NCIS: Mimi Rogers to Guest-Star in Final Season 12 Episodes

Mimi Rogers NCIS

Mimi Rogers can now add NCIS to her extensive TV resume.

The actress will appear in the CBS procedural’s final two Season 12 episodes, TVLine has learned.

She will play a CIA officer in “The Lost Boys” and “Neverland,” airing May 5 and 12, respectively. Further details about her character aren’t yet available.

Rogers — whose TV credits include Amazon’s Bosch, Two and a Half Men, and Wilfred — most recently appeared on last Sunday’s Mad Men.

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  1. Tim says:

    Love her! It was fun to see her on Man Men

  2. Dean says:

    I only know her from the movie ‘Someone to watch over me’. If she’s CIA she’s bound to be trouble. Kort and Cruz are proof of that.

  3. I love Mimi Rogers, but I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t really watch and enjoy NCIS like I used to. It’s nothing new, and it has NOTHING to do w/ Cote de Pablo’s departure — I’ve even got problems w/ season 9-11 episodes of the show.

    For me, I wish Gary Glasberg would step down as show runner/EP. When he took over after Shane Brennan/Jesse Stern, this show started going down slowly but surely for me. Starting w. mid- S8 w/ E.J (Sarah Jane Morris) and the port-to-port killer. I continued to watch regularly until after they killed Harper Dearing (Richard Schiff). I watched a few eps. at random like “Shell Shocked” and “Shabbat Shalom”/”Shiva”, “House Rules”/”Check” and a few others. But nothing keeps me tethered to NCIS weekly anymore like it used to. It’s got nothing to do with the cast, it’s the storylines.

    NCIS used to be more grounded, now it’s all over the place. I watch NCIS: LA & NOLA (which as also produced by Glasberg) more than the flagship series now! And Gibbs used to be more ‘vocal’ and on top of their cases, now… (other than in the ‘personal case’ episodes) they portray Gibbs like a worn out man, when we ALL know portrayer Mark Harmon is not that! There is no consistency in mother ship NCIS anymore.

    It’s only when I hear guest appearances that I tune in now.

    • Dean says:

      well good morning to you too.

    • Wrong. NCIS is the best show on TV, with or without Ziva… The cast is amazing. Never gets old.

    • margo1949 says:

      Well then, don’t watch it. It still pulls in the people as the most watched show.

    • Me says:

      Which is all well and good. I’ve definitely felt that way about shows. But why is it that this show gets dumped on right and left by those that have left it or given up? No matter where one goes, it’s like a dump fest on NCIS. It’s getting real old and it makes some of us wonder why exactly you and others can’t just walk away and let those of us still in love with this show enjoy it in peace.

      • margo1949 says:

        You are so right. Totally agree.

      • Another viewpoint..... says:

        Best comment ever–it appears that there are certain ex-NCIS “fans” who have such a hate going on, they are gleeful whenever they get an opportunity to dump on the show. Since they hate the show, then by God, EVERYONE should hate it. I find that not only disturbing, but pathetic and sad. Sorry you don’t care for the show anymore, but, we all get it–go away and let others who love the show still enjoy it. My tolerance for the whiny Negative Nanci’s is at an all time low–and frankly, I’ve heard the same remarks so much–yes, they are THAT repetitive–it ruins other people’s remarks who come to share what they like about the show. Then again, perhaps, that is the intention of these haters, to ruin it for others.

        • Q says:

          That is their feelings, and they have all right wrote it.
          Doesn’t matter if you like it, or not.
          Do you think, they hate show?
          No, they don’t, and you are wrong.
          Because different opinion/feelings about same thing, doesn’t mean hating.
          If you don’t understand plurality of opinions, go back in school, and behave.

          • Hepha says:

            I think it’s a common problem for aging shows. CSI and Grey’s have the same kind of negative thoughts between those still watching, and the others that are convinced that it was better the way it used to be.
            They have a right to express their feelings about the show, as long as they don’t disrespect the ones who’re still deep into it. I still love NCIS though I’m not as excited as I was before an episode.

          • Another viewpoint..... says:

            If anyone should go back to school and “behave”, it is yourself. Your constant attacking of others comments, like you have the final say, is not only rude, but extremely disrespectful. Hepha, left a rational and thoughtful comment, without being as totally nasty as you. Perhaps, you should study those types of replies before jumping down people’s throats. There has been quite a few hateful comments directed at fans who still enjoy NCIS, you may say it’s not hate–but, the remarks speak for themselves. Frankly, I find your attitude to be very off putting–every single time you reply to others. Try acting like a decent human being before telling others to “behave”.

  4. Hardly says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. She really turned me off when she became the paid spoke-shill for those Phillip Morris Big Tobacco ads. Anyone who would happily take money to shill for an industry that doesn’t care how many people it kills as long as they make a buck is not someone I need to watch.

  5. Douglas from Brazil says:

    wOOW, the title was misleading… “Final Season 12 Episodes”?????

  6. Linda Luyken says:

    Yes its trouble when she’s CIA, anxious already about: the deadly bombing overseas that results in an emotional and surprising loss for the team, who is it???

  7. Martin says:

    I completely misread the heading at first. I thought it meant the shows final season and that it would be 12 episodes long and I was like “why?”

  8. Jake says:

    Could you say this any more confusing? NCIS is in it’s final season? I know

  9. Charlotte says:

    I’ve loved NCIS for years and still reserve my Tuesday nights for it. Of course, Mark Harmon is the big reason for me.

  10. Charlotte says:

    And I will add, since this is about Mimi as well, I look forward to seeing Mimi and Mark together again. They did Fourth Story years ago.

  11. Kim says:

    Mimi Rogers is kind of a bad-a$$! I really enjoyed her on the last two episodes. Would like to see her join the cast!