Once Upon a Time Recap: S'Witcheroo

Without the Author so much as lifting a quill, ABC’s Once Upon a Time this Sunday served up a rewrite on both the Wicked Witch’s fate and what exactly went down during Emma and Hook’s Season 3-ending time travel.

Bookended by sadly sparse Storybrooke sequences, this episode was rife with Robin Hood, in flashbacks to two different times. Jumping back to long ago in Sherwood Forest, we found newlywed Robin of Locksley struggling to abandon the thief’s life and keep his tavern in the black. As such, he accepts a deal from Rumple to travel to Oz and pinch from the Wicked Witch the Elixir of the Wounded Heart. Upon arriving in Oz, Robin meets Will Scarlett, and offers to steal some elixir for his new pal. But just as Robin is procuring the elixir, Zelena interrupts, before he can draw a second vial.

After, Robin lies to Will that his mission was a compete failure — but after spinning a yarn about how the elixir was to heal his own heart after his sister’s tragic death, Will lifts the elixir Robin slips his friend the elixir before he returns to Sherwood Forest. Back home, Robin enlists the merry men to ward off the tax-grabbing Sheriff of Nottingham and then explains to Marian his newfound purpose: to steal from the rich and give to the poor, thus making him a “hero.” And she’s totally on board with it.

Meanwhile, in flashbacksROBERT CARLYLE, PATRICK FISCHLER to nine weeks ago in New York City, Robin, Marian and Roland are crashing at Neal’s old place when Rumple comes by, aghast to find squatters in his son’s apartment. But mid-rant, Rumple collapses from a heart attack. Later at the hospital, he makes a deal with Robin: find and steal some Elixir of the Wounded Heart from the “Wizard of Oak” (aka Walsh, unseen), and Robin can stay at Neal’s place. Robin steals the potion, gives it to Rumple and leaves — thus, he doesn’t see that it fail to work. And that is because, an arriving “Marian” reveals, she swapped the potion with Nyquil — because she is really Zelena, using a “glamor” spell.

Everyone take a deep breath before the next info dump. Ready? OK, here we go….

When Rumple “killed” Zelena last spring in the Storybrooke jail cell, her “life force” (or whatevs) floated over to the barn where that portal had formed. As such, when Emma and Hook entered the portal, she went along for the ride to the Enchanted Forest of the Past. Once there, Zelena used the glamor spell to replace Marian, whom she vaporized. Ergo, the “Marian” that Hook and Emma brought back to our realm/time (and who got frozen by the Snow Queen etc;) was Zelena all along. Z’s original plan was to rob Regina of her happy ending by getting Robin to fall (back) in love with “Marian,” but she ultimately realized that wasn’t going to work.

Now, back in the NYC hospital room, Zelena leverages the real elixir to make Rumple add her own happy ending to his list of requests for the Author.

All of this is told in flashback as, in Storybrooke, Rumple invites his prisoner Regina to give her soul mate a call — and when she does, Zelena answers, taunting her sis with anecdotes from her life with Robin, meatloaf and all. As Rumple explains, if Regina refuses to help him and Cruella turn the Savior dark — thus freeing the Author to give the villains their happy endings — Zelena is one phone call away from killing Robin Hood.

So who will Regina choose? Save Robin, or spare Emma?

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  1. jerm says:

    LOVED the witch twist!!

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    That was a lot to digest in one episode! But I kinda loved it all Rebecca is awesome and I knew there was probably some crazy s*** about to happen before the finale but I wasn’t expecting her to be back

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Also I thought robin slipped the elixir to will and decided not to take it back to rumple making him the hero but I didn’t watch wonderland so I wasn’t sure if that story of will’s sister was true or not

      • Jackie says:

        I thought Robin put the elixir in Will’s pocket too.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          That’d make more sense, yeah — let’s him hand it off without admitting in person he was lying. So Will’s “That scoundrel…” was meant in an endearing way. Gotcha.

          • LADY_in_MD says:

            Yes that’s what I got from it too robin felt bad for lying after hearing will’s story

        • Lisa says:

          Yes, it looked like Robin initially lied to Will. He only procured enough to fulfill one obligation, and he was going to give it to Rumple for his bar. Upon hearing Will’s story, he made the decision to give it to him instead and slipped it in his pocket.

