The Voice: Who's Hot — and Who's Not — From the Season 8 Top 20

Question: Does The Voice‘s current Top 20 represent the NBC singing competition’s strongest, deepest field of all-time ever (AKA in eight seasons)?

Answer: Oh hells yeah!

Still, going into this week’s Live Playoffs (tonight and Tuesday, 8/7c) with more than a dozen contestants sporting a legitimate chance to inherit Craig Wayne Boyd’s crown, tension levels about which eight hopefuls will be sent to the guillotine on Wednesday’s results telecast are running higher than ever.

To help find some predictability in a sea of uncertainty, we’ve reviewed the Top 20’s performances from the Blinds, Battles and Knockouts to come up with a predictable pecking order — along with a rundown of each singer’s potential strengths and weaknesses.

So click through the gallery below for our take — then hit the comments to tell us where we got it right, where we were dead wrong and who’s got your pre-Live Playoffs support to be the Season 8 champ!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kaba says:

    Yeah, place Tonya in the lower quartile of this list, pull Kimberly a bit away from the top spot, put Caitlin anywhere under Koryn and move Koryn much, much, MUCH higher and I almost agree with this list.

  2. JM says:

    In a season full of extremely talented female singers, I find it odd that you listed the top 2 as male. Sorry, but I disagree.

    • Chris C says:

      Yes! I totally agree with you! I love Sawyer but I would just have to put him at 4th or 5th place really. And technically Joshua is amazing he just doesn’t really appeal to me and I don’t understand why. But I definitely HOPE this is a girls season because they are all amazing.

  3. Strangeness says:

    I like Megan Linsey a lot, I hope she does well. But as I click through the pictures I swear it’s like The Voice stylists really have it in for some contestants and they’re treating her like she’s’ some hick middle-aged matron (plaid and sequins? really?). That and some of the fully-loaded-diaper shorts they insist on putting some of the other women in is just deadly awful. it’s like sabotage.

  4. EAP says:

    My ranking:
    1. Sawyer Fredericks
    2. Mia Z
    3. Corey Kent White
    4. Joshua Davis
    5. India Carney
    6. Sonic
    7. Sarah Potenza
    8. Koryn Hawthorne: Although based on her song choice today, she could be in trouble.
    9. Kimberly Nichole: I really want to like Kimberly. I know she’s super talented, but her song choices feel dated. No matter how well she sings, she is not going to connect with the public unless she sings more current songs or I don’t know how to phrase it correctly, since English is not my first language, but her songs just sound old. At least her arrangements do.
    10. Caitlin Caporale
    11. Brooke Adee
    12. Rob Taylor: Xtina shouldn’t have chosen him in the battle, but his last performance was a vast improvement.
    13. Deanna Johnson
    14. Lexie Davila
    15. Meghan Linsey: She’s a fantastic singer, but she looks older and her song choice at the knockouts was uninspired. Maybe this week she’ll do better.
    16. Tonya Boyd-Cannon
    17. Lowell Oakley
    18. Hannah Kirby
    19. Brian Johnson
    20. Nathan Hermida

  5. Eli says:

    From Worst to best in my opinion. Too lazy to do explanations for each

    20. Nathan
    19. Brooke
    18. Lowell
    17. Tonya
    16. Deanna
    15. Brian
    14. Sonic
    13. Corey
    12. Lexi
    11. Hannah
    10. Joshua
    9. Rob
    8. Kimberly
    7. Koryn
    6. Mia
    5. Sarah
    4. Caitlyn
    3. Sawyer
    2. India
    1. Meghan

  6. Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

    I agree with these rankings. Here are my own:
    1 Meghan
    2 Corey
    3 Sarah
    4 Hannah
    5 Brooke
    1 Deanna
    2 Joshua
    3 Tonya
    4 Brian
    5 Nathan
    1 Sawyer
    2 Mia Z
    3 Koryn or caitlin
    4 Caitlin or Koryn
    5 Lowell
    1 India
    2 Kimberly
    3 Sonic
    4 Lexi
    5 Rob

  7. LG says:

    This should be called Slezak’s favorites instead of the Top 20 rankings.

  8. I’m Adam Levine’s oldest fan. I”m pushing 76 and can’t stop listening to his fabulous voice. For my birthday May 24th, I wish I could have Adam sing me happy birthday. I’m disabled so I can’t get to a concert so I’ll have to settle to seeing him on the voice. I taped his performance on Tonight’s show so I could listen to him over and over. Thank you Adam for making an old lady enjoy current music. You are spectacular. Marilynn York

  9. sandra says:

    Sawyer reminds me of a young John Denver. I would like to hear him do a Denver song

    • Unbelievable says:

      Oh yes… One of my favorite John Denver songs is…. Don’t Close Your Eyes Tonight. But I think Sawyer is a bit too young to pull off a song like this.

  10. MJ says:

    It’s unanimous in our house….we’ld love to hear Sawyer sing Lynard Skynard’s, “Simple Man”.

