Ratings: Two and a Half Men Surges With Series Finale, Odd Couple Opens Strong, Slap Softer, Blacklist Low

Two and Half Men Series Finale Ratings

CBS’ Two and a Half Men signed off with 13.2 million total viewers and a 3.1 demo rating, surging more than 40 percent week-to-week to deliver its best numbers since May and April of 2013, respectively.

TVLine readers gave the Sheen-less series ender an average grade of “C-.”

Opening the Eye’s night, Big Bang Theory (17.2 mil/4.4) slipped two tenths from its last fresh outing, while The Odd Couple debuted to 13.6 mil/3.1 (and a “B-” grade from TVLine readers), improving on Mom‘s last performance out of a fresh Bang (11.7 mil/2.8) and standing as this TV season’s most watched comedy launch. Elementary (8.1 mil/1.5) ticked up.


NBC | The Slap (3.9 mil/0.8) dropped 23 and 27 percent from its premiere, The Blacklist (7.5 mil/1.7) slipped to its smallest audience ever while steady in the demo opposite Mennnnn, and Allegiance (3.4 mil/0.9) rose two tenths from its debut.

ABC | Grey’s Anatomy (8.1 mil/2.5), Scandal (9.5 mil/3.2) and How to Get Away With Murder (8.8 mil/2.8) all ticked up in both audience and in the demo.

FOX | American Idol (8.9 mil/2.1) slipped 7 percent and two tenths week-to-week, while Backstrom (3.5 mil/0.9) fell 20 and 25 percent opposite Mennnnnn.

THE CW | Vampire Diaries (1.4 mil/0.7) ticked down in audience while matching last week’s series low demo; Reign (1 mil/0.4) was flat.

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  1. Remy says:

    CW ratings? TVD & Reign were tough on the emotions last night too. Did everyone try to use their most emotional episode last night?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “More to come….” at the end means I am still counting things on my fingers and such. But CW numbers are now added.

      • Kim R says:

        Hi Matt. Did anyone look into the intrusive ads that are popping up, including full on commerials, as of late? They are really slowing the navigating on this, my only go to site for all things TV, down. Even from page to page. It is getting worse every week.

        • DavidSask says:

          The video ads are insane and won’t do away, I tweeted Michaal and got zero response. It is making my favorite site become my last site to visit now, everyone else furious?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            David, it is being looked into. (As I believe you have been told?) Even in this time of hoverboards and Humanichs, it’s not so simple as “flipping a switch.” Thank you for your patience.

      • Kim R says:

        Thank you. :)

  2. Orsillo says:

    Time for NBC to move the Blacklist back to Monday!! Dont screw this series up too

    • Ray says:

      That would mean admitting they made a mistake moving The Blacklist. NBC had the hubris to think they could compete with ABC’s TGIT and win. Although the execs at NBC are eating humble pie right now I don’t think they want the general pop to know that after that heavily promoted move to Thursdays so I don’t foresee a move back to Mondays–at least not this season anyway.

      • herman1959 says:

        Exactly; I said the same thing last week. You would think they would have learned something from Parenthood’s demise, but apparently not.

    • Tran says:

      The Blacklist should move back to Mondays next season and I told people a million times that if Blacklist doesn’t do well on Thursdays it should move back to MONDAYS. HELLO!!

    • David4 says:

      I don’t think the problem is just the timeslot, I think “The Slap” is so bad that it’s bleeding into The Blacklist. With a better lead in (Or no lead in) it would probably have done better.

      I understand that NBC also wanted it on at 9pm to launch a new show, but that failed too.

      • eddie says:

        NBC’s problem wasn’t putting the blacklist on Thursdays, it was putting the blacklist on Thursdays at mid-season. They should have aired “the blacklist” after the superbowl as planned but kept it on MONDAYs to maintain the ratings. Then the following season move the show to Thursdays at 8 OR 9 for the 2015-2016 TV season. I get why they moved the show but the problem is that they did it way to soon.

    • Samara says:

      I knew there was no way The Blacklist would beat TGIT, even though it is a better show. This was the wrong move

  3. kevb62 says:

    I really like THE ODD COUPLE. I’m huge fan of the original tv show and I had a few concerns, but they did a really good job of it.

    • dan says:

      I saw two reviews of The Odd Couple that were both negative. It was better than I expected. The original was more “calm” in its manner and tone; I felt like this version was trying too hard. Parts were good (Lindsay Sloane’s character had some of the best lines), while other parts fell flat (Dave Foley’s character was meh). However, I’ll give it another week or two before adding it to my season pass on DVR.

