The Flash Super Trailer: Grodd's Arrival, Oliver's New Look and More Surprises

Some very famous faces are coming to Central City in the next few weeks — and one of them happens to be a psychic gorilla.

Following Tuesday’s revealing episode of The Flash, The CW aired a minute-long trailer teasing the final episodes of Season 1 (which ends Tuesday, May 19). And yes, the elusive Grodd does show his glorious mug.

But that’s not the only bananas surprise from the new trailer. Additional moments to get pumped about include:

* An incredible interaction between Cisco and Arrow‘s Laurel, which ends with him confessing his love for her. (No shocker there.)
* Detective West and Captain Lance teaming up for an investigation.
* The arrival of Ray Palmer (ahem, the Atom) in his super-suit.
* Oliver dressed as… the new Ra’s al Ghul?

Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment below: What are you most excited to see as The Flash‘s freshman season comes to a close?

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