Reality Check: Agony and Ecstasy of American Idol's Top 24! Plus: Should Voice Singers Show Their Tax Returns?

This week’s Reality Check is made of EVERYTHING — and I don’t just mean an in-depth discussion of American Idol Season 14 with a side dish of chatter about Season 8 of The Voice.

No ma’am/sir, we’ve also got color commentary from Mr. Spock, Cookie Lyon, Hermione Granger and several other pop-culture legends. (In other words, you can stop stamping your feet asking for our peerless executive producer Jason Averett to join my co-host Melinda Doolittle and me in discussing the state of reality singing competitions in 2015 — he’s back, bitches, and methinks he’s #TeamJax.)

On this week’s installment, Melinda, Jason and I praise American Idol‘s very deep field — and name the seven (or is it nine) singers who simply have to crack this week’s Top 16 performance shows.

Plus, we dish our faves from Week One of The Voice Blind Auditions — and touch on the age-old debate regarding how much prior success is too much prior success in an arena fueled by the public vote.

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