Grey's Anatomy Recap: Win, Lose or Draw Conclusions

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Apparently, a funny thing happened on Mer’s way to D.C. to have “emergency sex” with Derek, because neither did she make it, nor did they, er, make it. And in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Maggie — having spent the weekend fielding frantic calls from her brother-in-law — wanted to know WTH. So, um, WTH? Read on, and you can decide for yourself whether Mer is “The Great Pretender” who gave this installment its title.

HE AIN’T HEAVILY SEDATED, HE’S MY BROTHER | As the episode began, Bailey, Ben and his sibling, Kurt, were spreading the guys’ father’s ashes in the woods when Kurt collapsed complaining of shortness of breath. After some testing at Grey Sloan, Mer discovered that his estrogen levels were as high as a cheerleader’s and his spleen was so swollen, it had to be removed, stat. Ben couldn’t figure out what was going on — drugs, he feared — but, based on the test results and the patient’s hairless chest, Bailey surmised that his brother was becoming his sister. “I’m just supposed to be okay with this?” Ben yelled at Kurt. Yes, Bailey told her husband —  emphatically — when they were alone. “This isn’t about you. It’s her song, so get off the stage and let her sing it.” Ben never did come around, but as the episode came to a close, Bailey recruited Jackson to treat Kurt… that is, Rosalyn.

LET SLEEPY DOCS LIE | While Alex and Callie playfully asked an “exhausted” Mer about her long-distance booty call, Maggie’s questions were more pointed. When finally she got tired of being dodged and fed lies, she admitted that Derek had phoned — repeatedly — wondering where Mer was. So “whatever you were doing” with a suitcase full of lingerie, Maggie said, “it wasn’t with him.” She wasn’t judging, she added. And no matter what, “I wanna be here for you, but I like Derek, and I hate lying.” (She did manage to cover for her half sister, however, coming up with stories about naps and showers and emergency surgeries.) Still, Mer wouldn’t come clean. “I trust my baby sitter with my kids,” too, she noted. “That doesn’t mean I owe her my life story.” (Ouch, Mer. Ouch.) In the end, Mer confessed that she never got on the plane. Instead, “I drove to one of those hotels by the airport.” Afterward, she was too embarrassed to admit to anyone that she hadn’t gone to visit Derek. “I totally understand why you didn’t tell me. I’m sorry,” said Maggie, embracing Mer. “But thank you for telling me.” That evening, Mer also confessed to Alex. “I don’t want to leave [Derek],” she made it clear, “but I definitely do not want to be with him right now.”

HOW EVERYONE GOT THEIR GROOVE BACK | Early on in the episode, Callie — lamenting her recent stretch of celibacy — asked Owen what he used as a pick-up line. As the music swelled, he replied that he was just honest, about his career, his time in the military, everything. Later, he scolded Herman for stealing a couch, and in response, she invited him to — nudge, nudge, wink, wink — try it out with her. Kidding, she added too late to keep him from blushing. When he reported her behavior to Amelia — in case it was symptomatic of Herman’s tumor worsening — Shepherd asked if it was a no-no for colleagues to, you know, try out couches together. This set Owen off stammering yet again. Meanwhile, treating a woman who faked a fainting spell to avoid turning down her clingy suitor’s proposal, Amelia admitted to Callie that she had no game whatsoever since she got off drugs. Mind you, “I am in no way endorsing narcotics as a dating aid,” she hastened to add. That night, though, Amelia showed up on Owen’s doorstep with a bottle of sparkling lime water and left having received a whopper of a kiss. At the same time, Callie was asking a hot guy to dance with her at the docs’ favorite bar.

SEX SELLS | When she overheard that Arizona lived at Alex’s in essentially a Residents Gone Wild video, Herman laughed her ass off. Alex then made matters more embarrassing by revealing to Herman that last year, Arizona got “handsy” with a resident. But the more uncomfortable Arizona became, the more Herman loved it. “This is the best day,” she chuckled. By the time she learned that Arizona had technically been married during her fling with Leah, Herman and Robbins appeared to be well on their way to becoming friends. “You’re a dirty, dirty girl,” Herman marveled. At the hour’s close, the two were even trading stories about their pasts on the purloined couch… which, it turned out, was going to be Herman’s home until either she died or Amelia cured her. If you’re staying here, Arizona said, so am I. To which Herman drolly replied, “You should know I’m not gonna have sex with you.”

SMOOTH OPERATOR | Richard was only too delighted about his reunion with Catherine… until he began to suspect that she was at least partly using him as an excuse to hang around longer and check on Jackson and April (against her son’s wishes). Turned out, Richard and Catherine weren’t quite as reunited as Webber thought. When he called her out for using him, she noted that he seemed to like the idea of a strong woman more than he actually liked a strong woman. “You’re gonna have to figure that out,” she added, “before we move on anywhere.”