      • But... says:

        Pretty sure you’re right and Matt just misread that moment. Given Will’s reaction to finding it in his pocket and Robin’s motivation to do good…

      • it may have been true about will’s sister, he did suffer a broken heart from the Red Queen in Wonderland but didnt met the “Red Queen” aka Cinderella’s stepsister Anastasia till before wonderland when he first joined up with the Merry Men in the Enchanted Forest which would have been after he left oz

  3. Bianca says:

    LOVE the whole Zelena twist. Super confused by Robin “choosing” Marian at the end – didn’t we already do this, and he chose Regina? Threw me off, and as an OQ shipper, I was bummed by that part.

    The only thing I hate about the Zelena twist is what happens to her from here after Regina gets Robin back, after she and Regina “reunite”, etc.

    • aurat22 says:

      I was confused about that too. I kept wondering if he’s onto Zelena because he kept asking her what she said to him in the the past? Zelena just played coy by making him answer. Maybe something Rumple said to him was a clue? Maybe he just pretended to pick Marianne/Zelena to protect Regina from Zelena?

      • Sarah Yackey says:

        Hmm… good point. I think it is very dumb of him if he TRULY believes in the new Marian (Zelena). Hopefully what your saying is right and he is figuring it out. I would also think that Roland would notice how DIFFERENT this woman is from his real mother… A child usually has that intuition when it comes to family. Poor Roland… now his mother really is dead… and apparently the writers want to make him seem too young or too immature to see the difference.

        • Wow says:

          Agreed, but Hook DID warn Emma about changing the past. Marian was always meant to die, plus In past episodes Roland seemed more closer to Regina than his own mother.

        • Roland never knew his mother, he was 4 when we met him & she died almost 2-3 years prior. I always thought that it was strange that Roland knew that Marian was his mother even though he would of had zero memories of her

          • missvci says:

            Thank you, i’ve been thinking this the whole time. I’m like if Robin lost his wives years ago, his young son wouldn’t remember her, it’s not like Robin had photos in the enchanted forest to show roland what she looked like. But As soon as Rolan saw “Marian” he was like Mama.

            I think the reason Robin didn’t fall back in love with Marian is because she’s not the real one. He’s knows something off, but he might just be chalking it up to her being in a new realm.

        • franny says:

          But in the mirror it showed zelena and Roland was looking in that direction

      • That’s a good theory. I thought Zelena put Robin under a spell to get him to fall in love with her. Because that’s been her plan all along to take away Regina’s happiness. Also she told Rumple that she’s been trying to get Robin to fall in love with her but she knows He still loves Regina. But now that you say that, maybe thats what Robin was thinking about in the shower, to pretend to love Marion.

    • Lisa says:

      It’s always possible that Robin actually did overhear Zelena telling Rumple the whole story, and he’s currently placating her perhaps with a plan in mind.

      • Matthew B Lawler says:

        No Robin is dumb as a box of rocks he isn’t playing anyone he is dead to me after last night. I don’t care that they are playing this off as his being noble and doing the right thing

  4. Dean says:

    This episode threw more curveballs than a world series game. While I wasn’t a fan of the wicked witch arc last year I enjoyed Rebecca as a villian the fact it was her as Marian the whole time really sets up alot for the remaining episodes. Rumple is beyond redeeming now alot of his actions was solely because of his son and the fact he’s teamed up with his son’s killer shows there is no more hope of him doing good anymore. Emma still having parent issues still the same she has every right to be pissed at them as a mother herself Emma would see her parents actions as despicable no matter how David and Mary Margret try to rationalize it. Only a few more eps left till the end.

    • Mandy says:

      I think the point is he has no choice. At that point he has no one to rely on and is once again at Zelena’s mercy. That was is the whole point now with Rumple, he has nothing. Being good got him nothing but being enslaved by the witch, his son died and abandon by the good side. Being evil lost him Belle. He is at rock bottom. People missed the point is that Regina has someone who believe in her no matter whats even when She reverted back with Cora. Henry. Rumple never had that. Belle loves him when he does what she wants yet he forgives her everything. Note we haven’t seen a revengeful Rumple trying to destroy Belle. She cast him out with absolutely nothing and left him to fend for himself but he still loves him.

