Pilot Scoop: Community's Danny Pudi to Headline NBC Comedy Strange Calls

Danny Pudi Strange Calls

Community sidekick Danny Pudi is graduating to leading man as the star of NBC’s comedy pilot Strange Calls.

The single-camera project centers on Pudi’s Toby, an eager young cop who fears he’s landed the world’s lamest post when he’s transferred to a sleepy coastal town straight out of Northern Exposure. Those fears are short lived when he realizes the idyllic little town is secretly home to the most bizarre paranormal activity on the planet. And the one thing stranger than his cases is the eccentric local groundskeeper (Patrick Brammall) who is determined to be his partner.

Fun coincidence: Strange Calls is penned by Blake McCormick, whose most recent credit is writing for Cougar Town — a favorite of Pudi’s Community character Abed.

The potential series also reunites Pudi with NBC, Community‘s home during its first five seasons (before it was rescued by Yahoo Screen, which will debut Season 6 on March 17.)

Curiously, Pudi’s Strange Calls gig is in first position to Community, which means if the former is ordered to series and the latter gets renewed for a seventh season, Pudi will be doing Strange Calls.

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