Sleepy Hollow Finale Sneak Peek: The Witnesses Meet Again — With a Twist

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Video

Everything new is old again in this exclusive sneak peek from Monday’s  Sleepy Hollow Season 2 finale — and if it causes you to have flashbacks to the series’ premiere, that’s no coincidence.

This time around, it’s Abbie in the cell (in the 18th century) and Ichabod who thinks he’s encountered a lunatic… until she blurts out some very sensitive information about the soon-to-be-Headless Horseman.

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(The best part, in our opinion? The tiny smile on Abbie’s face when Ichabod says, “Your turn of phrase is most confounding.” That’s the Crane we know and love!)

The episode (Fox, 9/8c) picks up directly after Katrina’s spell drags Abbie back to the 18th century. According to the official synopsis, “Familiar faces will perish and a key relationship will implode beyond repair.”

Intrigued? Press PLAY on the video below to get a first look at the hour.

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