      I don’t know at this point if Rumple will double cross Zelena or not. He didn’t have to let Regina know that Zelena was with Robin. He could have done something else to control her. He had to know Regina would find a way to save Robin so why do it. I think he is doing it to get Regina to take care of Zelena.

      • aurat22 says:

        But it seemed like she was going to save Emma not Robin?

        • Sarah Yackey says:

          I dk about that… I get the feeling that she will tell Rumple that she wants to save Robin, but will try and find a way to save both of them. In the end, it will ALL backfire because Emma finds out. Spoilers have come out… and all I have to say about them in my own words is: “Well… so much for the happy ending I wanted!”

        • Lisa says:

          I have a feeling that Emma will not turn dark at all. Rather, she will play it off like she is turning dark in an effort to save the town. I believe Regina will be in on it, and I’m not sure if Rumple will be involved too. Perhaps this choice that he gave to Regina will prompt her to respond by refusing to make a decision to neither sacrifice Robin nor Emma. I think Rumple and Regina will turn to Emma, Snow and Charming, and explain the situation and they will formulate a plan. Of course, it needs to be something that Rumple will agree to. At least that’s my theory at the moment.

  5. Chris says:

    That twist blew my mind. Well done. All of the people who don’t think this season of Once is great is silly. I mean, they made August come back! I think the Author storyline is cool, because it does tie into season 1 when August had the book. And they are fairy tale characters.

    I really don’t wanna see Emma go dark. I’d rather have her be strong enough to overcome that, but I trust she’ll come back. I wonder what happened to Lily.

    If only Maleficent just went to Emma and asked for help instead of Gold. I mean, finding people is her job!

    • Jaded Phoenix says:

      Why would Mal trust Emma? She doesn’t know her and the only dealings with her is when Emma put a sword through her chest and killed her.

  6. abz says:

    That twist was AMAZING! I really was not expecting it. I was hoping she’d be alive in the present but I thought it would just be in flashback. She made this episode for me as I’m not too crazy about Robin.
    I think next week’s episode might be my favourite one of the second half though. Bring on Cruella!! Sympathy for the De Vil!

  7. Anthony says:

    At the end of the Wicked Witch arc, I remember a lot of us questioning whether Zelena was really dead or not, so none of the reveal really surprised me — but it did make me smile, because I enjoyed Rebecca Mader’s performance. Hopefully, she’ll get to chew the scenery a lot more before they kill her off for good.

    I watched Wonderland, and I’m now even more unclear about Robin and Will’s history together. I thought on Wonderland it was established that Will and Robin hadn’t met until Will joined the Merry Men and convinced Robin to rob Maleficent’s castle. I need to go back and rewatch that episode.

  8. Cornelius says:

    Great twist but when Regina took Marian/Zelena’s heart out to protect her from the frozen spell wouldn’t it be blackened due to killing Baelfire, Marian and all the other stuff she did?

    I am all for the return of Zelena though I loved her storyline.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Agreed; unless the “glamor” spell camouflages all internal organs as well ;)

      • Cornelius says:

        Yeah I guess that’s one way they can cover that up.
        Do you happen to know how long Rebecca is back for? :D

        • Matthew B Lawler says:

          Really the spell is superficial like the one rumple placed on Emma and hook and once the heart was removed and Marion/zelena frozen why/how would the spell still be in effect

          • Nina says:

            You are clearly thinking harder about these things than the writers are. There is so many plot holes you can drive the titanic through them.

      • Jess says:

        What if the Elixir of the Wounded Heart takes away all the black spots?

    • Dionne says:

      Zelena was only posing as marion.
      Shes been using marions body so the heart wouldn’t be black because it’s marions heart not Zelenas :)

  9. laurelnev says:

    Well, I guess I’m the ONLY one who thought “retcon” and “shark” when I saw this episode. Not at ALL a fan of this twist. (Putting on the flameproof suit.)

    • ninergrl6 says:

      You are not alone! I like Rebecca Mader as Zelena and I’m glad she’s back, but I do NOT like how they rewrote an entire storyline to make it happen.

      • Lisa says:

        Not necessarily rewritten. More like explained. Zelena’s death was always suspect.

