Revenge Recruits Tom Amandes for Everwood Reunion — See Photo

Tom Amandes Revenge

The Graysons may be dropping like flies on Revenge, but another family — namely, the Abbots — appears to be more unified than ever.

Tom Amandes, who played Emily VanCamp‘s TV dad Dr. Harold Abbot on The WB’s Everwood, will guest-star in an upcoming episode of the ABC drama, though details about his character are currently unavailable. Amandes’ recent work includes recurring roles on Parenthood and Scandal.

VanCamp (her tweet since deleted) and Amandes broke the news via photos of themselves on set:

But the photos, while glorious, also raise a few major questions: For example, why is Emily in court? And why does she appear to be wearing a prison jumpsuit? Could the fourth — and potentially final — season of Revenge really end with Ms. Thorne Clarke behind bars?

Take a really good look at the photo above, then drop a comment below: What are your predictions for the end of Season 4?

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  1. bart says:

    i miss everwood

  2. Letti says:

    Hopefully this means Revenge will get a final season, shortened or not. It can’t end with Ems in jail.

  3. N says:

    I can only see the top of the pix!

  4. Dennis says:

    LOVE it!!!!

  5. Julie says:

    She’s either been arrested for Lyle’s murder or this is a slash back to her juvie days. As much as Revenge sucks compared to the first season, it’s still a guilty pleasure I’m not prepared to let go of yet. Hoping it comes back for at least a shortened final season. At this point I wouldn’t even mind if they concocted a soapy way to bring Aiden back from the dead. Anything to see Emily/Amanda ending up with cliche Jack.

    • Julie says:


    • Julie says:

      Apparently I can’t do anything right tonight: *Anything to PREVENT her from ending up with cliche Jack. At this point, I’d even take Daniel back if it would mean she wouldn’t end up with Jack. I love Jack but Nick Wechsler and Emily VanCamp have zero chemistry.

      • lorna says:

        Disagree. May not be as strong as it was on s1, but it is there. And Emily may be jailed for fraud/identity theft. I loved Everwood. Stoked for this.

        • Sarah says:

          I don’t see any chemistry Jack/Emily – never have. To have them end up together would ruin her as a character, Jack is not nearly on her level in anything. To be with him they’d have to dumb down Emily and undo that she’s been smart for all previous seasons.

      • orpheuspie says:

        “I love Jack but Nick Wechsler and Emily VanCamp have zero chemistry.” . . . . concur . . .he looks like a wimp . . . .

    • SJ says:

      Who’s Lyle?

      • Bates says:

        Lyle was the cartoon character brother of the red headed girl from the south.

        • SJ says:

          Haha… Lyman, you mean? :) And why would Emily go down for that? I think the OP is confused. I can see Louise getting arrested for it, but then again, she didn’t really push him. He just sort of fell…

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  7. Ashbash says:

    I feel like this could be a flash back to her ending up in juvie. It’d be stupid if Emily winds up in jail and yet Victoria has just as long of a list of crimes and has yet to even be threatened with a jail cell.

  8. Dude says:

    I got so happy when she tweeted that. I adore Everwood and I’m so happy he’s guest starring on Revenge. Id prefer a Chris Pratt guest spot (Bright Abbott FTW) but there are several reasons why that wont happen.

  9. He looks a lot like Conrad to me.

  10. peteinos says:

    what if victoria dies ? and somehow emily get framed? i think that the 19th episode will be the last episode for her i mean thats the official title “VICTORIA REACHES HER BREAKING POINT WITH EXPLOSIVE RESULTS ” and the next episode is called Aftermath and given that Gabriel Man state that the next death is a big one i think that victoria is gonna die sooner than season(and maybe series) finale.What do you think?

  11. Kelly Deeny says:

    Based on the hair color and style, I think it’s a flashback to her days in juvie. But, I tend to guess incorrectly when it comes to REVENGE. ;-)

  12. Karen says:

    When is TVLine going to realize that the tweet has been deleted.

  13. caro says:

    I see emily vancamp had to delete it
    Tom Amandes posted a similar photo here:

  14. Mary Valore says:

    I read article on “loss of viewer ratings” for Revenge. Since Revenge began, ABC at times, has gone TWO & THREE WEEKS between episodes!! How can you keep loyal viewers when our attention spans are almost Zero already?!?! I have had to keep previous episodes so that I can remember what happened on the last episode!!
    ALL the Networks have this same BAD HABIT of being too cocky, thinking the viewers will wait. Well, guess what?? They haven’t waited. They just went on to the next new show!!!!!!!!!!
    As for myself & my family, we enjoy even REPEATES of REVENGE. And we are very PATIENT…..

  15. ex360 says:

    And they already had Sarah Lancaster AKA Madison. They need to have Ephram around.

  16. Darlah Moon Tyree says:

    I have watched all episodes of Revenge and will be VERY disappointed if it doesn’t return for a season 5!! I’m obsessed and there needs to be another season. Season 5!!

  17. Darlah Moon Tyree says: