Are the Dead Too Dumb? Did Castle Really Hit the Shower? Further Revenge To Be Had? And More TV Qs!

The Walking Dead

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Walking Dead, Castle, Cougar Town and Scandal!

1 | Really? Not one of these Walking Dead walkers has half a brain to simply (if even accidentally) lift the latch on the gate? Also, how rotten did you feel about yourself for hoping Sasha would kill Gabriel and for Glenn to off Nicholas, after neither of them wound up shooting the villains? And is there any rational explanation for why Maggie didn’t warn her group that Gabriel had betrayed them to Deanna?

2 | Weren’t some of the associates’ reactions to The Good Wife‘s hacked emails a little over-the-top? (Spitting on your boss’ office door? What, are we 14?) Meanwhile, considering everything Alicia, Diane and Cary have been through together — Will’s death, Cary’s arrest, the launch of their new firm — are you surprised their negotiation talks have been so contentious? And who’s still fanning themselves over Will and Alicia’s emails?

3 | Was Revenge‘s Amanda Clarke reveal somewhat underwhelming? (Does that speak to the current quality of the show?) And in the wake of it, what stories can the bubble drama possibly have left to tell if it’s somehow renewed?

4 | How does Secrets and Lies‘ Ben plan to hide the incriminating video sent to his phone from Cornell and the FBI? Does the show somehow take place in an alternate reality where the feds can’t tap his phone?

5 | Has The Last Man on Earth‘s Phil become too much of a jerk to function as our protagonist? And has the show abandoned its titular premise, or is Todd perhaps not long for this world?Castle

6 | What’s the verdict, Castle fans: Was this Nathan and Stana, or not quite?

7 | Might Dancing With the Stars judge Bruno’s criticism of Charlotte McKinney — “You’re never going to win the Nobel Prize for quantum physics, but you’re easy on the eyes.” — have been his most deplorable yet?

8 | Does Forever get this week’s Perfect Casting Award for having David Krumholtz play a younger version of Judd Hirsch’s character? And do you think Abigail is still alive?

9 | Now that we’ve met almost all of New Girl‘s parental units, can Season 5 finally bless us with a Thanksgiving episode that gathers Jamie Lee Curtis, Rob Reiner, Kaitlin Olson, Nora Dunn and Margo Martindale all under one roof? (Cece’s mom can come, too!)

10 | Was Cougar Town‘s grand finale too Jules-centric for what started out as a Courteney Cox vehicle but quickly grew into an ensemble effort? And was Bobby Cobb’s Skype return usurped by the obvious tablet placement?

11 | With both Briga Heelan and Rene “Threepeat” Gube guesting, didn’t this week’s Undateable feel like some alt-universe Ground Floor crossover episode?

Weird Loners12 | What is wrong with the universe that the delectable Becki Newton isn’t the star of a hit sitcom? And on that subject: Should Weird Loners consider hiring a new editor? (Based on their spelling of “hygienist” in the premiere, we’re thinking yes.)

13 | As Justified unspools its final two episodes, is Mikey’s “Will you hold me?” moment now the death scene to beat?

14 | As Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Simmons handed Bobbi those gizmos in quick fashion, were you privately hoping some sort of “sting” was in play? Or did the zapping completely surprise you?

15 | Does The Flash’s Nora Allen give anyone else Annette O’Toole/Mama Kent vibes? Also, given James Jesse’s “I am your father” line, do you wish they had named the new Trickster Luke?

16 | Who’s your guess for the next X-Files character to be part of the revival?

Arrow17 | Does Arrow’s League of Assassins lug around these ornate fire pits when setting up safe houses? Or do they rent? And Lance must know Roy isn’t really the Arrow because of the height difference alone, right?! (Not to mention, he knows Roy is Arsenal!)

18 | Supernatural fans, are you disappointed Bobby didn’t get to share any screentime with Sam or Dean?

19 | Nashville‘s Teddy has become so shady, he’s got to end up a goner by the end of the season, right?

