Bones Sneak Peek: An Edgy Booth Loses His Cool With Brennan

Just because Booth is out of the slammer on Bones doesn’t mean he isn’t still plagued by his time behind bars.

In TVLine’s exclusive video from Thursday’s episode (Fox, 8/7c), the G-man takes out some of his pent-up issues on Brennan when he can’t find a very important photo of her and Christine.

When Brennan suggests that they print out another one, Booth gets snappy and then explains why this particular memento is so important.

“Sorry. That picture just meant a lot to me,” he says. “It got me through a lot of tough times when I was in prison.”

Press PLAY above to check out the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on a testy Booth.

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  1. Mary says:

    wow. What a jerk. Brennan has always been too good for him. And booth is lying. That’s about more than a picture. Sometimes booth is just awful.

    • Smile says:

      Ooookkkayyyy. Over react much lol!! I

    • anon says:

      the only jerk here is you Mary….sometimes you are just awful….

    • Yes, what a jerk. He’s frantically looking for a picture that helped him survive his term in prison. Then he has the nerve to tell Brennan that she’s fantastic after she finds it for him. Really! I don’t know how she puts up with his bs. Give me a break Mary. You certainly have a low tolerance for acceptable behavior.

      • Jessie says:

        Must live in a cave by themselves with no human contact. Booth: “you’re amazing” Bones was fine and very happy she could help Booth find his picture of his beautiful girls.

    • Kathy H. says:

      Did you watch the same clip??? Booth has never been a jerk!!! He has always been the one to overlook everything that Bones has done. He continued to love her even when she was hard to love!!!!!

    • the only jerk here is you. Booth almost dies and the only thing that kept him going was the adorable photo of brennan and christine.

    • GB says:

      I’m with you, Mary. He’s a jerk, I don’t like him at all.

    • Vanillaaaa says:

      Chill out, girl! Take a deep breath. It will all be okay.

    • Marge says:

      I agree, Mary! Booth has lately been very disrespectful of Brennan. He makes faces & rolls his eyes and when he used to give her a bad time he was playful & loving. I feel very protective of Bren because she tries so hard to keep his spirits up. Sometimes she over talks but I think that is a nervous tic with her. I just don’t like the way their relationship is headed. I was also pretty upset with Booth’s attention to Cam – really rubbed me wrong. I just hope & pray that things get back on track soon!!

  2. 1mars says:

    Yep, here we go, Booth the bad guy, what poor Brennan has to put up with, hope she doesnt take the kid and run off again. ugh

  3. Nany says:

    AWw, this one is fun and sweet.

    I fail to see how Booth was jerk in it? What is wrong with you people, did you even watch the clip or do you just comment based on the headline without watching?

  4. Smile says:

    Really nice clip. Nice to see that Booth still struggles with the injustice of his incarceration and lovely seeing Brennan immediately understand and help.

  5. Aa says:

    This article headline was written for click bait…it really isnt that reflective of what actually goes on in the video…..tone people TONE….SIGHS

  6. Lois says:

    Yes, the headline had me worried. But these two never fail to make me smile! Cute clip.

  7. Lily Jones says:

    I really like the writers making a simple picture mean so much to the character. This is the picture that he fought for that gave him such painful injuries it hurt to breath.

  8. Lily Jones says:

    I really like the writers making a simple picture mean so much to the character. This is the picture that he fought for that gave him such painful injuries it hurt to breath. Brennan’s response is perfect. First concern for safety, then alternate solution, okay I will help make this right.

  9. kmw says:

    This clip was not only a reminder that his prison stint affected him but that Booth does value his life with Brennan. This is not meant to either say Booth is a jerk or Brennan is a saint. It also sets up his next story where his desire for gambling will affect his judgment in regards to his life with his wife and Christine Despite my reservations about this upcoming story, it will in the end make him appreciate his life more once he almost loses everything that’s important to him. I think it is very nice clip and makes me wish that we would have more of them together, which has not happened much this year

  10. Joan Kelly says:

    Any Booth or Brennan, snappy or sweet still makes it work for me and thousands of others!
    If I had a partner like Brennan, out would come the duct tape. ha ha ha; Now if Hanna came back in the picture even I would be upset. I think David is a really nice guy in the real world!!

  11. Ash says:

    Well… Considering the things that happened.. A person can’t expect to be a 100% after that. He wasn’t being a jerk. At least not on purpose, and he did say sorry.

  12. kmw says:

    Like I said this is not about making Booth a jerk and making Brennan holier than though. Booth, even though I have stated he has been thru far worse , still suffered serious trauma this year. Getting shot, losing your home, and going to jail. That would make anybody not be in a good place. It seems we all know where this next story is going, but we do not. Before anyone decides Brennan is a villain remember she has a young child to take care of and another one coming and they have already stated she will be emotional with this one which means maybe she also will not act the way she normally would. A lot of Bones fans have wanted Booth to have a bigger story and now he is getting one. Booth relapsing into gambling doesn’t make him a jerk, it makes him human. I also forgot to say he lost somebody important to him(Sweets).Booth and Brennan are very different people and have different reactions which is one of the many reasons they are so good together

  13. frances slack says:

    I love bones. Cant wait till tonight.

  14. frances slack says:

    I love bones. Booth didnt mean anything by it. He just loves brennan and Christine so much and lost some memories with them. The pic kept him going.

  15. doretha says:

    Could not retrieve video. Sad

  16. doretha says:

    Video came up! Seriously he wasn’t that edgy. Wait till he find out what she & Fuentes did with those drugs. Then u will see a edgy Booth. Love Bones can’t wait to see it tonight. Bones Fan Forever!!!!!!

  17. dj says:

    Booth wasn’t being a jerk; besides he quickly apologize even b4 she found the pic. I agree with Many it was fun & Sweet.

  18. carol says:

    Watching that clip just reminded me why I stopped watching bones. It’s stupid.

  19. chelle says:

    It was funny there at the end . she found the pic. I guess all men tend to get mad when they can’t find something . lol

  20. Seanti says:

    This was one of the worst episodes in memory. Such clichéd dialogue and clunky foreshadowing. Ugh, Maybe it’s time to hang this show up.

  21. Betty says:

    I understood immediately why he was so anxious to find the picture. His family means so
    Much to him. It was very touching and his wife seems to have understood his feelings even before he explained himself

  22. I liked the premise that the show was founded on. I like the coupling for all involved, and the dynamics of each couple. I just hope that the show fights for the relationships, and not destroy them. I even wanted to see more of Caroline and her gentleman. I love the up beat of the show, please don’t lost that.