American Odyssey Sneak Peek: Peter Is Arrested — For [Spoiler]'s Murder

No good deed goes unpunished, as seen in this sneak peek from Episode 2 of NBC’s American Odyssey (Sunday, 10/9c).

In the midseason thriller’s premiere, corporate litigator Peter Decker (played by Peter Facinelli) grew suspicious about his client Societel’s payoff to Danny Gentry — a drone pilot who launched the strike on Sgt. Odelle Ballard’s unit in Mali. Gentry then was poised to tell all about the shady deal when he got mowed down in a hit-and-run.

This Sunday, Peter, reeling from Gentry’s death, sticks with his investigation — but as seen in the clip below, Societel and its important connections obviously will go to any length to silence the snoop.

Elsewhere in the episode: Odelle (Anna Friel) labors to avoid detection as she and Aslam hide among the Tuareg on their pilgrimage through the desert, while in New York, activist Harrison (Jake Robinson) fears for his reputation when hacker Bob becomes reluctant to share his proof that Sgt. Ballard is alive.

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