Vampire Diaries EP Promises 'Hopeful, Satisfying' Exit for Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev

As you read this, Nina Dobrev is currently filming her final episode of The Vampire Diaries, which she’s chosen to depart after six seasons — but what can we expect from her grand exit?

That’s the very question TVLine posed to executive producer Caroline Dries, who could only speak in adjectives — extremely suggestive adjectives, mind you — for fear of spilling too many details too quickly. Here’s what we got: “Surprising. Satisfying. Intriguing. Hopeful. Sad.”

As for whether or not Elena’s exit, or Jo and Alaric’s impending nuptials, might bring another M.I.A. Gilbert back into the fold, Dries said we “certainly may” see or hear from Jeremy in the coming weeks.

EP Julie Plec on Sunday also weighed in with her thoughts on Dobrev’s departure, tweeting that fans — particularly those of the Delena persuasion — should wait and watch before rushing to judgment:

TVD fans, what’s your dream exit scenario for Elena? Browse our suggestions below, then drop a comment with your own.

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    Not ready to say goodbye to Nina Dobrev (wolf whistle) until the season finale. She’ll always be the HOTTEST actress on TVD in my opinion.

  2. Annie says:

    I don’t see how they can make the ending satisfying in these last 5 episodes after totally botching her storyline (as well as almost everyone else’s) this season thus far.

    • Agree the story line for Elena on season 6 has been pretty darn slim+she only reunited with Damon (the love which consumed her) after a fairly lengthy dry Elena/Damon spell, the magic never resurfaced once Elena had her memories of Damon love erased. I don’t think you can do their story justice in 4 remaining episodes, episode 18 has already been on with lots of premonition of Elena taking the cure, such a lame exit.

  3. Ari says:

    So she’ll take the cure and because Damon is such a good guy he’ll compel her to forget all about him, vampires, and Mystic Falls. She’ll go off to a real college and we’ll never have to see her again.

    • Ari says:

      I forgot to add, Damon and Elena will kiss in the rain right before he compels her.

    • Melissa Aguilera says:

      I honestly agree too, but if Julie Plec said Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) will return one last time, then after the show is on there finale season how will Elena remember all her dearest friends, if not they decide to tell her story of her point of view of how life is going.

  4. Lila says:

    Respectful of their relationship? So that means she doesn’t die….?

  5. BrianR says:

    Isn’t the whole premise of the series about Elena and if she goes thats the end of the show? I know all the squealing girls will want more Damon and Stefan but come on its about Elena’s diaries as a human and then a vampire. If they chicken s**t out and give her the cure and she becomes winey human Elena again it will all be for nothing.

    • Brigid says:

      Actually it’s Stefan’s diaries. I have little to no interest in listening to Damon whine about her absence so please if you’re going to make Elena forget him make him forget her. If they get rid of Enzo too, I’ll be even happier, I’m so tired of that twit. Maybe this show can go out with at least 1 season, since season 3, of strong storytelling before they pull the plug.

    • m3rcnate says:

      Its a bit more complicated than that. The show starts out (at least) as a show about Stefan. He is the POV character from the start, the “diaries” are his that he writes into (though she writes in diaries as well), and its him finding Elena and them falling in love that the show is about. Then Daemon shows up, but he’s basically the villain. At a certain point in season 2 or 3 the show shifts and the main character becomes Elena, and the show becomes about the love triangle. Then in the past season or 2 the show has shifted to becoming about the Salvatore brothers and Elena has been playing a kinda secondary role as basically just Daemon’s GF. I dont blame Nina for leaving, shes got all the fame (name recognition) and money out of the show she could get, shes a 26 year old gorgeous actress…its the exact right time to exit the show and see if she can create a movie career for herself (or a serious TV show or something).

      The tweet sounds to me like Elena will live, that she will take the cure and Daemon will compel her to forget and leave. I think there will be some backlash unless done perfectly right because that means it will be a guy forcing a woman to do something…that doesn’t go over well now a-days. Men forcing women to do whats best for them instead of letting the grown woman make her own decisions like the adult she is, she is not a child.

      • rarefied says:

        Damon taking away Elena’s ability to make her own decisions has frequently been an issue between them in the show, starting in S2 already, and was originally one of the reasons the narrative brought forth as to why he was “bad” for her in comparison with Stefan, who respected her decisions. If Damon forces the cure on her or removes her memories, it will basically carry on that theme.

