Grimm Sneak Peek: Juliette Makes an Unexpected Jailhouse Confession

Grimm Juliette Nick Jail Video Season 4

If we were you, Nick, we’d back away from those bars.

Just because Grimm‘s newest Hexenbiest is your previously meek almost-fianceé doesn’t mean she won’t take you down like an old bake-sale flyer, as she makes abundantly clear in this exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s episode (NBC, 8/7c).

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When Dr. Silverton’s ‘biestly behavior lands her in trouble with the law, her stymied ex-(?)-boyfriend swings by the precinct’s holding cell to tell her he’ll stand by her — no matter what. Problem is, Juliette isn’t so sure she can return the sentiment, because she kinda likes being a bad girl. (Coincidentally, we kinda like watching Bitsie Tulloch play her as one.)

Press PLAY on the video below to watch Juliette tell Nick exactly how she feels about the changes ripping through their lives, then hit the comments with your reaction!

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