20 | Is American Idol‘s choice of Jason Derulo as next week’s mentor a slap in the face to Season 6 champ Jordin Sparks — who went through a messy breakup with the “Talk Dirty” singer last fall?

21 | Callie and Dan on Grey’s Anatomy — thumbs up or down? And if down, are you just saying that because you’re still hoping for a Calzona reunion? And how could the experienced Bailey have been so clumsy in seeking out organ donors?

Scandal22 | Can some D.C.-based Scandal fans help us out here? Doesn’t this green-screening of the Washington Monument backdrop, while otherwise convincing, put the Lincoln Memorial at about the height of an Egyptian pyramid?

23 | Why was Mom‘s studio audience so quick to laugh at a plastered Bonnie’s behavior after the recovering addict tossed away her sobriety? (And before you say “laugh track,” the Chuck Lorre comedy is filmed in front of a studio audience.)

24 | Does Jason Statham have a beef with Jimmy Kimmel? Or does the Furious actor always give dismissive, one-word answers in interviews, as he did on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live?

25 | Is it harder than ever to hear dialogue above some of TV’s more soundtrack-driven dramas? If you agree, which shows are the worst repeat offenders?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Matthew Weber says:

    #6 According to one of the show’s writers that was Stana and Nathan (One of the Creasey’s on twitter). Might be lying, but I don’t see why they would. In the end who cares? It was a nice scene even if it was shot with doubles.

    • Quirky says:

      No. She said it was them SINGING! It was as if they deliberately chose two people who were nothing like them and it pulled me completely out of the scene. It’s like they aren’t even trying these days

      • g says:

        unless the actors faces need to be seen – and for such a quick and really not even necessary “scene” it automatically makes it a 2nd unit shot and there by makes it necessary, quicker & easier to just use body doubles

        and possibly it was also just a production issue of efficiency for time, ie. the lead actors are shooting their “important” scenes and the director doesn’t have time to film that

        thus they just let the 2nd Unit director do it, fyi the 2nd unit director is also the one who films most other scenes that don’t require the main actors to be directly involved

        so it’s not an issue of “trying” but just of practicality
        and likewise the actors perhaps also saying: do “we” really need to film this ? get some body doubles, I want to go home

        • sanchopanza says:

          Thank you so much for the info, G! One of those things you wonder about when you see the credits and it fascinates you but you never think to look into it, and it turns out to be extremely informative. Dadgum.

      • Lila says:

        I could tell from the moment the scene started that it wasn’t actually going to be them in the shower…

    • Telo says:

      It’s pretty obvious the two people in the scene are body doubles for their respective characters, and it totally took me out of the scene. The woman can pass for Beckett, if only she has shorter hair. The man’s figure reminds me of Espo instead of Castle.

      Now, I can forgive this mishap if they include a full version / full song sung by Stana and Nathan as a bonus feature for the DVD. ;)

      • leigh says:

        I noticed the hair, too and great point about the DVD extra features.

      • panchang810 says:

        Oh my gosh, I would also be thrilled to have the two sing a duet and hopefully will be incorprated in an epsiode’s DVD. I have all DVDs of their past seasons and that would be a great treat for us fans. ;o)

    • Grey says:

      If it was them then there was some special affects/distortion filters in action.

    • panchang810 says:

      Completely agree with you. They were obviously doubles but who cares, it was one of THE MOST hilarious Castle scenes and that episode was really nice. ;o)

  2. Lincoln says:

    The dead on “Walking Dead” have NO brains.. they also have no fine motor skills, so lifting the latch on the gate is not something they are capable of doing… dont you watch the show?

    • g says:

      fyi – the one thing all the zombies have is a brain – that’s why the only way to kill them is to stab them in the head – the brain is where the disease takes place – don’t you watch the show??

      also there have have been some zombies thru the run of the show that have been able to do more “complex” skills or at least try or sometimes just do things by dumb luck – ie. open doors, etc – including recently in the episode where Tyrese was surprised attacked & bitten by Noah’s zombie brother – who was in another room and somehow got out ? ie. he opened the door

      in season one ep 2 – they also had at least 1 zombie who picked up a rock/ concrete to bash the glass doors of the mall store they were hiding in when the scouting group first found Rick and in that same episode as Rick & Glenn made a run for the truck – at least one zombie climbed & over the fence – same as Rick and Glenn

      and I’m sure some other similar examples in other episodes
      opening a latch – not that hard

      • Big Mike says:

        In season 1, the writers intent was to make “smart walkers”. Hence the walkers using tools, Morgan’s wife returning home, etc. Then, starting in season 2, they decided to change course leading to the “dumb walkers” we see today. In short, a season 1 walker could open the gate. A present day one couldn’t.

