Empire's 15 Biggest Season 1 Shockers

Season 1 of Empire has certainly earned its TV-OMGWTF rating (for mature situations, adult language, Cookie realness, steamy sex scenes, rampant gunplay and Maury Povich moments).

As we head into tonight’s two-hour finale (8/7c on Fox) — which is almost guaranteed to leave jaws drip-droppin’ to the floor — we thought it prudent to count down the 15 biggest shockers from the hip-hopera’s first 10 episodes.

Cookie givin’ us bawww-day? Andre “lobbying” Deputy Mayor Alvarez? Hakeem learning about new uses for brooms? They’ve all made the countdown!

Click through the gallery below to see which moments we chose — and how we ranked ’em — then hit the comments and tell us where we got it right, where we misfired and which scenes you think we snubbed.

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