Glee Sneak Peek: Watch Brittany and Santana Plan the Perfect Wedding

Glee Brittany Santana Wedding

Glee‘s big wedding day has finally arrived, and while we’re confident it will become a classy affair, it sure doesn’t start out that way.

In TVLine’s exclusive clip from tonight’s episode (Fox, 9/8c), the divine Jennifer Coolidge (as Whitney S. Pierce) takes the gang on a trip down memory lane, explaining — in occasionally nauseating detail — the story of Brittany’s birth, which came as a surprise to her and to the cow that licked her clean that fateful day.

Though it takes a minute for Santana and mom Maribel (special guest-star Gloria Estefan) to digest the story, and to become comfortable having the wedding on the very spot Brittany was dropped, they eventually come around. Sort of.

Hit PLAY on the video below, then share your hopes for Brittana’s big day — including which other couple you hope to see hitched — in the comments section below.

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