        • Carrie says:

          I remember at least one producer commenting on the walkers getting dumber and dumber. I don’t know if they mean that the longer a walker has been a walker, the dumber it gets. Makes sense to me. Their motivation is food. They don’t think, they just respond to sound, movement and fire.

    • Shelly says:

      in season 1, episode 2 I believe when they were stuck in the department store, one of the walkers had a brick trying to break in. So if one walker a pick up a brick and bang it against the glass then surely another walker can open the latch on a gate. LOL

    • Brian Bauer says:

      I want to know how Morgan, Daryl and the other guy got back into the town. They showed Rick locking the gate and made it a point to mention that there was no one guarding it. So who let them in?

      • tigersmurfette says:

        deanna’s not dead son ran to the gate after rick mentioned it was unguarded. i guess he let the others in.

      • Wordsmith says:

        They’ve established that pretty much any reasonably fit non-walker can climb over that wall without too much trouble in a pinch. A fact that does not bode well at all when the Wolves show up…

        • sanchopanza says:

          I’ve been thinking about that too, and trying to come up with a solution that doesn’t involve cauldrons of boiling oil. It’s a very tough situation if there are a lot of Wolves.

  3. S says:

    2. So much has been ridiculous on the Good Wife this season that was just par for the course… the writers must be slumming it this season… 17) of course Lance knows Roy isnt the Arrow… but proving it might be difficult cause he’d have to admit that he knows the Arrow isnt a killer and was given his identity by a shady league of assasins guy.,.. Lance has to at least pretend to follow the evidence or he will lose his job.

    • Delirious says:

      “17 | And Lance must know Roy isn’t really the Arrow because of the height difference alone, right?! (Not to mention, he knows Roy is Arsenal!)”

      Exactly, saying “Roy isn’t the Arrow” is like admitting “hey, I know Arsenal, and Canary, and I’ve let them do their thing for months now, covering up for them”.

  4. fringe30 says:

    10. Yes but I was okay with it.

    11. Also yes and I was okay with it.

    13. Haven’t actually watched this week’s Justified but I never thought Mikey would last until the end.

  5. Sarah says:

    5. Getting that way very fast, and I hope not. Todd is sweet.

  6. N says:

    8 Perfect casting on Forever!

    • maria says:

      Agreed. And as far as Abigail…I kinda want to see Henry’s reaction to her, but then I kinda want Henry and Jo together (eventually) so I don’t want him to still be married. Really though…I’ll take anything I can get if it means the show gets a season 2.

    • Kvivik says:

      I had not noticed the opening credits, so I was incredibly surprised when young abe showed up. OMG did Krumholtz have Judd Hirsh’s mannerisms and speech patterns down. It was awesome!

  7. RobAndCo says:

    #12 Becki Newton is fantastic. She was hilarious in Ugly Betty. It is so sad she wasn’t able to find another hit TV show post-Ugly Betty. I can’t think of any current comedy show on TV she could join. Hopefully the 15-16 TV season will see her shine *fingers crossed*

    • g says:

      not true – Becki Newton would easily fit on pretty much any show – including dramas – ie. TGW, Revenge, any of the various cop/ legal or medical shows, etc

      as well as any of the various sitcoms all over tv (or netflix shows, etc)
      ie. New Girl, Brooklyn 99, About a Boy, Cristela or any other shows

      she’s a talent actress & I’m sure can play more than just her character type from Ugly Betty – don’t type cast her

      intact it’ld be cool to see her in a non-comedic role where she can show more dramatic acting – may be even on Agents of Shield or other superhero show .. why not ??
      she’s obviously gorgeous and would fit in well for any role – may be as an Inhuman ?

