Reality Check: Is There Room for Three Black Guys in Idol's Top 12? And Why Are the Judges Harder on Women?

If American Idol‘s Top 16 Week were a restaurant, it might’ve been worthy of a Michelin star — had it not been for the “Wait! What?” elimination of Savion Wright.

The Texas troubadour’s ouster, though, raised a tough question about Season 14: How many super-talented black guys will voters accept in the Top 12?

And that’s not the only hot-button issue on the docket for this week’s Reality Check. My co-host Melinda Doolittle and I also wonder why female contestants like Sarina-Joi Crowe frequently find themselves on the receiving end of nitpick-y criticism, while male singers often get free passes on pitch, enunciation and song arrangement.

If that’s not enough, Melinda and I debate whether critiques should be/are directed at the contestants — or if they’re merely another tool to direct voters to the “right” singers. And yes, we delve into Week 2 of The Voice‘s eighth season by expressing our love of Kimberly Nichole, Corey Kent White and the coach with all the beads and hats and philosophical goodness.

Press PLAY for the full conversation, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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