American Idol: Advice, Caveats and Dream Set Lists for the Season 14 Top 9

American Idol‘s current crop of contestants represents a sharp improvement over Season 13’s largely uninspiring lot — but that’s not to say the singers haven’t had their share of creative missteps over the first four weeks of live competition.

From Clark’s turgid “Takin’ It to the Streets” to Jax’s disastrous “Blank Space” and Joey’s unspeakable “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” even our current front-runners need a little advice/encouragement/real talk.

That’s why I’ve put together a handy gallery of each contestant’s strengths and weaknesses — along with at least a half-dozen song suggestions that could push them outside their safety zones and give them chances at true Idol Moments (TM pending).

Peruse the gallery below (or CLICK HERE for direct access) to see what I’ve cooked up for Rayvon, Tyanna, Nick and their cohorts — then hit the comments with your own suggestions and dream set lists!

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