      • RobAndCo says:

        I never pictured her in a drama. Now you mention it, I think she could be great in a superhero show (maybe The Flash). Hopefully she can avoid Revenge (hot mess, on the verge of cancellation) or shows in their last seasons.

  8. Angela says:

    #7: Yeah, that was a bit too far. I like how Tom responded to that comment.
    #20: Jordin’s not going to appear on the same episode as him, right? So it might be a little awkward a choice, but otherwise…*Shrugs*.

  9. xfcastle says:

    6- It was Nathan and Stana singing and that’s really all that matters ;)

    • lkh says:

      I agree–I liked hearing their voices–I knew Stana could sing. But for me, it would have been better just to hear the water running and the singing. It takes away from the whole idea to see people who obviously weren’t them. But, I’ve seen a ‘bad’ double for Nathan in the past, not so much for Stana but I think she does a lot of her own stuff. But Nathan has very distinctive hair–guess it’s hard to match.

      • Telo says:

        It’s less of a hair issue — it’s easier to replicate hairstyles— and more of a head shape (and body shape) issue.

        • lkh says:

          yes, I agree–I wasn’t talking about this episode–I’ve just noticed it with stunts in the past and it isn’t a style–his hair is unique.

  10. Alyssa says:

    6. Was them singing but obviously body doubles for the shower singing silhouettes. The Stana/Beckett double had hair down her back & Stana/Beckett had shoulder length hair.

  11. Alicia says:

    6. i find it highly unlikely that it was Stana and Nathan.
    8. Perfect casting! Abigail I think is alive, but just barely.
    14. At first I kind of though Simmons believed Bobbi, but after about ten seconds when she started to dig around in the tool box I knew she was going to do something to knock her out!
    17.i think we finally solved part of the mystery what the underlings of the LoA do! Lance of course knows that Roy is not the arrow!
    21. Thumbs up, but only for a little while because I think Callie and Arizona will get back together. I think Dan will be in like one or two more episodes and it will be her going out with him that reminds her that she loves Arizona along with the plane crash memories also. Bailey has been kind of unprofessional this season and it’s getting on my nerves (first with her telling Arizona off during surgery and now this)!

  12. Luis says:

    8. When does Rob Morrow show up on Forever? I miss Numbers!
    17. Some furniture accents are worth the transport costs.
    21. I congratulate Shonda Rimes on presenting a bisexual character in as routine and matter of fact a manner as she has with Callie.

    • Heidi says:

      They definitely need to cast Rob Morrow on Forever!

    • SISD says:

      RE:21 She is not presenting Callie in “routine and matter of fact manner” though. Nolan from Revenge would be routine and matter of fact. Nothing is routine or matter of fact in Callie constantly shouting out “I’m bisexual”..”It’s a thing”..”I do dudes too”. If anything it’s pandering, opportunistic and for shock value.

  13. TRB says:

    #2. How was any email from Will even on the Florrick, Agos and Lockhart servers? Those files would have gone with Louis when they moved out. And why did the partner from the ‘closed New York office’ go to work at the firm? This firm never had any New York office. Are we supposed to forget that Lockhart Gardener was a different firm? And where is Taye Diggs? Good wife seems to be forgetting it’s own back story.

    • S says:

      Thats one of the biggest problems i’ve had with this season.. they completely undid the two companies and put everything back together as one firm like nothing had happened… I wish they had let them be competitors for a longer period of time.

  14. Steven says:

    25- Almost every Teen Show on MTV and The CW have this problem.

    • bj says:

      True. The only thing that bugs me more is when we have translations running at the bottom of the screen for languages other than English and they’re covered up by a stupid ad!