        • Mer says:

          I think what most people don’t realize is that Adam and Eddy specifically said in a interview that Zelena was dead. And after a week or so, they realized how much they enjoy the character and decided to bring her back on. So don’t feel bad if you thought Zelena was dead because the writers intended it to be that way.

      • Chris says:

        But why wouldn’t Zelena steal Regina’s happiness by taking Robin Hood? It fits very well.

  10. Alichat says:

    Ugh…..Zelena……I hated that character before……she bored me to tears. And, now they’ve brought back more boredom.

  11. Ann says:

    That twist was terrible and only solidifies the fact that the writers don’t know what they’re doing and writing this as they go along, like Lost. Are we to believe this was all part of Zelena’s plan? Did the writers completely forget the entire Frozen arc in which Miriam was nearly frozen dead….if she were really Zelena the whole time, are we to believe she would have allowed herself to be nearly killed like that and rely on the hope that someone would save her so that her evil plan can carry one? Terrible.

    • abz says:

      If there’s one thing we’ve seen with most villains on this show, it’s that they have a tremendous amount of patience and dedication and commitment. Plus the heroes always come through in the end and Zelena had been defeated once so she knows how good triumphs and maybe she was willing to take the risk. Or maybe that clover leaf necklace she wears would protect her from that curse somehow.

    • taran63 says:

      Or the Snow Queen was just more powerful than Zelena. Unless I’m forgetting someone, she’s the only villain in the show that the heroes weren’t able to defeat. She had defeated them all and had won. The only reason she was stopped was because she changed her mind at the last minute.

    • Gail says:

      Or none of the stuff really happen to her. She has magic in Storybrooke so she could pretend to be frozen. She also clearly pretended that she was still affected by the spell so that she would have to leave Storybrooke. That Robin never loved “Marion” when she came back, Robin thought it was because he had moved on. Now we know it was because she wasn’t Marion. On this show true love is forever. Robin and Marion were the exception and now we know why.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m sure that Zelena didn’t “allow herself to be nearly frozen to death”. I’d venture to say that she most likely never saw it coming, and of course she stayed in character as Marion. Especially since it was not something that she could undo with magic so it wouldn’t have made sense for her to abandon her deceit if it wouldn’t do her any good to do so. Even Regina couldn’t remove the frozen spell from her. That’s the reason Marion had to leave Storybook in the first place.

      Additionally, think about it, true love’s kiss didn’t work. we’ve all thought it was because of Robin’s heart not being in it, which we know his heart wasn’t, but if Marion was really Zelena, it also makes sense why that didn’t work.

      It’s also plausible that the reason the spell could not be removed from her is because she IS a magical being. Perhaps the spell could have been removed if it were the real Marion. Just a couple of thoughts

  12. Rita says:

    This episode was amazing!!! I did not see the witch twist coming

  13. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    The way we cut from the Makeout session between Robin Hood and Zelena as Marion to NINE WEEKS LATER made me think Zelena basically was ensuring Robin would stay even moreso with a baby trap. Then Zelena said she had a “meatloaf” in the oven, in a way that sounded like it was a euphemism and Zelena was taunting Regina with the pregnancy. She probably isn’t pregnant at all nor gonna play that card But that’s what it looked like to me.

  14. Becky says:

    Zelena’s a really annoying villain. I’m not very excited to have her back.

  15. Kate says:

    I feel like with the split season once can only have one good part. Last season neverland, this season author arc so much better than frozen

  16. j.r. says:

    Frozen or not… only the strongest force of light can kill zelena.. HELLO… that’s why she is back.. I knew all along she was around.. she’s a trickster.

  17. Dawn McDaniel says:

    Need to do an edit.

    ” Once there, Zelena used the glamor spell to replace Marian, whom she vaporized. Ergo, the “Marian” that Robin and Emma brought back to our realm/time (and who got frozen by the Snow Queen etc;) was Zelena all along.”

    Hook and Emma. Not Robin and Emma.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      This has been fixed — thanks for the polite note, Dawn! “Jaded Phoenix” could learn something from you [wink-wink].

  18. Mike Q says:

    I remember Season 1 of this show was so much fun and I couldn’t wait to see what story they’d do next week. The acting wasn’t great but it was okay and the Mad Hatter — the guy who was moved so far beyond this show he’ll never be back — was spectacular.

