Supergirl Is (Sorta) Casting Superman

Supergirl Superman

Looks like Supergirl will get a visit from Kara’s “famous cousin” after all.

Though is he not name-checked and only alluded to in the new CBS series’ synopsis, Superman will put in an appearance of sorts in the pilot.

As pointed out by KryptonSite by way of, Supergirl is seeking someone “5-foot-11 or taller,” “square-jawed” and wielding “a ripped physique” to serve as a body double for “a DC Comic Superhero.”

Lest there be any doubt, interested parties are asked to email their application using the subject line “SUPERMAN.”

The “body double” language suggests that this super fella will only be seen from a distance and/or partially obstructed and/or never in focus, probably (I speculate) to dodge any conflicts with the Man of Steel currently soaring around the DCU, as portrayed by Henry Cavill.

CBS’ Supergirl stars Glee grad Melissa Benoist in the title role, while Mehcad Brooks, Calista Flockhart and Laura Benanti thus far have been cast as Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant and Kara’s Krypton mom.

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  1. I wasn’t to, but it’s too obvious not to say it and I’d kick myself if I didn’t.

    They already cast Superman in it, then they made him wear a dress and called him Supergirl.

    • Davey Elmer says:

      You really don’t have a problem with putting yourself out there as a bastion of ridiculousness, do you?

      • There’s nothing ridiculous about pointing crap out, which this show clearly is. It’s conceptually flawed, from the very start, in every single way, shape, and form. This show isn’t about Supergirl, it’s about Superman as a woman. EVERY single character in it is from the Superman comic book, and Supergirl herself is a female version of Superman, downright to having a Kryptonian parent that offers her counsel. There’s NOTHING in it anyone can point to and say it has anything to do with ANY iteration of Supergirl AT ALL, and that’s mainly because those comics (the ones with the Kryptonian version) SUCKED. If this show was truly an adaptation of the Supergirl comic books, then the episodes would be about Supergirl dating fishmen, horses, and other such creatures (if based on the original) or it would be about teaming up with different heroes from the DC Universe (if based on the second to last one). The show suffers from the same flaw as all comics that feature Kara Zor-El which is lack of development. The creators got settled on the crappy stunt of making her Superman’s cousin and didn’t bother to go beyond that.

    • pCHYEAH says:

      Do you have a terrible joke for Superboy, Steel, Cyborg Superman, and Krypto too?!

      • Superboy, Steel, and Cyborg Superman aren’t Kryptonians (not the 90’s versions at least. Right now the Cyborg Superman is Supergirl’s father, for some stupid reason).

        • Dexter Adams says:

          You’re seriously a over opinionated jackass who thinks he knows about pretty much about everything so can you at least stop trying to point the obvious of crap and move on? Or are you just going to sit behind your screen so you can constantly bitch like a woman on her day of the month nonsense?

    • Joey says:

      I think I get what you’re saying, but you worded it in a bad way.

      The Supergirl show really should have just been a genderbend of Superman. They should have approached it like that. Make it a story about how, instead of Kal-El coming to Earth, to Smallville, Kara came instead. Show us a world where humanity’s greatest champion is not Superman, but Supergirl (or Superwoman). By casting a Superman body double, they really create a bunch of problems for the series. In a world where Superman exists, or even a city where Superman exists, whats the point of Supergirl being there? Superman can easily handle any and all problems that would arise in this show. They should have avoided Superman entirely, and created the show around a world where he didn’t exist, but Supergirl did. I think the series could have greatly benefit from being done that way. It could have been a very powerful and important series based on a comic.

    • Hobart Smedley says:

      Good point. Superman always had a thing for Dick Malverne.

  2. StephonJS says:

    this casting is too funny.

    • DIYA says:

      I had raised a question about superman’s involvement on the show just yesterday. Looks like i got my answer, but i would rather have him in a substantial role than just in the background, whats the point in that right?

