12 Monkeys First Look: Cassie Dies (Duh) — But Who's There With Her?

12 Monkeys Cassie Dies Photos

Since 12 Monkeys‘ first episode, we’ve known that Dr. Cassandra Railly would be nothing but a watch-wearing skeleton by the year 2043.  We’ve even seen her desiccated bones laid out on the floor of the CDC office where she died.

But tonight (9/8c), the recently renewed Syfy series will show us exactly how and when Cassie shuffles off this mortal coil — and who’s there with her when it happens.

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As you might’ve guessed, it’s Cole who appears to the virulogist in 2017 — at the height of the plague. And from the exclusive photos in the gallery below, it looks like their tender reunion happens just before Dr. Railly succumbs to the virus (though with this twisty show, one never can be sure).

Click through the pics to witness Cassie’s last moments on Earth, then hit the comments with your theories on how the rest of the season will unfold. 

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