      • BrianR says:

        Well as I recall it started with Elena writing in her diary with Nina narrating the story of her meeting Stefan and then Damon shows up later. Stefan’s diary was around too and came into play once they found his ripper diaries as well. And Stefan burned them later on. Not sure whether Elena’s went up in smoke with her house or not.

        Its still not the same without her and I’m not sure what the point would be of the continuing the adventures of Stefan and Damon.

        • m3rcnate says:

          Just rewatched the first part of the pilot, it starts off with Stefan narrating about it like its his story, then cuts to Elena writing in her diary starting with “dear Diary”…later in the episode its shown and said that Stefan writes in a diary and has for a long long long time…so as to who’s diary it is..its kinda up in the air.
          Personally i think of all the times to move on without her, now would be it, just because as i said, currently her role is the smallest its ever been, she is reduced to being “Daemons girlfriend”. She doesn’t really have any role beyond that for the past while. She doesn’t have any independent story lines or anything. Though i agree the show is already on a decline (since S2 really) and removing such a key character is only going to hurt the story. Its why IMO they should cut their losses and move Daemon, Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie (if she wants) to The Originals. That or have them leaving Mystic Falls and be in a new city.

      • Kayla Westbrook says:

        I agree nina us just trying to make the Best decision for her career even if that means giving up this succesful show. And what eveeyone needs to think about is that nina is probably going through a hard time too. And especially with all these ridiculously stupid nikki, ian, nina rumors going on.this is probably a big struggle for her. All her friends are on this show, i would be upset to.. We all just need to except and support nina’s decision Not to be rude or anything but the press and tabloida need to mind their own godd**n buisness. All that stuff just pisses me me off. If they want to write about someones life write about their own.

  6. Patrick says:

    I don’t watch the show, but this isn’t the “end” of Nina’s run on the show. They’ll set up her exit in such a way that will allow her to return, either alive or in flashback or ghostly form.
    Basically, Nina will be OK with a scenario that lets her comeback next year, even if its only for the series finale, for a ton of cash but a lot less work.

  7. Lizo says:

    I am in no way okay with this. I’m very upset and annoyed and sad. She couldn’t have stuck around one more season and make it be their last?!!??! I feel like I’ve been yanked around.

    • Alexa says:

      I know what you mean, I do not know how the writers or Julie will write the new season without her. Practically all the main characters on that show are already gone and what new stories will be written without her on the picture. Follow the pattern

      Elena/s parents (dead and gone)
      Elena’s and Jeremy’s aunt (dead and gone)
      Tylers parents (dead and gone)
      Katherine (dead and gone)
      Jeremy (gone and possibly wotn return)
      Carolines parents (dead and gone)
      now Elena gone??

      Will Sara replace Elena even if she is a Salvatore? Will she be the new girl?

      What the new season stories will be about beats me New Witches, new vampire breed,
      Hybrids stories again?

  8. mayra says:

    I don’t think Damon would compel her because she doesn’t remember there relationship anyway duh. because Alaric already did that when she thought Damon was dead! so something is up lol.. and cant wait!

  9. mayra says:

    oops Their*** auto spell 😩

  10. Alexa says:

    So now that Nina is leaving and only 5 episodes left now is when the writers and Julie Plec will give her a worth storyline. why they did not do it early when her storyline suked and it was awful and made non sense?.

  11. queerbec says:

    Well, if The Originals can decide to occupy other bodies, Elena might be able to also, if someone stakes her toward the end. After all, she is the now official female doppelgänger, which is pretty close to bring an original in my book . So a new performer can take over the time and Delena can continue but with a new Elena. Also with Trevino leaving, they need to repopulate. Will Sarah stay or go vamp? Will Renzo remain on? And will that nuisance witch who’s probably been turned by those vamps in Mrs Salvatore’s old prison show up again?

  12. star says:

    I went to Julie plec’s time line and it was nasty.i saw so many hate tweets that were sent to her.personally I blame her for those crazy shipper tweets.when show writers begin to allow crazy fans detect their show, things like this would always happen. TV producers need to stop giving in to these crazy shippers.
    The same thing is about to start on arrow with the whole olicity very sure that soon those crazy shippers would start sending hateful messages once they don’t get what they want.
    It’s only shonda that tries hard not to be controlled by crazy ass shippers.