  4. Betty says:

    Too bad about the ratings for Backstrom. The episode last night was actually really good.

  5. Tran says:

    I’m very upset that Blacklist isn’t doing great on Thursdays and the execs at NBC is about to go all Jack Bauer on the other broadcast networks. Hope next week’s Blacklist may or may not turn things around because TOM FREAKIN’ KEEN IS BACK!!

    • DL says:

      Eh, I don’t care too much about Tom either way. As much as I think the move hurt The Blacklist, I think the writing is doing it no favors. The show can’t decide whether it’s a procedural or a serialized drama, and it’s also stretching the incrediblu basic mystery of Red’s motives and relationship to Liz way too thin. The show needs to start answering questions and asking new ones if it hopes to stick around. I’m already losing interest.

      • Tran says:

        If you or anyone else can whine and complain about Blacklist making a bad move to Thursdays, I don’t care.

      • Ray says:

        Cosign 100%

      • Katherine215 says:

        Ditto. Though I did like last night’s episode a lot, I’m annoyed it has taken this show so long to answer a single question. I get dragging it out a bit, but almost two season?! Come on. It’s 2015, people have the attention spans of gnats these days. Plus, I’m interested in the rest of the cast beyond Liz and Red’s relationship, and it frustrates me how sidelined they are because of that relationship.

  6. A says:

    With, I think, CBS starting Odd Couple at 8.31 and 2 Men at 9.01 I am expecting adjustments in finals….why did CBS do that?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Oldest trick in the book.

      • herman1959 says:

        Please elaborate.

        • Nero tTVf says:

          The network wants to ensure that the viewer will not switch channels.. I know, this is going back to a time of no DVR, no recording of episodes, even (perhaps) pre-remote control days.

          The networks want you to stay tuned for the next show following the one you are watching, so they have an episode run past the top of the hour (or bottom of the hour), and lead quickly and seamlessly into the next show, figuring you won’t switch channels because the show on the competing network has already started.

          The networks have done this for years on the late night talk shows, starting at 1;35, and 11:34, etc. as a lead out to the local newscasts.

          Indeed, the oldest trick in the book. Although, nice to see that the networks, at a time of mass change and transformation, will still go into the old toolbox to try something to compete for every last viewer.

      • Mary Ann says:

        Well their old trick caused me to miss the end of the Odd Couple. My dvr cut off the final scene.

  7. GuessWhat says:

    I am actually really surprised by so many “fans” upset that Charlie Sheen wasn’t on finale.
    Have they been paying attention to how much Sheen and Lorre despise each other?
    People latched onto a rumor and fell for it.

    • Angela says:

      I was mystified by that, too, reading the comments about the finale on here last night. If people want to be mad at Lorre for “leading them on” or stooping to immature levels, fine, but did they completely forget that Sheen brought a lot of that crap on himself, too, with his behavior?

      • Chris says:

        If you saw the vanity card at the end of last nights episode Im honestly with sheen I think chucks idea to bring him back was a backhanded slap in the face to sheen. There both a- holes but in my opinion sheen and his character deserves a funny send off, the show was at its best when it was Charlie and jake in the first 4 seasons

    • Carla Krae says:

      Except that Charlie has publicly let it go, and apologized to Chuck Lorre.

  8. Cookely says:

    The female lead on Blacklist needs a personality makeover

    • Ray says:

      That statement would imply that she *has* a personality to begin with. All the characters on The Blacklist are very dull and underdeveloped, save for Red. And the unsolved mystery of his connection to Liz is getting on my nerves. I’m about to drop the show if it doesn’t improve fast.

  9. morgan says:

    congrats Julie Plec steroline is smashing ratings success! in another news YEAH to shondaland keep on slaying

  10. Cookely says:

    The female lead on Blacklist needs a personality makeover. I’m not sure I would save her

  11. Joyce Smith says:

    What is wrong with me? I like ‘The Slap’.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      LOL, I watched it again last night and now I’m hooked because I wanna see Harry squish that Rosie like a toad bug. God she’s a total b*tch, lol. I’m curious to see where this whole thing goes. If they can it then so be it but as long as it’s airing I’ll watch.

    • herman1959 says:

      I liked it better last night also, but I don’t think I’ll stick around for the next 6 weeks. I’m going to use the time to catch The Odd Couple (before it cancelled?).

    • Nero tTVf says:

      Nothing that a little good [broadcast] TV viewing can’t remedy. Take two TBBT and a shot of Scandal on Thursday nights, and call me on Friday morning.