    Tonight, it felt like a job getting through it. It’s all about silly twists and the characters are long since forgotten. None of them behave logically or reasonably. It was probably worse for me since I binged Daredevil which is a fantasy-ish story with outstanding characters all weekend.

    But, in the end, TV is supposed to be relaxation, not a job. No more OUAT for me.

    • Lisa says:

      Wow, I still get that way every week. I still have trouble waiting for the next episode. I guess I’ll continue to relax and enjoy.

      • abz says:

        Me too. The Good Wife and OUAT are my must-see Sunday night shows. I look forward to them every week. Next week’s episode “Sympathy for the DeVil” is the one I’ve been waiting to see of all of 4B. Can’t wait for more Cruella!

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I like the show now much more than I did in season 1 (despite my dislike of this particular episode). IMO it hit it’s stride in season 3. In general I find the half season arcs less disjointed than seasons 1 and 2. Now that I think about it, tonight’s overly Robin-centric ep kind of reminds me of the one-off origin story episodes from the early seasons. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like it very much.

  19. Jaded Phoenix says:

    Cruella’s name is spelled wrong. Seriously. Do an edit before posting. Between misspelled words and getting names mixed up, (Robin/Hook) it shows a clear lack of the most basic of understanding of journalism.

    • Lisa says:

      Really!?! Personal attack on the journalist? Hope you never make a mistake at your job.

    • DarkDefender says:

      @Jaded, you need to chill. These recaps go up pretty quick after the East Coast airing. Spelling and occasionally misread scenes are gonna happen. Matt’s not a robot and he graciously makes corrections once they are civilly noted. Seriously, dude, relax.

  20. ninergrl6 says:

    I thought I posted a long comment but I guess it didn’t go through, so here’s the short version. This episode was BORING. Too much Robin all at once, not enough other storylines/characters to break it up, not to mention virtually ignoring the prominent 4B storylines (QoD & the Author). I thought Zelena’s demise last year was too easy so I’m ok seeing her back, but I HATE that the writers basically undid half a season in the process. It’s like Bobby Ewing in the shower — jk none of that was real! Lazy writing IMO.

    • Lisa says:

      It didn’t seem like lazy writing to me. I think they had it planned all along. I’ve always wondered about that portal back in time because of the way it came to be. I expected something to come of it, although I didn’t know exactly what it would be. I originally figured that Zelena didn’t die but she was transported back to Oz. She’s the only one I have seen die, then turn into a liquid form that spawned a portal. So, it stood to reason that she wasn’t dead. Additionally, because the portal was spawned by a person that was believed to be dead, it begged the question of whether she was related to that whole episode without us knowing about it.

      Anyway, it just seems to me as though this was the plan from the beginning, otherwise Zelena’s death would have not left so many questions.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        The “lazy” part is having Zelena be Marian in disguise all this time. That may very well have been the writers’ plan all along, but really it’s just a big loophole to get out of the Marian/Robin/Regina triangle without actually writing a resolution. It undermines the entire conflict, not to mention the issues that other people have brought up about Zelena “letting” herself be frozen & possibly risking her life for this ruse. I don’t mind that Zelena is back in general. As I posted originally, I always thought her demise was suspect so I’m not surprised or disappointed that she’s alive.

        • Lisa says:

          I guess it just doesn’t feel like a loophole to me because of the way the whole “back in time” episode occurred. The fact that the portal was sparked by Zelena’s supposed death plugged the loophole for me.

    • Mike Q says:

      I’d agree with you but that would be an insult to lazy writers everywhere.

    • Bella says:

      Centric episodes do focus on one particlar character more than others and a centric for Robin Hood was more than overdue in my opinion. I also enjoyed that they played with dynamics like Gold and Robin that we didn’t see much of on the show before. I’m glad they didn’t use Robin’s centric episode to push him to the sides for other characters.

  21. Kate says:

    Did anyone notice the hidden Mickey when Robin was looking for the potion?

  22. Dominique says:

    for a show where the writers have repeatedly said that even death cannot be reversed, a lot of people sure are revived. #ridiculous.