  15. Kim R says:

    2. The Good Wife – this season has not been my favorite for many reasons although the hacked email gave me some good laughs this week. What they’ve done to Alicia and Cary’s relationship I don’t care for at all. I was all in with their new firm in the loft.
    7. DWTS – Just when I think Bruno could not be more inappropriate with his comments, he surprises me yet again. I’m not sure why the show hasn’t made a public apology about this or something.
    13. Justified – “where do I start?” pretty much sums up that entire fight to the death segment.
    14. S.H.I.E.L.D. – I loved that scene and caught on part way through. Well done!
    17. Arrow – I have never liked Lance’s character and this last episode has just left me thinking he’s an idiot. I don’t think he believes Roy is Arrow but he sure is blindly rushing forward with his own agenda.

  16. Stacie says:

    8. Yes it was perfect!

  17. Alyssa P. says:

    #22. That actually IS what it looks like. You have to climb up big marble steps to get to the main area of the memorial itself. Plus, the monument is always way further from the memorial than you think, and the reflecting pool is wider and longer in the same manner. I’d say this is a pretty good depiction of the view from the top of the Lincoln Memorial

  18. Drew says:

    18 – The way they left Bobby at the end of the episode gave me the impression that we haven’t seen the last of his story… which is great because I like Bobby, but also kinda sucks because the more they do with Heaven/angels and Hell/demons, the less impressive or intimidating they seem. At this point, it seems harder to kill random monsters of the week than either demons or angels.
    I was wondering why they didn’t contact Ash… we know that he has tapped into the angel communications, and has also found a way to travel between cells in this Heaven prison that the angels keep everyone in (seriously, Bobby doesn’t even get to be with his wife, let alone his dead friends?). If Sam and Cas went through Ash, they could have put together a whole team, rather than just Bobby.

  19. TaMara says:

    Good Wife – hard to watch lately
    Castle – fun no matter what
    Forever – I saw his name in the credits and guffawed when he showed up. Great stuff. Did you know he played Hirsch’s son on Broadway before Numb3rs? (of course you did, your TV gods)
    I only saw a bit of Kimmel-Statham interview and Kimmel seemed…intimidated by his responses. It was weird.

  20. Spence says:

    #1: I’m honestly shocked Maggie didn’t tell anyone, not even Glenn!
    #25: Personally, I can never hear anything that is said on The Blacklist because of how blaring the background music is.

  21. Heathers says:

    #24 I thought I was the only one to notice that. It seemed as if Jimmy Kimmel was struggling to get Statham to talk. He was really douchey. Usually he is kinda funny in interviews. I wonder what his problem is.

  22. Azerty says:

    1/ The walking dead: for one nano second I thought Maggie was going to pull the trigger and kill father Gabriel. Tell me I am not the only one!

    • Madison M. says:

      You aren’t. I was waiting for it. Would have been a character defining moment for Maggie but maybe her not pulling the trigger was even more telling. I’m glad her story is following the comics. She’s been underutilized for too long.

      • Tim says:

        She’s still being underutilized! The writer’s just aren’t very good in sharing the screen time with everyone. One of her biggest scenes this year was listening to Gabriel talk trash.

  23. Jared says:

    2) Ived loved The Good Wife since the beginning but this is the first season I really dont care if it gets cancelled or renewed. It lost some of its magic with Wills death and Alicias political career didnt need to be a season long story arc.

    • Viv says:

      That´s just me, but I honestly think the problem wasn´t Wills death. Yeah, it had an huge impact but after he died I thought “Wow, that really did something good.”. For me, the problem started when Diane came over to F/A (although I love the character, but it just didn´t sit right with me…) and continued with splitting up the storylines in this season (which, again just didn´t fit). I had no interest whatsoever in the election and I struggled with Alicias character. They just moved to fast with all of this, in my opinion and then dragged the first half of the season out waaaaaaaaaaaaay to long. (still great acting and one of the better shows on network televison though)

  24. annie says:

    6. CLEARLY not Fillion and Katic. I mean – no. Just no.

    8. That casting was sheer perfection. I hope we see middle aged Abe again. As for the second question. ..maybe? Probably just in time for the season/series finale.

