Salem Season 2 Trailer Offers First Look at Lucy Lawless' Wicked Arrival

Though Salem’s first full-length Season 2 trailer is called “Lullabye” (sic) — and, in it, Mary sings a lovely rendition of “Hush, Little Baby” to her son — the clip itself is likelier to keep you up nights than lull you to sleep!

Not only do we see Tituba worriedly warning her frenemy that the powerful Countess Marburg “could kill any one of us” — and Lucy Lawless’ arched eyebrow suggesting that her character could do so with nothing more than a look — there are corpses galore, a bloody John, a freaked-out Mercy and a monster that, unless I’m mistaken, is Anne in desperate need of a facial.

Take a look — if you dare — then hit the comments with your wants for and worries about the supernatural drama’s sophomore year (starting on WGN April 5 at 10/9c)!

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