger it would have been received much differently. It really bothers me tha Idol is capitalizing on this. I read that they are now using this clip as a promotion for the show. There is too much hype over this and Idol is not going to let it die. They are basking in the attention. Just like the fight between Nikki and Mariah was shown over and over.

        • Lynn says:

          OK I just rewatched that part of his performance twice. Quentin got close but not in his face and I didn’t see him “throwing” the papers. Also, his expression was the same throughout the song so it went along with the song not just pertaining to the bit with Harry. There have been many singers who actually do get quite close to the judges’ faces sometimes but Quentin wasn’t quite that close.

          • Mary says:

            I never even notice that until Melinda pointed it out. She took it as confrontational I took it as putting emphasis on the song. Many of contestants have gone to the judges table so I didn’t put any stock into it. Drama, drama, drama what you gonna do.

  11. Dizzle says:

    I’ve really enjoyed Quentin’s performances but lost a little respect for him when he started pouting about the bottom two…. Did he forget this was a competition? You don’t get a trophy just for turning up, there’s only one winner each year.

    But Harry did himself no favours in blowing it waaaay out of proportion. They’ve been two of the most entertaining parts of this year’s Idol, for me, but lost a lot of their lustre after that debacle.

    And it overshadowed just how great Joey and Rayvon were! Yes, their first performances on the night were a bit cheesy (Rayvon) and underdeveloped (Joey), but both brought it home with their last two songs. I honestly thought Joey would go through but I’m just as pleased Rayvon did. Really think if he gets the right song emotionally he will be a knockout!

    • Lynn says:

      Yeah but these are kids still under tremendous pressure and Joey and Quentin had become super close. It’s hard to shut off your emotions like that and Ryan knew better than to put him on the spot like that. But it sure got a lot of attention which is really a benefit in the long run since the ratings are really bad this year.

      • Puchinsmom says:

        Joey was not only going home, she won’t be on the tour. That would be hard for a best friend who WAS going on the tour.
        All the drama aside, I will miss Joey. She’s been my favorite since Hollywood group week. I thought she was brilliant when she forgot her words! And I really liked her voice a lot. Colorful hair and quirkiness aside, she was an interesting entertainer, and she made the show for me this year. Plus she was a class act. I will continue to watch, but don’t care who wins, and my fast forward button will be busy!

        • Lynn says:

          Shoot I didn’t realize she won’t be on the tour! I’ve always liked her and will miss her!

          • Temperance says:

            They nearly always hire more of the contestants. She won’t b featured in the ads, but it’s very likely she’ll be there and do some songs.

  12. Lunakit says:

    Melinda and Michael wondered why people aren’t finding Jax authentic… personally I think it is because she still very green and is using her stage time to try on different ‘personas’ while she figures out how she wants to present herself. I really don’t think she has that piece worked out yet, so it is hard to get a fix on what is authentic for her as a performer.

    • Hayder B. Hayden says:

      I think you got it right. We are seeing a different “act” each week, but we still don’t know the performer. She’s not only working out her style, she’s trying on different personas each week. Most are not good fits.

  13. Runner says:

    Blech. I am so over Harry and his mid-level, B-list, ain’t-nobody-heard-of-even-one-of-your-hits-songs-like-ever behind. I need him to sit down. Way down. This show is not about him and “his” feelings. It was pretty clear what Quentin was saying. And he feels the way he feels. So what? It can’t be easy to hear the results, then sing, then commiserate for your friends. So it came out kinda stanky. So what? Life is messy. Nobody is perfect all the time. Cut the dude some slack. I only feel admiration for how he stood up for himself. Like twice. #teamQuentin. Rant over :)

    • Me. says:

      Really??? Harry is the most talented of all of the judges. Harry is trying to help these kids navigate fame. Quentin needs to realize that. IF he goes anywhere after this, he’ll have to realize that he can’t shoot off at the mouth without there being consequences. Harry is trying to teach him that. He has given Quentin such great constructive criticism. So STINKING tired of people dissing Harry.

      • Mary says:

        In your opinion Harry is the most talented. Personally I would go for Keith. Just because someone is on a reality TV show, does not negate their opinions or believe. The music business is a tough world and if you are not willing to stick up for yourself than you are screwed. I am not saying he can’t learn from other people, but when confronted you speak your mind.