  25. Kate says:

    1. I did have the passing thought that there could be some evolution taking place, but then I started thinking, no remember one of the things they pointed out before this season began is that conceivably the walkers have rotted more and so they will be technically easier to kill unless they overwhelm you, but then that is arguably what the herding that will be the next issue for our characters takes place. Why do they group together or is it all just equally responding to the same sound. I was glad that neither of them did, I felt like Sasha even reaching out to Gabriel was a sign she was coming out of her funk and killing Nicholas like that would not be in Glenn’s nature.

    3. Somewhat, but I think they will explain that she just hijacked a fairly low key affair rather than calling her own press conference.

    5. I was watching this last night and just couldn’t do it anymore. He is such a jerk that I can’t even deal. I’m not finding the show at all funny anymore.

    11. Honestly when reading the description, I thought it kind of was.

    14. I did sense something was at play so I was gleeful during that whole scene.

    17. I know, I think I give side eye at any of these particular exchanges. I almost wish they’d taken a page out of season 3A of Teen Wolf, Deucalion just rented an apartment in the same building as the Argents. I will also confess I have watched the trailer five billion times since yesterday and Lance doesn’t buy that Roy is the Arrow but the police really can’t do anything once the guy is in jail and is insistent. My question is that apparently the DA’s office extended the rest of Team Arrow immunity on the promise of Oliver’s confession? But not the confession itself (which I think based on the prison van conversation had not taken place yet because if Oliver started from the beginning, Lance would not have been able to avoid shifting the villain title to Malcolm, the boat would have returned fine if Malcolm hadn’t blown it up that was technically the start of things and honestly if Sara alone had returned, I’m pretty sure Slade would have come hard core after her too). I won’t be terribly surprised to discover that Roy inserts some of his own crimes into his tale so that minor investigation makes it seem true to the DA’s office. Laurel is going to play a role in all of this as she presumably was the one to get Oliver’s deal and then she isn’t the one to take Roy’s.

    25. This has been an issue for awhile, but the Vampire Diaries was horrible last year, coming in and out of commercial breaks you couldn’t hear anything.

  26. kn1231 says:

    #3 – Revenge – I don’t think we can rate the reveal until we see the next episode. The episode ended during her reveal, so we haven’t seen any of the fireworks that are going to come from it yet. It is very much NOT over yet.

    • Letti says:

      I agree completely. Actually I never wanted Emily to be revealed publically, but I will still give it a chance. We haven’t seen any of the outcome.

  27. Dude says:

    3. I found it pretty satisfying although I have no idea what their plan is for the rest of the season nevermind the series. Emily has already accomplished her goal of clearing her father’s name as Nolan said (which will make any series finale mighty anticlimactic) and the last secret she had was her identity as Amanda Clarke which is now out so Margeaux/Victoria have no real reason to hate her anymore. So either the next episode is going to concoct some totally forced reason for Victoria to hate Emily or we’re in for one boring end to the season.

    Also, does this mean everyone is going to start calling her Amanda now?

    • Viv says:

      I love this episode of Revenge too! It gave me chills when she exhaled at the podium & made the big reveal.The slo-mo flashbulbs–I loved it. Got me re-energised for the show. Wish they’d stop screwing with the Wonder Twins though. They’re perfect best friends

  28. Pia says:

    11. More importantly, why was his nickname “Threepeat?” They never explained.

  29. Ree says:

    #25 – thank goodness someone else is having trouble hearing the dialogue. I have been thinking I was going deaf over the last few months.

  30. Anna says:

    #8 Perfect casting? You bet! Well done David Krumholtz! Lived seeing him on screen again.

    Is Abigail alive? I’m starting to keen more and more towards yes. Bad feeling that Adam may be involved somehow.

  31. Jill says:

    I would say a definite yes to Nashville’s Teddy, but he should have been gone over a season ago, and he’s still here so you never know.

  32. m3rcnate says:

    5 | Has The Last Man on Earth‘s Phil become too much of a jerk to function as our protagonist? And has the show abandoned its titular premise, or is Todd perhaps not long for this world?