  3. Azerty says:

    When they announced Arrow so soon after Smallville I tought it was a bad idea. And when they introduce the meta humans and Flash I tought it was a bad idea. I was wrong in both case those two are my favorites now. And now I hope I will be wrong again with Supergirl because I think teasing us with Superman without giving us Superman but his sidekick instead sounds like a bad idea…

  4. Chris says:

    i hope clark and lois show up some day…

  5. Dan says:

    The presence of an out of focus and obscured Batman in the opening of Birds of Prey comes to mind.

  6. c says:

    The cast is a huge joke. Please, don’t let this go to series.

  7. Luis says:

    They could get Tom Welling to do it. He barely wore the costume as it is.

    • pCHYEAH says:

      And anyone who watched season one knew it would be that way. Smallville’s producers promised us two things in the beginning. NO TIGHTS, NO FLIGHTS. So, knowing that, they actually gave this life long Supes fan more than I expected to get when he actually dawned the suit and stopped Apokalips in the finale.

    • libra113 says:

      He’s made it clear he doesn’t WANT to do that. Unless years of unemployment have changed that.

      Anyway, I doubt they want ties to any past shows.

  8. Fernanda says:

    Birds of Prey had an unseen Bruce Wayne. Maybe Superman/Clark Kent could be mentioned or see far away. On the Smallville days we never completely see Clark in his famous costume, only a long distant CGI figure

    • pCHYEAH says:

      That would be because of the fact that the show was not about Superman. It was about Clark Kent’s journey to becoming Superman.

  9. Get Dean Cain, he isn’t doing anything…

  10. Leroy Kong says:

    To be honest Superman should be involved.

  11. Don’t they already have Brandon Routh on contract…aren’t they going to ‘connect’ this with flash and arrow? Seems a no brainer.

    • mutantlexi says:

      Problem is, Routh is already in the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl universe. He’s been playing Ray “The Atom” Palmer, and there’s already been talk of The Atom being spun off of Arrow the way The Flash was.

  12. I’m more excited, about the upcoming “Supergirl” tv series starring, MelissaBenoist from “Glee” as Kara/Zorel aka “Supergirl” aka Linda L. Danvers, and Laura Benanti as Alura/Zorel. Can’t wait guys. When does Supergirl air on CBS? Does anyone know?

    • Superman. Supergirl’s cousin will appear in her spinoff series which is, cool. In 1984 Alexander Salkind had a photo of Christopher Reeve shown, in “Supergirl’s feature film, starring, Helen Slater, and Faye Dunaway. This was like Michael J. Fox’s picture cameo scene in 1987’s “Teen Wolf Too” film with Jason Bateman, and James Hampton who was in the first “Teen Wolf” film, with Michael J. Fox.

  13. arrownoir says:


  14. Rodan J. Copilot. Brandon Routh was only on contract with Warner Brothers, DC Comics, and Legendary Pictures for the Superman role back in 2006 when, Bryan Singer directed, the 10 Time Golden Globe, and 3 Time Saturn Award Winning blockbuster film, “Superman Returns”. He was later replaced, by actor, Henry Cavill in “Man Of Steel” directed, by Zack Snyder.

  15. Jon Mace says:

    Ratings, Ratings, Ratings, two words “Durance Welling” love them hate them 10s of millions will tune in! $$$$

  16. jimmy woo says:

    Boycott Supergirl!

  17. MattySi. says:

    I think they should cast Tom Welling should Clark/Superman ever actually appear.

  18. as i said on another site
    has Matt Bomer found work yet?

  19. matt says:

    it has to be Tom Welling!!! who’s 6’4 same as Reeve, and with his expirience as Clark/Superman …. longer than anyone else!!!!! its would suggest and certainly stand to reason he is without doubt the best choice!!! and superior actor to Cavil!!!!

  20. BP says:

    Ii hear Tom Welling may be looking for a job…. just saying…..