        • Mary says:


        • karyn says:

          Keith seems like a genuinely nice guy and I don’t mind having him on the show as eye candy for the girls just like Jennifer is there as eye candy for the guys. But a great judge he is not. He gives the same critique every time – That was really good but I just don’t know if that was the best song for you. Harry is the only real judge on the show these days and he has never been as mean or snarky as Simon was, he is always polite, professional and respectful. Even during his showdown with Quentin, Harry was never rude (and you can’t say the same about Quentin).

    • flutiefan says:

      um, if you’re not familiar with Harry’s work, that’s on YOU. that’s not a reflection of his success or ability or status in the music industry. it’s simply your ignorance of him. and that’s sad.

  14. Harold says:

    Mila Z deserved to go home. She could not enunciate her words. I couldn’t stand that high pitched dolphin singing. I think Kimberly oversings her songs.

    • Marlene says:

      I really believe people got tired of that dolphin squeak of Mia’s. She did it in every song and so why wouldn’t everyone think they were going to have to keep hearing it every week. Should have been used sparingly.

  15. Cw says:

    Go Harry! Go HOME Questing!!!! I hope he gets sent home or maybe he should trade places with his ” best friend ”!!

  16. ChiaW says:

    I blame Mia Z’s departure on Reba. Until Reba mentioned that you couldn’t understand all the words when Mia sang, I hadn’t noticed. I was so carried by her tone that a few little words didn’t even matter to me. As soon as Reba said it I was like, “Yeah, she’s right.” Then when Mia sang I was obsessed with her enunciation and for the first time saw her as flawed. I felt bad feeling like that, but there it was.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I wonder what would have happened if Reba had said the same thing about Joshua. I can’t understand a word he’s saying either. To be fair, Mia’s diction was garbage, but let’s be honest and say that the same is true of Joshua.

  17. Jill Moy says:

    Quentin could have just SAID NOTHING!

  18. syb says:

    Michael and Melinda: Why do people consider Jax inauthentic? Here’s my list of reasons.
    1. She began by singing vapid songs like I Wanna Hold Your Hand as if she was interpreting the lyrics from Bitter Little Pill. I get changing it up, but that made zero sense.
    2. She has a fake tattoo on her face.
    3. She went for the blue/black white/gold dress stunt.
    4. She fondled her parents during a performance
    5. When she talks she sounds carefully rehearsed.

    In summary, the whole “edgy artiste” image seems carefully contrived and tended, not only by Jax but by everyone associated with the American Idol production. It is the Angie Miller phenomenon (wind machine and all) on steroids.

    • Jill Moy says:


      PLUS, SHE JUST PLAIN “CAN”T SING!” All your points are valid! KUDOS!

    • Lynn says:

      OMG at #4!! LOL

    • flutiefan says:

      ~she can’t sing
      ~when she attempts to sing, she uses affectations that never, ever come out when she speaks. it’s like a fake accent.
      does she want to be Gaga?

      i loved Angie Miller, what did they do with her?

    • LZB says:

      Jax is still a child and it shows. She’s an amateur who is still trying to figure herself out, as any average teenager might. Most of her performances have been pretty much average.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      syb ,I swear upon my life that I wrote my reply to Flutie regarding Angie Miller below before I read this thread. I now officially love you as this is beyond spot on. :)

    • LZB says:

      Come on, be fair. Jax can sing. She probably even has some artistry, although her song choices leave me cold. Her problem is the same as many a teenager who has been on this show: She’s raw, she’s been told by judges, etc., that she’s a front runner, she is excited to think she can win, and she’s been making calculated moves to that end (the fondling, the 911 father). She’s a few hard-knocks years away from impressing me with her artistry.

      • stormsurger says:

        And, yet, she’s never been near the bottom. Sorry, gang, she’s headed for the final. Your critiques are valid but since Daniel is gone the 15 year-old contingent will vote her through to the end, where Clark will clean her clock. Remember the two Davids? In the end Cook won and the same will happen this time.

    • deedee says:

      Syb, I am 100% with you on every point, and will add: 6) the massively pretentious “stage name”, and 7) the “aren’t I cute” affected borderline baby-talk.

      I’m sure she’s a perfectly lovely person, but as an Idol contestant she makes me feel manipulated and swindled each time she appears. She clubs me over the head with an inventory of gimmicks and it all feels so … unsubtle. To put it kindly.

  19. sue says:

    Quentin needs to go home…his arrogant display of matter what he says….is an example of considering himself above the standards of conduct…Harry was right on!!!