    Yes yes yes yes yes and YES! I just binge watched all 7 episodes and it went from cute and funny and interesting to ANNOYING and depressing. The main character (Phil) ONLY cares about getting into Melissa’s pants…like literally everything he does and says is about that. He is also a giant A-hole now that is completely unlikable and every character on the show dislikes him except Todd (who can’t dislike anyone it seems. Hes a total Jerry/Gary/Larry/Terry).
    8 | Does Forever get this week’s Perfect Casting Award for having David Krumholtz play a younger version of Judd Hirsch’s character? And do you think Abigail is still alive?

    LOVED that casting! I was a huge Numb3rs fan and with the prosthetics they look SO much alike.
    11 | With both Briga Heelan and Rene “Threepeat” Gube guesting, didn’t this week’sUndateable feel like some alt-universe Ground Floor crossover episode?

    Yes and i loved it! Briga and Gube are actually engaged in real life so it was cool seeing that, but i will say i am really saddened by the cancellation of “Ground Floor” because i think Briga is amazing (like potential to be a big star using her comedy chops and looks), and the same goes for Undateable not having her on the show either. Not only is she majorly missed but the character that replaced her is 1/100000th as fun/interesting/funny/compelling. So i went from having two Briga shows to 0. It sucks.
    24 | Does Jason Statham have a beef with Jimmy Kimmel? Or does the Furiousactor always give dismissive, one-word answers in interviews, as he did on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live?

    Yeah i noticed how abrasive he was being too. It was a crappy interview because of it. I think fairly off the bat Jimmy bringing up being Jason being in that music video (which he clearly didnt want to think about or talk about) ruined w/e potential Jimmy had at turning the interview around. Any guy that is close buds with Mickey Rourke is most likely an A-hole sad to say.

  33. Heidi says:

    Another question. Why has no one on TVLine done a recap of “The Blacklist”??

  34. cuius says:

    12) Try Googling “hygenist” – you’ll be surprised – for example:

    Dental Hygenist
    A woman of loose morals. Also known to put out with ease. Whorish.
    That chick has been with three guys just tonight…she must be a Dental Hygenist.

  35. bearoness says:

    On The Walking Dead, the gate was *not* latched. Gabriel slammed it closed, it bounced back a couple of feet, and it was left that way.

  36. Viv says:

    17. Yeah, hight difference could be a good indication. And the Arsenal part is… well… I just hope Lance comes around. I like him better on Team Arrow´s side. But if Roy confesses to being the Arrow and is offering valid proof and considering that they don´t have physical evidence that it really is Oliver – I would see how they let Oliver go no matter what Lance maybe thinks.
    18. Yes, a little bit.

  37. Shar says:

    If I may…

    #26 How lame/dumb/desperate is the ( perhaps ) pregnancy scare on The Mysteries of Laura?

    RE #25.. soundtrack blast is annoying but I still find scenes almost in total darkness far more frustrating.

  38. matty says:

    I’m confused have we seen the last of Geena Davis on Grey’s? I didn’t watch this weeks episode yet, but is she going to be in future episodes?

  39. david7118 says:

    On Scorpion after the two “thugs” get knocked out in the convenience store shootout why didn’t the team slap the handcuffs on them instead of running?

    • cg313 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Plus take their weapons and do something to their car. I was like for geniuses you guys are dumb.

  40. Ally says:

    8. yes & yes
    6. no
    15. Mama Kent n Spiderman aunt
    17. They make them on spot (just like how Oliver made weapons when they went for Thea)
    21. Thumbs up

  41. Elaine says:

    #1 – In season 1 didn’t they show a walker turning the door knob?

  42. Les Newcomer says:

    #6 I’m guessing it was Stana and Nathan, but what I can’t figure out is why they saddled Beckett with a case of nerves when Stana has a great set of pipes! I was looking forward to hearing Stana sing! Isn’t there a rule that if you introduce a gun in the first scene, it should go off by the end of the show?

  43. helenlewengrub says:

    5 | Has The Last Man on Earth‘s Phil become too much of a jerk to function as our protagonist? And has the show abandoned its titular premise, or is Todd perhaps not long for this world?

    I was super frustrated when they added Todd, but I actually like him significantly better than Melissa. And yes, Phil has been too much of a jerk.