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Didn’t you think it was wrong of Mer to put Maggie in the position of having to lie to Derek (without even warning her that she was in that position)? Did you see the Bruce Jenner plot twist coming? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lea says:

    You kind of didn’t say anything about Alex wanting to marry Jo. I hope they get a storyline soon in which Jo’s commitment issues (maybe related to her past?) will be explored and we will hopefully see Alex proposing soon.

  2. shaw says:

    I’m loving Owen and Amelia

  3. Ike says:

    when meredith said you have the estrogen level of a 20 year old woman I knew it right then and there. Baliey was spectaular in her pronouns.
    Loved Meredith in this episode. Not a fan of Amelia and Owen yet. Kinda wanted Callie and Hunt to make baby. Arizona and Nicole make a great friendship! Kinda wanted them to go the extra step ;)

    • kn1231 says:

      OMG, I thought for a second that was where they were going with Arizona and Herman and I was cringing at the thought. Love the friendship though, but kind of worried that things have gotten way to happy which means Amelia will probably not save Herman. But hey, maybe the grief of Herman’s death will push Callie and Arizona back together? I can dream, right?

  4. Jovana says:

    OMG, Owen and Amelia, YEEEES!!!!

  5. tyranthraxus says:

    Its funny, say 4-5 years ago the lack of Derek in an episode would of cause a lot of comments in the comments section. Nowadays the show has moved on to the point where Meredith and Derek arnt always integral to the story anymore and the title ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has never been so innacurate.

    • amberreed01 says:

      I honestly think they’re gearing up to write Meredith and Derek off the show.

    • JJM says:

      I’m pretty sure Patrick Dempsey is out of the show for personal reasons. He’s currently in the middle of a divorce with his wife, so it would explain his absence. Furthermore, chances are Patrick only signed a part-time contract for the season allowing for him to focus on his marriage, kids and racing. Saying that, it’s been stated from ABC that they’d love for Grey’s Anatomy to keep going past the original cast (if they choose to leave), so taking it away from Meredith and Derek would make sense. Nevertheless, it’s been stated the theme of the season is MEREDITH, so it would make sense if Derek isn’t in it as much as it’s her character they’re focusing on. To quote Shonda, “the show is not about a boy. It’s never been about a boy”.

    • Mary says:

      I was thinking the same. Years ago there would have been outrage if Derek was absent as long as he’s been. I wonder when he’ll be back. But I’m sure his absence will make for better drama.

  6. Beachie841 says:

    Anyone else notice the strange title card at the end with Meredith jumping on the bed in the hotel room? I’ve seen every episode, most twice, and don’t remember seeing anything like this in the past. It was weird, no?

    • Jay says:

      YES! What was that? So weird.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Weird, yes. But you have to admit Ellen Pompeo is in smoking good shape.

    • Pattie says:

      I think the only other time the show has done that (that I remember, anyway), was Cristina/Sandra Oh’s final episode. But I agree with DarkDefender — Ellen looks great!

    • Lara says:

      Yes noticed it too. Something significant about that. I think they are slowly writing her getting Alzheimers. Maybe it will come out later in the year that she didn’t remember where she was for awhile and this is what she came up with to cover. Who knows? I wish I had ability to not watch until after the season finale ended and then binge watch them all. Alas it is still must watch TV for me.

    • Mary says:

      Different. But I liked it!

  7. Kelly says:

    I really like Amelia and Owen

  8. Alichat says:

    Did anyone else notice the big continuity error in the middle of the episode? One moment Jo, Amelia, and Callie are talking to the fainter. She confesses that she faked the fainting spells. They cut to commercial. Come back, and Arizona is asking Alex about Jo wearing a robe. Jo pops up. Tumor doc shows up. They tease Arizona, and she walks off. The next scene is Amelia, Callie, and Jo talking to the fainter, and it picks back up with her explanation that she started before the commercial break. Weird.

  9. JJM says:

    As much as I would like to see Owen and Amelia give it a shot, I can’t just yet. Even with Cristina on the show, Owen moved on and still couldn’t because she was around. Now that she’s gone, it’s definitely harder because if she were to come back for an episode or so, it would overshadow any chance he has with anyone. On that note, it took them over 2 and a half seasons after Alex’s split from Izzie to find a love interest. Am I meant to believe the love Izzie and Alex shared was greater than Cristina and Owen, yet, Owen can move on so abruptly? Don’t get me wrong, I love Cristina and Owen, but I’m glad they’re apart and I’d want for them to stay that way no matter how this show ends. But right now, any transition of romance for Owen just doesn’t sit right.

