Vampire Diaries Pics: What Makes Elena 'Reevaluate Her Life' With Damon?

Vampire Diaries Season 6

Now that the cure is back in Damon’s possession, will he make good on his promise to give it to Elena?

New photos from The Vampire Diaries‘ April 16 return find the undead lovers doing a bit of self-reflecting, which certainly fits with this snippet from the episode’s slightly ominous log line: “Elena discovers Jo is pregnant, prompting her to reevaluate her own life as a vampire.”

TVLine recently asked Ian Somerhalder if Alaric and Jo’s one-two wedding/baby punch would cause Damon to consider putting a ring on Elena’s finger, but his answer didn’t exactly inspire us to go pick out china:

“Think about it this way: Damon’s 173 and Elena’s 18 or 19,” he reminded us. “I mean, come on. Something tells me that’s not the best idea.”

Fortunately, the episode’s not going to be a total downer: Stefan and Caroline continue their twisted little party, Enzo finally starts being honest with Sarah, and Matt and Tyler do karaoke. (OK, that last one actually takes a “dangerous” turn, but at least it starts out fun!)

Browse the new photos below, then drop a comment with your thoughts: Which vampire do you want to take the cure?

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