Tegan and Sara, Lonely Island Perform 'Everything Is Awesome' at the Oscars

Tegan Sara Oscar Performance

Everything was, indeed, awesome Sunday at the 87th Academy Awards when Canadian indie-rock duo Tegan and Sara teamed up with The Lonely Island to perform their Oscar-nominated hit song from The Lego Movie.

Introduced by a heavenly choir of Lego people, the veritable musical supergroup was joined on stage by a bevy of back-up dancers, ranging from construction workers to a literal Awesome Possum.

Explosive streamers, acrobatics and a constant stream of rainbows kept the energy-level high, and kept us wondering, “Why can’t the whole ceremony be this good?”

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the Lonely Island boys’ matching powder-blue suits; they looked like the coolest kids at a bar mitzvah. And how ’bout that angsty solo from Batman (played to perfection by Will Arnett) on the guitar? Good God, this performance was perfect.

Watch the performance below — you know, before it gets yanked off YouTube — then grade it and drop a comment with your full review.


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