  11. voted for one star on phone but got another confirmation

  12. Chris C says:

    Am I the only one who loves Brooke Adee? My Personal Rankings(Favorites) are:
    13th-20th Places
    Team Adam~Brian Johnson, Nathan Hermida
    Team Pharell~Caitlin Caporale, Lowell Oakley
    Team Christian~Rob Taylor, Lexi Davila
    Team Blake~Hannah Kirby, Corey Kent White

    12th:Team Adam~Joshua Davis
    11th:Team Blake~Sarah Potenza
    10th:Team Adam~Tonya Boyd Canon
    9th:Team Christina~Sonic
    8th:Team Blake~Meghan Lindsey
    7th:Team Adam~Deanna Johnson
    6th:Team Christina~Kimberly Nicole
    5th:Team Pharell~Sawyer Fredericks
    4th:Team Pharell~Koryn Hawthorne
    3rd:Team Blake~Brooke Adee
    2nd:Team Pharell~Mia Z
    1st:Team Christina~India Carney

    I literally love the entire group of people I put in the Top 11. For some reason I can’t board the Joshua Davis train but I’d rather have him over Nathan and Brian. And Why am I the only one who loves Brooke? It makes me sad :(. Put starting from the Top 9 I just couldn’t decide where to put anyone they are all amazing.

  13. Jemmabrie says:

    Sawyer never misses a note my butt… His tone covers a lot of the technical things that he does lack as of now and does need to work on. The kids talented but he doesn’t live up to hype. Plus his facial expressions are te most akward thing. I think people mistake his dementia for emotion but I can feel absolutely nothing when he sings the connection he’s had to his songs have been getting weaker and weaker. I think Koryn is a lot better and has a bunch more potential too bad she’s being so overlooked I’m really hoping she’ll come out of the left field and suprise America. She has great technical and natural talent it’s just a nerves thing for her and I hope she’ll make it to the top 12, because with her talent sky’s the limit. Mia’s good I really like her tone and emotional connection but she tends to be really really pitchy either way I’ve been enjoying watching her improvement. the only placement I really agree with is josh besides that…..

  14. Edward Shill says:

    I would like to hear sawyer sing , “has any buddy seen my old friend Abraham “.

  15. Marsha says:

    Love Corey voice. I would buy his CD’s anytime

    • P-Applecakes says:

      I agree! He is so easy to listen to. I could pop his music in and take a long drive! Beautiful voice.

  16. Myra Joplin says:

    my votes were cast last night for #1 – Sawyer Fredericks (hope he wins it all); #2 Mia Z; #3 Koryn Hawthorne (wasn’t planning on voting for her but she changed my mind with “How Great Thou Art”; #4 Corey Kent White; #5 Meghan Linsey. Pharrell has such a strong team followed by Blake’s team. I haven’t bonded with anyone from Xtina’s team and only J. Davis on Adam’s team will probably get any votes from me. Love. This. Show. I can stay on my treadmill the entire time the show is on without thinking once about stopping. Thanks to The Voice for helping me as I try to reach my weight loss goals! 22 pounds so far! lol

  17. Kayla Hartford says:

    Idk about rankings, but my favorite us Corey Kent. I love his voice so much

  18. linda says:

    meghan and sawyer is who i pick

  19. Linda Joy says:

    meghan and sawyer is who I like :)

  20. Linda Joy says:

    I like meghan and sawyer

  21. Teri Mellies says:

    Sarah, Corey, Meghan, Mia,Josh—-I think Sawyer should come back in the future—good voice but I am not sure he could handle or would even like the craziness of getting a label and touring—Many of the young ladies have good voices but they don’t stand out—just cute and different dresses.

  22. Barbara Owens says:

    this season’s crop of singers are the worst yet…the reason? I think because they sent the good ones home and kept the mediocre

  23. Eva DeAddio says:

    India is a professional singer already, she does not have to be mentored and that’s what the Voice is all about. It’s not fair to all the other contestants. She should be disqualified. Please don’t get me wrong she is great but not for a show where for some it’s the first time on stage

    • P-Applecakes says:

      I disagree. The idea of the show is to help a talented singer get a break! For some, even though they have been working at music longer than others, they just need exposure and the help of people in the industry to be able to take their music to a national level to realize their dreams.

  24. Greg says:

    Girls don’t have a chance on the Voice. Mostly women watch and vote and they vote male every time. Selling out their own gender. That’s why country music is almost all male and fading away with male listeners.

  25. Ralphileane Brown says:

    I fell asleep so I’m looking at pictures don’t see two people in the last 12 if they are not there you have lost a fan. I thought you went by talent.

  26. Renee says:

    Kimberly can sing but she really needs to check her ego at the door! Humility is a virtue! Tone it down a bit and you will go far!

  27. A C Casassa says:

    Deanna Johnson sounds a little like Cher. She might want to try singing “You haven’t seen the last of me” from the movie Burlesque.

    • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! says:

      I thought of the exact same, but for india because both me and my mom said that she sounds like cher a little bit. Lol

  28. rhonda says:

    Sawyer is number one in my book! Hes a great throwback from the 60’s and we just love him! You have our vote Sawyer.

  29. randall1022 says:

    I really believed that Rob was going to make it to the final 3. I am shocked that America did not keep him on.

  30. Carol says:

    Sawyer is the best singer yes I wood like for him to sing Denver song he will knot it at of the park. He does good for his age we are proud of him.