    • Lisa says:

      She was never really dead. That was apparent immediately after her supposed death. Rumple believed he killed her, and he was supposed to believe that. Dead people don’t turn into a liquid form, so the question was always there.

  23. Adrian says:

    Did anyone notice When Mr. gold comes out of the hospital and Robin is waitin for him he big ALADDIN on Broadway ad behind Robin??? I wonder if genie or Aladdin are making an appearance next season….. Since Aladdin is being released on bluray his fall. (Once likes to do that a lot… Peter Pan, cruella, frozen)

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I noticed it but I figured it was just strategic product placement for the Aladdin musical that’s playing on Broadway.

      • re says:

        it could be both product placement and foreshadowing. Once still can do Agrabah and Camelot beyond Jafar and Lancealot

        • re says:

          It would be fun to see Naveen Andrews again as Jafar. It would be fun to see a hero/thief like Aladdin bond with Robin Hood. Throw in Flynn Rider too. ha ha. They would bond over being thieves

  24. T says:

    Maybe someone else mentioned, but in the flashback Robin had the 6 leaf clover glamour thing and knew what it did, So even if Zelena somehow got it back, how would he not recognize the fact that his marion was wearing this necklace since being back in Storybrooke?

  25. Matthew B Lawler says:

    I hated this episode the convoluted rewrite or retcon of last seasons finale made no sense even if her life force left her body how was she physical again once she landed in the past and how the hell would she have know who maid Marion was and how did she get the magic glamour necklace if Robin Hood had it let alone everything that happened to Marion including Regina removing her heart the only part possibly pointing to the deception is the fact that true loves kiss from Robin didn’t save marion

  26. Matthew B Lawler says:

    Just who has been paying the bills and rent on Neil’s old apartment and how/why did Regina get the keys and give the apt Robin wouldn’t Emma’s New York apt have made more sense but of course we had to find a plot device to connect gold and Robin

  27. Brandon the Dark One says:

    I thought the writers were clever when Robin Hood said if he meets Rumplestillskin again, he won’t recognize him. This explains why Robin Hood was portrayed by a different actor in this season 2. I thought that was cool + Zelena is Back!!!!!!!!

    • Mer says:

      But Belle actually recognize Robin and that shouldn’t have happen since she met the Tom Ellis version. The thing about OUAT, is that they consistently try to plug one plot hole with another and they just create a dozen more.

  28. Lex says:

    This was my least favorite episode of the series thus far. It felt terribly out of place considering all that is happening with core characters. To have a mere blip of Emma processing what she just learned and then launch into an hour long RH fest was jarring to say the least. The twist wasn’t really a twist as many online saw it coming over a month ago and discussed it to death.

    While there were bright spots such as the performances of Christie Laing and Bex Mader as well as the back & forth between Regina and Rumple in the final scene, I just did not enjoy this at all. Once the Charmings told Emma about their secret, there should have been far more focus on that. Emma is drowning so I think the narrative should have been on that. It bothers me to an unhealthy level that Emma Swan, the show’s heroine, is never shown to deal with anything that has happened to her. THAT would be far more interesting for me to watch. This show has such an incredible cast that it doesn’t need all the spectacle on the constant.

    I don’t feel that RH fits the show. I felt the same about Frankenstein and Wicked Witch. No amount of love that I have for Bex (which is a TON) will change that I feel the character is ridiculous and doesn’t fit the landscape.

    This episode get a 3/10 from me. And 3 because there were some fine performances.

    Have a good day, Matt.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Those who live by the long-lens paparazzi photos die by the long-lens paparazzi photos :(

      But yes, wayyyyy too much Robin Hood for one episode.

      • Lex says:

        I do try to stay away from spoilers as I simply want to watch the show, you know? but those pics and that discussion was everywhere. It also started back when Zelena was “murdered” by Rumple. That all felt too tidy.

        I felt the focus of the episode should have been elsewhere considering all that has happened.

        Take care, Matt!

  29. JJ says:

    wasn’t a fan of this episode at all to be honest. would’ve been more enjoyable and suspenseful if the Zelena-is-Marian twist hadn’t been spoiled by set photos a few weeks ago. They really need to learn how to shoot with a closed set.

    • Mer says:

      Absolutely agree. As much as this show focuses on big reveals and plot points instead of character development, you’ll think they would try harder to keep big secrets from being leaked.