    • Jill Moy says:


      You’re right…Bad manners have no color! You are right about what you said above! It was his tone! I really want him to stay, as I feel Jax should leave! Nobody will admit but us few that all you say(I can’t say it any better) is true plus He was angry at Harry while singing and seems a bit angry anyway! I myself didn’t know what he’d do whe he walked up to Harry! That was wrong! And I’m not saying this because he’s black! He looked menacing to me!

  20. karenb says:

    I think Rayvon may be giving Melinda the goosies!

  21. jj says:

    Michael seems to have adopted Jennifer’s approach this year. Fawn over one contestant (completely ignoring his flaws) but be hypercritical of other contestants.

  22. Simon says:

    This was a tough week for me, with my 2nd favorite contestant from each show going home. Now I’m all about Clark and Kimberly for the wins.

    I have been predicting since the beginning that Clark and Jax will be at the finale, with Clark winning (for obvious reasons). I say Jax will come in 2nd because I’ve noticed a pattern among runners-up that Jax seems to fit into perfectly. Heavily pimped initially, with a lot of fans to get them to the top 2, but also a lot of people who dislike them (sometimes only because they are pimped so much, sometimes because they’re polarizing in general, like Blake Lewis, Adam Lambert, or Jena Irene). In earlier rounds, it doesn’t matter as much to be disliked, but once it’s down to the top 2, it makes a big difference because ALL those votes go to the other person. Look at all the runners-up in the past who were “chosen ones” very early on. Justin Guarini, Katharine McPhee, David Archuleta, Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowersox, Lauren Alaina, possibly Clay Aiken? (I didn’t watch that season.) Or sometimes they quickly become front-runners as soon as live shows start, like Bo and Jessica. Either way, I feel like contestants like that get a lot of resentment from people who think they’re “overrated” or “don’t deserve all the hype.” And sometimes it’s deserved. *coughlaurencough*

    • stormsurger says:

      Great analysis, Simon. And right on. Jax is the teen-fandom queen.

    • karyn says:

      Love your analysis of past years, but I disagree with applying it to this year. You are right that it will be Clark & Jax in the final and that Clark will win. But unlike in several of the years you mention (Lee over Crystal being the most galling to my mind) here, I think Clark is actually more talented than Jax and deserves to beat her (since neither Joey nor Sarina Joi are here to beat them both).

  23. flutiefan says:

    Jax is the least authentic of anyone who has ever been on this show.

  24. Jess says:

    Yay for AI being back 1st and longer than The Voice! That last singer on The Voice though was good. As for Harry- it was not right what he said and so glad Quentin came back to let him know exactly what was what but Harry did that all for drama so AI could get more viewers/hype-that was what that was all about. As for me Quentin is still going to get my vote :)

  25. lorie says:

    Has anyone else found themselves saying “whack” this week?

  26. LZB says:

    Quentin’s a genius. Billie Holiday sang between the notes too, often, and her vocal quality was often grating or scratchy and her range was limited. She was a genius. Genius is often different, and goes against the grain.

    • Timmah says:

      I’m a big BH fan as well. I was listening to some of her recordings the other day (on her 100th birthday) and it was truly amazing how she was able to communicate so much depth of meaning and emotion in spite of as you say, not having the greatest range, but by using her phrasing and dynamics and her scratchy tone so effectively. I’m not quite ready to say that Quentin is at that level, but I’ll give you that at least he’s trying stuff that’s not just the typical karaoke you get on these shows.

  27. Sybil Barr says:

    I really enjoyed #Team Quentin…..I love him/Hooray!

  28. Jerry says:

    Thank you for going back to highlighting Idol and making The flop, I mean, The Voice shorter.

    • Timmah says:

      The Voice started out with such promise this season, but now it’s down to mostly screamers and bland guys with guitars. Idol seems to be much more about artistry, though I’m really bummed that Joey is gone.

  29. Jill Moy says:

    Joey better than Nick and Tyanna???? Mia Z great????He listens to marble mouth Mia Z non-stop, Kimberly…perfection?????These are all ridiculous statements! These 2 need a REALITY CHECK!

    • Jill Moy says:

      I can’t believe that M and M can’t understand why many people feel Joax is unauthentic! It’s obvious: THERE ISN’T AN AUTHENTIC BONE IN HER BODY….FROM DAY 1!

      • Captain True says:

        Jax was selected to be part of the top 24 “cast” this year.

