Night Shift Sneak Peek: Rick Surprises Drew... With a Rekindling on the Brain?

Tonight on The Night Shift, (NBC, 10/9c), Drew’s moment in the public spotlight is interrupted (pleasantly?) by a surprise visit from Rick (guest star Luke McFarlane) — and we’ve got a sneak peek at the reunion… and more?

In the episode, Drew (Brendan Fehr) is dealing with “beyond his worst nightmare” in the wake of his heroic gunman takedown going viral, by doing his best to shrink from the media attention, when Rick shows up. Rick accounts for their recent “crossed signals,” offers us/Drew an update on his life back home and then offers up his take on what if any future the two of them could or should have.

Press play below to witness the fellas’ overdue heart-to-heart, including Drew’s reaction to Rick’s overture.

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