  30. Gail says:

    How would Wicked Witch know where Emma and Hook would end up when they went through the time portal ? Emma said she and Hook ended up in the Enchanted Forrest before her parents met because that is what she was thinking about when she fell through. the portal.
    How did Zelina get her body back after her spirit left it? Did she take over her body from the past? If so she would have disappeared from the past when she returned to the present as Marion.
    I imagine Rumple will keep the bargain but still get Zelina. Perhaps he will make sure she gets a happy ending she doesn’t want or something.

  31. Cheryl says:

    I enjoyed the twist, because now, Robin and Regina can get back together by the end of this season or next season. Plus it puts the wicked witch back into the game, Rebecca is so great as the wicked witch. No offense to the actress who originally played Marian, I am kind of glad she is gone, it was a character which like Aurora needed to go away or in small bit pieces, more annoying than helpful. At least with the wicked witch glamour as Marian there is a little meanness there to give some character. Why do I get the feeling that Robin knows the deal and is playing along for Roland’s sake?

  32. sararnoldi says:

    Good episode.
    Now I’d like to see more about the Sourcerer.. or the Apprentice.. I mean the old man!

  33. Mary says:

    Okay, Season 4 is almost finished, can we please have some explanation about Will being in Storybrook. I know not many people watched OUATIW but if you’re going to bring in a full time character, the least you could do is a story arc for his character!!! It’s driving me nuts, because Wonderland finished so strong and wrapped everything up for the characters. One last thing, where is Anastasia???????

  34. kath says:

    groan at how well they got rid of Marian, ensuring that Regina will get her happy ending with Robin because the producers love Regina sooooo much.

    Glad to see Zelena back though.

  35. Vivaldi says:

    For me that was probably the dumbest twist I´ve ever seen in my life. I am not a Zelena fan… I have to say I really hate her character (not Rebecca Mader as an actres… I mean she is trying her best to give Zelena some depth… it just doesn´t work for me. It is a great actress in a horrible character role for me)… I always found her story so cliched… and when they were trying to make it really deep… it felt just really annoying. Everytime she had to play her part… I wanted it to be over. And after finally taking her off screen she comes back… and it is as annoying as before … Guys, if you enjoy Zelena, fine… I have no problem with that… I just really really hate this character and I find this twist to be really stupid and it makes just too many plot holes.

  36. Brandon says:

    You also forgot that the charm that Zelena uses to make herself look like Marian is one Robin brought back from Oz and was using to hid from Sheriff Nottingham, which is supposed to be a unspoken revelation about why Robin was played by a different actor the first time we saw him.

  37. jazzi92 says:

    1.) I think rumpel more likely just plays along for one the one hand to get his happy end but one the other hand and also more importantly to deceive and destroy zelena (no way in hell he “forgave” her for killing Neal, NO WAY)
    2.) I think/ hope robin knows and plays along -> interested in seeing how Regina vs. Zelena will turn out without magic (but hopefully he and Regina will immediately run to each other upon first sight :3)

    Last but not least: I think August is the current author (author is actually just supposed to record and not to interfere)… The typewriter, the knowledge, the cockiness about all of this stuff… It’s all too coincidental :P

  38. jazzi92 says:

    1.) I think rumpel more likely just plays along for one the one hand to get his happy end but one the other hand and also more importantly to deceive and destroy zelena (no way in hell he “forgave” her for killing Neal, NO WAY)
    2.) I think/ hope robin knows and plays along -> interested in seeing how Regina vs. Zelena will turn out without magic (but hopefully he and Regina will immediately run to each other upon first sight :3)

    Last but not least: I think August is the current author (author is actually just supposed to record and not to interfere)… The typewriter, the knowledge, the cockiness about all of this stuff… It’s all too coincidental.

    I’m going to enjoy seeing Regina and Robin together on a regular basis (the charmings are rather dull as a couple in comparison) :P

    The green eyed bitch is a really fun character but also VERY ANNOYING

  39. nathalie says:

    Might Zelena be pregnant? She kind of “sported” a bump, or was that just me? And also the phrase “I’ve got a meat loaf in the oven” made Regina quite uncomfortable, and that phrase is very similar to “bun in the oven”…