        She was voted-in by America. ******
        She plays the Pop Princess role, just as Maddie was supposed to play the teen Country Girl role, but strayed — ***

        Tyanna & Daniel were to play the amazing mid-teen role….Daniel took the first twitter beating, west coast shut-out trickery,,, from the guy in the crooner role………….. Everybody has/had a role to play for the production. ***
        Adanna & , Sarina both started chasing the diva shadows, while Qaasim was the outgoing stage crowd-rouser that got the scripted save,———— America no buy, ****

        Jax,**** just plays her role and enough like it to support the role staying on the show a while longer. Quentin’s role is about to be retired, this week or next.

    • S. says:

      Joey’s better than everybody left on that show. It’s honestly a slog each week now to find someone to be entertained by because they’re all polarizing accept for Nick. He’s pleasant although not particularly current to me so he might end up on top by default. I’d love Tyanna but she gets shouty sometimes and isn’t careful enough with her pitch. She’s been warned enough by Harry that I assume she’s simply not going to make sufficient effort to fix it. Jax is completely inauthentic and when she does uptempo songs like she did recently, you hear the real Jax and it’s not good. Pretty generic tone when she just lets go. Clark has dead eyes (seriously, when he looks into the camera it’s creepy) and he is trying to perform the way someone with emotion would as opposed to actually feeling it. Rayvon is vanilla even if he does have a lot of technique.

  30. Charles says:

    I think what happened to Joey was she never thought of herself as a vocalist before. She stated she’s never had a voice coach and thus started to explore the possibilities of her own voice minus the instrument. Madam Butterfly was really pushing the limits for a new singer, but since she was exploring possibilities (i.e., “petri dish”) she tried it. Not tactically sound, due to her lack of pure vocalist experience, but daring nevertheless. She’s young, intelligent and talented and will get there . . . just not along the Idol path any longer. Can’t wait to see how her future unfolds! She’s not through I look forward to her next re-cut album and her next creative work! Plus I’d put money on the fact that she will appear on PMJ in the near future!

  31. Debbie burns says:

    Harry is correct,if he doesn’t like it leave

    • cynt says:

      Harry was out of line!I think Quentin was misunderstood, probably should not have said anything,but he was feeling for his fellow contestants! Not liking the new mentor this year either!

      • stormsurger says:

        Quentin wasn’t misunderstood. you could see his brain working when Harry challenged him trying to find an explanation for his wack comment. He came up with the other two. His icy stare at Harry during his critique showed his contempt for Harry and the process.

  32. guest says:

    #TeamMelinda – Michael is cray-cray for his love of Q, c’mon.

    • LZB says:

      Quentin’s a genius. His artistry is mind-blowing. The closest to Quentin on this show, that I’ve seen, is Adam Lambert. But even Adam Lambert never dared to do what Quentin does. Speaking his mind with Harry is just business as usual for Quentin. I remember Paula Abdul telling Adam that he was the bravest contestant ever to appear on Idol. Quentin has left Adam in the dust as far as that goes. Quentin is wonderful.

      • karyn says:

        Sorry but this hyperbole had me rolling my eyes. As a performer, Quentin is a serious step above the usual singers on this show, but he is not remotely a genius. You’re right to compare his sense of spectacle to Lambert’s but the difference is that Adam Lambert had the voice to back it up.

  33. everart says:


  34. Kathy says:

    I thought the Quentin thing was totally out of line and was really glad Harry said what he said. I agree that Tyanna should have been in the bottom 2, Rayvon sure is far better. I was not sorry to see Joey go. The fingers in the air thing was beyond stupid and her eyes constantly closed did nothing for me. Jax is like Joey to me, her voice sounds the same to me every time. Good the first time you hear it but after that it gets old. As to the voice, I think the talent is just so great this year that it’s too hard to make a choice of just one person you like the most. They are all wonderful.

  35. Chetyl says:

    Quentin is not an American Idol. He is an American Idiot !!

  36. Cheryl says:

    Quentin, American Idiot. ..

  37. Tony says:

    Seriously guys…It was all done for publicity..Plain and simple

  38. leo says:

    We weiter we have best driest harry was rite.

  39. oriolemom says:

    Why do people say Jax isn’t authentic, you ask, Melinda and Michael? It’s that “affected” voice. It’s not her dancing, or risk taking. Hew voice sounds like something she manufactured and practiced. That’s it.