  13. Kayla Westbrook says:

    All i have to say is im am really disappointed. I have never felt this way about a show before. I love all the characters especially elena. Im always trying to dress like her and stuff. I LOVE the vampire diaries. Im not ready to say goodbye to nina and elena. I love this show more than twilight, buffy the vampire slayer, reign, the fosters, switched at birth, etc. i almost started crying when i heard nina is leaving. I have stuck with the series since it came out. I love everyone who put effort in this show. Speial thanks to ian, paul, nina, kat, candice, steven, michael, matt, julie plec, daniel,claire,joseph, pheobe, and every other person whi had anything to do with bringing the vampire diaries to life. I will be really really really really upset and sad to see it go.

  14. TNoble says:

    As selfish as Damon can be with Elena he has proven himself able to not be selfish with her as well (remember he told her how he felt and compelled her to forget before) he will see she wants to have a family (she’s had those happy doppelganger fantasies before). She will take the cure (only rational person to take it, remember how it sped up Catherine’s aging) and will leave Mystic Falls to live her life. My other thought is she will be jumping over to the Originals…they have been doing a lot of social media posting together. Klaus can use her and will protect her.

    • Just another guy says:

      Hey just want to say that the only reason why Katherine started aging quickly was because the cure was sucked out of her. I believe that the cure was supposed to stay in the body as I guess an enzyme to preserve the body from all the years the body has been enduring like the episode when Dr. Wes Maxfield told Katherine she’s simply aging because she was 500+ year old vampire and the years were catching up with her and the cure was a way for those years to slowly but hardly take its affect to the body. Plus the cure was made in that dose exact and taking it rationally will make it inactive like not enough of it won’t take any affect. Also if Elena took the cure and Elena moved to The Originals (but I honestly doubt if leaving the vampire diaries was enough for Elena’s life experience becoming human, dying, ressurrected, vampire, doppelgänger and ghost) because some how Klaus found her and knew she was human; how would the transition of werewolf/vampire hybrid take because if the cure lingers in her blood and the person drank Elenas blood; since being transition is not fully alive but not fully dead. Would the blood revive the person in transition and make them back to human werewolf? Also remember that the cure can basically bounce to the next individual curing if they are vampire. The cure got sucked out from Katherine to Silas and from Silas to Amara and it ending with Amara since she died with the cure in her system not passing it to anyone else. I mean even if the cure was tookin out of Elena, 3 years shouldn’t do much damage, so meaning she can have a full human life but no vampire blood can heal her since it didn’t work on Katherine. OMG thank you for letting me like actually throughly think this through and the results of it haha. I just to say something cause I love this show.

  15. stefanie says:

    okay now im sorry but this show has completely swiched dynamics. fact they are pointing more towards caroline and stefan story and some what making her the lead character doesnt make sense. its like beginning elena lost parents met stefan bam epic love, now caroline loses mom and again love is blooming. writers are just repeating storyline just with a diff duo. what the hell??? all this talk about delena and the sad departure well what about stelena depart? after all show began with them so would actually do justice to tie their loose ends. like just 2 eps ago he tells her to bring him back from shutting off his humanity and her reaction when he did. hello??? still something there whether delena fans like it or not. unfortunately im done watching this show going foward cause really lets face it cant have vd without elena gilbert. I will however finish this season although its terrible, but i really hope they have a well deserved goodbye from elena to stefan!

    • Lily says:

      I totally agree with you. The whole bring me back was for nothing. From the spoilers for the next two shows at least are all about delena. Umm hello what about the fans that would like to see Nina/Elena w/o delena. I don’t want that to be my last memory of her. Anyway would like the show to circle back to the beginning with Stefan and Elena have them say their final goodbye.

  16. Mariam says:

    Maybe Elena will take the cure, and leave to live a ‘normal’ life.

  17. Maria rios says:

    She will be pregnant ,,but first she will became human again but after her delivery she will die …. Thats what i heard??? Not sure thought

    • stefanie says:

      sorry, but not going to happen. who would be the father? not damon duh??? cant procreate. just took a look at instragram pics and honestly it feels like its going to end way season 3 did. nina is wearing same clothing and in gilbert house. spoiler alert!!!

  18. Steve says:

    The easiest & best thing the producers can do is to bring in another actress to play the part (especially if Series 7 turns out to be the last one). N.B. – NOT A BODY-SWAP – (ITS GETTING RIDULOUS IN THE ORIGINALS).
    Just hire another actress who looks similar to Nina (& is roughly the same height – not a foot shorter or taller), & carry on with the show !