  44. herman1959 says:

    (8) Yes, the casting was a treat. Abigail would be abut 95 by now; I don’t think she’s still alive. However, I’m looking forward to seeing what became of her, and I know it’ll be sad.

    (2) The music on The Blacklist is starting to bother me now.

  45. admiralmpj says:

    If you’re standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument does look to be about that high. Granted in that shot, Scandal may have drawn the Monument a bit closer to where they are.

    Remember, that’s like a 20 minute walk from where they’re standing, and the Washington Monument (the only building in DC allowed to be taller than the Capitol Dome) is on it’s own hill.

    Looking through my own shots, that’s almost right.

  46. Liz says:

    For Grey’s, Callie & Dan – good. Bailey was dumb and out of character. I have a bad feeling that Derek is going to die by the end of the season. Suddenly he is content to take lesser surgeries and Mer is happy? That is not a good sign.

  47. Alichat says:

    3) Yes, very. It was about as charged as one of those Hampton charity events she attends. I thought it would be revealed through Mason Treadwell’s book. She, Jack, and Carl are off somewhere on a boat sailing around the world. She got Mason cleared of the charges, and he has been writing a book with her(as she promised) via emails/skype/video chats/etc. At the book announcement, Mason would not only reveal that he’s alive, but also reveal the title of his new book, an authorized biography titled “I am Amanda Clarke” with a headshot of Emily on the cover. Fade to black.
    8) Did he have a fake nose? It looked fake to me.
    14) Simmons didn’t surprise me, but the fact that May didn’t take Bobbi down did surprise me.
    15) I wonder how much Hamill enjoyed saying that line!
    17) Oh my god this story has become so worn. I want one of those firepits to fall over and burn all the League of Assassin members to the ground.
    21) I like it. I think he and Callie have chemistry.
    22) It was terribly obvious. Someone did not do a good job on the lighting with that green screen.

  48. Josh says:

    #21 Up. Callie deserves so much better than the way Arizona has treated her. Ever since they started dating Arizona always took Callie for granted and never treated her the way she deserved. After George and Arizona Callie deserves someone who will truly treat her the way she deserves.

    • Jenks says:

      I totally agree. I don’t get the Calzona ‘shippers. Arizona has always been selfish and immature in her relationships. How about the intern she toyed around with and tossed aside? Callie deserves WAY better, and I would love to see her get her happy on with the hot cop.

      • Babygate says:

        I agree that Callie deserves better. Since S6 Callie and Arizona have had zero chemistry, IMO. Whatever love and affection they are supposed to have for each other feels forced at best. But, for the Calzona fandom is different. They root for Calzona because to them it’s about representation. They were the first high profile lesbian couple on network tv and fans want them to have their happy ending. Still, there are plenty that realize that Callie and Arizona are destructive together.

  49. Jimmy says:

    #3. Yes, yes, yes. Revenge shouldn’t come back next year. They have stretched what was an interesting premise into a boring mish-mash of bad writing and poor plot development.

  50. Briggs says:

    8 – Another role where I think, “That was *him(her)*?! Well, now I see it.” But yes, David did a terrific job as a younger Abe. As to whether Abigail is alive? Well, if she is, that would make pairing Henry with his partner Jo *extremely* awkward…
    15 – Yeah, Nora Allen is very much superhero mom chic. :) I can see what you mean, though. And the ‘I am your father’ line made my inner Star Wars nerd squeal and made me glad I’d conned my brother into watching with me. LOL But I guess they had to call him Axel, to make him recognizable to comic fans.
    17 – They always struck me as being very DIY. Maybe the LOA steals from scrap yards? LOL And Lance probably knows, but how will he explain how he knows Roy *isn’t* the Arrow? He was told by a master assassin.

    • Mary says:

      How does Lance know Oliver is the arrow? The Demon Head told him. His superiors would find that information very fascinating. I know that it’s a t.v. show based off a comic, so there’s only going to be so much “reality”. But you expect me to believe that Lance can call for a manhunt with no explanation?