  40. PatD says:

    AI can’t get the ratings based on talent, so they exploit a contestant’s genuine emotions instead. It came off as an act of desperation by the show, which disrespects me as a viewer. But that has been the M.O. of AI for quite a while now.I really wish Michael/Melinda/TV Line
    would have a serious reality check. The writing is on the wall: The Voice is pure entertainment chock full of bona fide talent. AI is on its last legs.

  41. Linda says:

    Finally! Somebody told the truth! Thank you Harry! Hope Quentin and his wardrobe gets voted off. His attitude sucks. You go Harry!

  42. stormsurger says:

    Oh, and by the way, Melinda, good work. Someone’s got to keep Michael’s fantasies in check. :)

  43. theTruth says:

    Unfortunately, The American idol show is hurting because of the judges. Nick cannot compare to the talent of Clark, Joey, Rayvon etc, but jennifer and keith seem to be really pushing for him. The idol pales in comparison to the Voice. Real singers and artistry. New judges please!!!!!?

    • JJ says:

      Nick is pure and honest in his performance. People are overlooking him and Tyana. Joeys weird singing and crab claw hands belong on Broadway. If I hear her voice on the radio, I will change the station. To insipid.

  44. JJ says:

    I just want to say I think Quintin was unnerved by Harrys negative comments on his performance (check the facial expression on Quintin; anger, not sad) so he used his friends being in the bottom 2 as an outlet; however I believe he really was upset about that also. I love Quintin and I’m always anxious to see him perform; but I blame Harry and Quintin for the scene they made.

  45. says:

    Harry is right and I wish he hasn’t held back on what he really wanted to say. Why is that kid even there in the first place? Why are any of the contestants!?
    What is idol now? Who has likability, crazy costumes and can “own a stage” !? ( a stage full of stupid backdrops weird runways and lifts) jax running around the stage like a rock star on crack made me quit watching idol for good. Clearly her ego is out of check so far, she has no way to reverse it now. ” beat it” what a joke. All the contestants except poor tyanna, can beat it. And she doesn’t have a fair shot just because she can actually sing. Gawd, why make her stand in front of that terrible black and white junky set? Puke

  46. Shelia says:

    I’m not picking a side but Harry whom I like on the show must realize Quentin has grown close to several of the other contestants and yes it is a contest that doesn’t stop the camaraderie they build from day one. He complains about his pitch but the music coaches need to work w

  47. Shelia says:

    I’m not picking a side but Harry whom I like on the show must realize Quentin has grown close to several of the other contestants and yes it is a contest that doesn’t stop the camaraderie they build from day one. He complains about his pitch but the music coaches need to work wIth these kids more. Mentor, teach, lead!

  48. They both crossed the line. Quentin clearly slammed the show, the voters, the other singers and the opportunity he has. Harry was fine to comment, did not say anything in a mean or bad tone … but it would have simply be better to leave it alone.

  49. karyn says:

    I love your blog Michael but you’ve got to stop wearing blinders (or ear muffs) about your favorites. Every week I am with Melinda about his vocals and think you aren’t really listening b/c you like Q so much. This week you are being just as blind re the H v. Q dustup.

    I will say that when he came back later, Q had it together and was respectful especially in the face of Ryan’s rude comment. But before that, he was in HCJ’s face, he was sarcastic with his “I’m glad I could clarify it for you” comment and was disrespectful to the show that is making him a star. Even if that isn’t what he meant, it was disrespectful to the voters Q needs on his side. But worst, I don’t think his moodiness had anything to do with his friends being in danger. He was sullen during HCJ’s critique b/c he’s sick of hearing that he can’t sing.

    For the record, I’m not a Q hater. I think his voice is weak but until this week, I always wanted him to make it through (though he and several others certainly should not have outlasted Joey). Regardless of the dustup, this is exactly where I would place him in the competition – at risk of going home around the 5th or 6th place mark.

  50. Patty Fraser says:

    Situation totally overblown, if Quentin wanted to say how bad he felt about his friends going home he should have, not this is Whack. Enunciate say what you feel, I took it the exact same way Harry did and thought he was right to call him out. And hs apology seemed to me completely fake, like he came over to save his butt. And JLO said it best you can’t be a performer and act like that I don’t pay to hear you sing I pay to see you perform don’t really care about what you think is Whack. He should have voiced his heartfelt sorrow that two of his friends were on the block. Then he should have put on his big boy pants and realized it is a competition you signed up for it and you can’t all win