  12. Gerald says:

    Awe Popular and Grosse Point together again on The Odd Couple. Sad to see Leslie Bibb is a recurring character. But I liked the show and will keep watching.
    Vampire Diaries was good. An emotional roller coaster. If only Bonnie went to see Caroline first, she might have made a different choice.
    HTGAWM was awesome.
    Mennnn was a nice tribute to the past, it was super cheesy witha ll the lines to the camera. The piano made no sense at the end, but seemed appropriate.

    • Gerald says:

      Leslie is NOT a recurring character is what I meant to say makes me sad.
      Dave Foley too now that I mention it. But he did seem out of place in the group.

    • Nero tTVf says:

      I thought the same thing as I watched the episode – Bibb and Sloane…nice!! I know LS is coming back – a regular, but LB appears to be just a one time thing – too bad. That cast – great potential there.

      I think CBS will do everything they can to keep that series afloat, but the numbers/ratings will tell the story. Odd Couple in many ways is CBS’ attempt to find a new series with a 2.5 Men vibe, much like last spring’s ‘Friends w/Better Lives’ was an attempt to dovetail off the ending of HIMYM. Sometimes this approach works, and sometimes (ie. FWBL) it doesn’t.

  13. Daisy says:

    I’m bummed. I actually like Allegiance but I’m not sure it ever had a chance in this time slot. I’ll keep watching until the bitter, sad end.

  14. Boiler says:

    Think Blacklist is NBC’s version of Elementary. For whatever reason everyone watches Shonda shows and DVR’s these 2. So same number people watching in total but different split by medium

  15. Ellinas1978 says:

    Moving the Blacklist to Thursday is the worst move of the season if not of recent memory. But it is NBC.

  16. Riana says:

    Two and Half Men wouldn’t have gotten nearly as many viewers if people knew Charlie wasn’t in it.

  17. Viv says:

    Backstrom is one of those shows I shouldn´t have started watching, because now I like it and with those ratings it will get cancelled and I will be disappointed…

  18. eddie says:

    I like the picture that was used for this article because Ashton is looking at Jake like “hey, why do you have my season 9 beard and haircut?”

  19. Jim J. says:

    CBS is trying to get an owned comedy series to syndication and I don’t think a remake of an old series is gonna cut it. Maybe the ratings for “The Odd Couple” could tank in week 2. I’ll be glad when “Super Clyde” gets ordered to series next season.

  20. sarah j says:

    NBC made a huge mistake moving Blacklist. If NBC does not move it back to Mondays, I fear the show will be in danger of cancellation.

  21. kmw says:

    Two and Half Men did better than I thought, at least in the demo. Sorry to say for everyone else but TGIT rules. NBC made a big mistake moving Blacklist next to Scandal, however it will probably go up next week, because Men finale had something to do with it. It is amazing that now that Backstrom has some viewers hooked, unfortunately it is probably too late. if that is true that Hanson and his producers really said that not only didn’t it work, but it is very tactless. He probably thinks Bones fans are behind his new show failing. His show is failing because of two big reasons. One, this show is really just another procedural wrapped up in a character who has to have a personality problem. Second, and the bigger of the problem is the NIGHT it is on. Who at FOX thought this was going to beat Scandal let alone Blacklist? Once Idol ends and Bones is on before it, it will probably do worse, assuming FOX lets it stay on Thursday.. I do not mind different kinds of characters, but to me Backstrom is just a cruder version of Brennan on Bones. If FOX had put it on a different night, it might have had a chance. A little surprised that TBBT was down considering it was a tribute to one of their actresses and Nathan Fillion was on

  22. Nero tTVf says:

    Only time will tell, and we’ll certainly know by May, but I do believe NBC will *not* be moving Blacklist back to Monday at 10pm. That slot *must* be used for new drama series for as long as the Voice continues to do well. NBC needs more than one new drama series success – they need many, as quickly as they can get them. The most efficient way is to build them out of strong lead out show like Voice. That’s the best they can do.

    It is incumbent upon NBC to build around Blacklist on Thursday night as fast as they can. One caveat – if (IFF) NBC believes they can compete better against ABC on Thursday night with a set of similar dramas, you might see NBC move the entire ‘Chicago’ franchise over to Thursday nights this fall –

    8pm/Chicago Fire, 9pm/Chicago PD, 10pm/new Chicago Med.

    That might work, and then move Blacklist over to 10pm on either Tuesday or Wednesday. But, regardless, that post Voice slot on Monday at 10pm will get a new drama series come fall. Take that to the bank.

  23. chizer0906 says:

    Im so mad that I dont get The CW anymore. Our channel 4 is now channel 8. Our WLFI is channel 8 as well. So I cant watch Supetnatural or Vampire Diaries.