  19. Kristina says:

    I’m sad to see her go, but given the rumors about behind the scenes issues and the fact that she’s given the show six years of solid performance I understand she might want to seek other opportunities and wish her well. I really hope they’re able to work out for her to come back at some point in the final season though.

  20. lorna says:

    Stelena 4ever

  21. Allison says:

    Elena will die saving Alaric’s baby. That’s my guess.

  22. Julia says:

    I have one better yet… Bonnie or one of the witchy woo woo’s as Damon calls them, will give Elena her epic love story memories of Damon back before she takes the cure. They share a bittersweet moment and he repeats that he “can’t be selfish with her” and they kiss in the rain and he compels her to lead a life full of adventure, passion and everything she always wanted and deserved. Then fans will be satisfied and you watch….. they bring “Elena” back at the end of the series after her brother spills the beans about her epic love Damon when she is old and gray and Damon appears at her side and she reaches out for his hand.

    • Agree the story line for Elena on season 6 has been pretty darn slim+she only reunited with Damon (the love which consumed her) after a fairly lengthy dry Elena/Damon spell, the magic never resurfaced once Elena had her memories of Damon love erased. I don’t think you can do their story justice in 4 remaining episodes, episode 18 has already been on with lots of premonition of Elena taking the cure, such a lame exit.

  23. cat says:

    my last guess to what happens is: Momma salvatore gets pissed because of her friends..takes elena to punish damon, when stefan finds out his humanity comes back , because of elana… damon has a plan to go bCK TO THE PRISON WORLD because hes either getting his moms friends ,,,to let eleana go or he needs KAI , Kai wants out when damon lets Kai out Bonnie gets mad at damon again and does something to elena, or maybe to Kai in which elean is involved somehow …i really believe eleana will end up somehow being Jos baby and that next year will be like a huge time jump

  24. Anne says:

    it’s going to end the same way it started..he will give her the human pill…he will compel her to forget..she will get to live her life outside of Mystic Falls

  25. dgracia says:

    i would like for elena to take the cure AFTER she meeting a damon doppleganger. then running off into the sunset with someone that looks and acts like damon…but really not him. wouldn’t that be great! win win situation.

  26. Steve says:

    If the character of Elena is leaving, & not being played by another actress in Season 7; then I hope she DOESN’T take the cure. Elena has been a lot stronger & hotter as a vampire than she was as a human; & I for one would like to remember her like that.
    Also a suggestion for a leading female character in Season 7 – Bring back Rose, the English Vampire from Season 2 (provided they get Lauren Cohan to play her again. She is so hot !).
    And she be the perfect love interest for Damon, as was shown in Season 2. If he tried to push her around, she pushed back harder – I.E.- The perfect partner for him.

  27. Samantha says:

    I hope Elena doesn’t take the cure and just starts a new life somewhere else. Elena would never leave her friends or Stefan / Damon unless compelled…and compelling her and just sending her off is such a cop out. I’m hoping she takes the cure to be human and then somehow gets killed as a human leaving everyone to grieve. Having her just leave the show and start over somewhere else would just be a waste of 6 seasons…

  28. Destiny says:

    I really really hope this is like one HUGE joke i mean ELENA??? TVD will not last!!! and if it doesn’t last what will i do! i spend 12 hours a day watching recorded episodes D:

  29. Every good thing must come to an end!! huh.. Goodbye #VampireDiaries, #Elena!! #Goodbye!!

  30. paula kerswill says:

    Vampire diaries will not be the same without Elena. She is the central character. I tried reading the books but after watching the show and Nina Dobrev as Elena, lets just say it wasnt the same.
    this is a chacter that the actress chosen to portray actually becomes the character in fans eyes.

  31. Chloe says:

    I think the show will improve! Every week you didn’t have to wonder about the plot you just knew that it was some sort of drams with Elena. Now maybe they can get back to a really good show like it was in the beginning!

  32. Cloda says:

    I think season 6 should not be the last one for Nina Dobrev because it is obvious that she can not take an exit at the last 4-5 episodes I guess. Only if the director brings a twist to the story. But I would love to see more of her, as she is the leading one. I m a big fan of her, but I also think it is her decision to stay and continue or leave. I’m with her it whatever decision she takes. :)

  33. Adrianna says:

    That is like the only.good show on cw with out her theres no vampire diaries