    • Era says:

      I agree the transition was to rushed and inorganic, it makes Owen seem to be someone in love with love not the person. He seems to easily enthuses with every woman that pops in. Cristina wasn’t that special afterall. What a flash in the pan this guy is. Poor Amelia, one more for him to cheat on after he finds out she’s not what he wants and she’s too strong for his pussy ass. When Cristina and Burke broke off she was an entire season alone and suffering. Wow what a cataclismic love this dude is! So fed up of him.

      • Anna says:

        Lolz, really? Your comment makes no sense.
        He and Cristina have been officially broken up for a long while now – they weren’t even together before she left almost a year. And we haven’t seen him with anyone since she left. He’s held out wayyy longer than a lot of people would, and all he did in this episode was kiss a woman that showed interest in him and that he has been getting to know.
        Also, I heavily roll my eyes every time someone mentions his cheating on Cristina. Was it wrong of him? Yes. Is it something he seemed like he would ever do again? Nope. Did he deeply regret it and apologize profusely for hurting Cristina even though she didn’t do the same when she broke his heart earlier that year when she aborted their baby that he always wanted? Absolutely.

        • Era says:

          I think yours doesn’t make any sense and shows that you see the show while sleeping at the same time. This guy IS a cheater while he rides a high moral horse in front of everyone.That’s one thing the show stablished about him. He cheated on EVERY single of his women in this show. Every single one.
          ” Is it something he seemed like he would ever do again?” YES, TOTALLY. He did cheat on Emma as soon he had a chance. And he and Cristina were together when she left, not in a traditional way but they were.
          About the timeline, I might be wrong but was it stated that has been passed a Year since she left? Because in the first part of the season it had passed only a couple of months. and I don’t believe this huge gap such as 8 or 10 months months has been passed because this week’s episode showed that Jackson and April are still dealing with the aftermath of their situation. I don’t think they’d be keeping his mother at an arm’s lenght after eight or so months, I supose.
          And the abortion he was there supporting her for, was not excuse to cheat on a woman who stand by him whem he came back ill from Iraque and was almost strangled to death by him in consequence. In that case he cheated to take revenge and to take control over her. And that’s inexcusable. Saying that he had excuse because of the abortion is sexism.
          But that as the above commenter I agree that this show in general takes these mega cases of love with a lightness of a line of production, I do: ‘Next please’.

  10. Krystle says:

    Don’t usually comment, however reading this recap I felt the need.

    I find it inappropriate to refer to Ben’s sisters storyline as a “Bruce Jenner plot twist” when there has been no official statement from Bruce or the Kardashian family.

    It’s not something to make light of , especially when we do not even know if it is true.

    Just my two cents 😊

  11. kn1231 says:

    Well there goes my hopes of Arizona and Amelia hooking up. Guess that means I’m back on the Calzona train, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon either. I am just happy it’s not Callie and Hunt, really didn’t like the thoughts of that. Did anyone think for a second when we saw the hair peek out at Owen’s door that is was Cristina’s knocking? There was a split second where I was like “BEST KEPT SECRET EVER?”… but then it was just Amelia haha

  12. Tahina says:

    Callie, please, find yourself a guy and get over with it! seriously!

  13. Mara says:

    Owen and Amelia have no chemistry. Would love for Owen and Callie to get together. I. Miss. Derek. Meredith is almost unwatchable these days.

  14. Drew says:

    Anyone else think it’s weird that Bailey nearly went catatonic when Ben dropped out of his residency in CA, yet she is appalled with him for not being thrilled with his brother? The brother he knew is dead. He has every right to be upset and to not accept it. It is no more selfish than any other relationship that falls apart because one person was lying the entire time. Whatever the other side of the story might be, Ben is entitled to his reaction. It isn’t wrong. It isn’t illegitimate. To put it in more PC terms, it is his truth and he has to live it.

    • Lia says:

      The brother and this case a sister that he knew is not dead. She has always been what she is. Just because she feels and identifies herself as a woman born in a mans body does not change her personality.

      I find it more disturbing that Ben never noticed anything even though he was supposed to be really close with his sister. He should’ve seen it instead of blaming his sister about lying for 25 years. She never lied. She simply didn’t tell because she saw that she couldn’t trust her brother with the information.

      • Drew says:

        No, the *brother* that he knew is dead. The relationship that they had is gone. What he thought was 25 years of close brother bonding was just tossed out the window. You can champion the other person’s cause and celebrate their new life as much as you want, but what happened to Ben happened to Ben. He lost something that he valued dearly. There are many different ways that relationships can fall apart like this, so it is not about this particular issue. It’s about the reality.
        You keep saying things like “the sister that he knew” and “he was supposed to be really close with his sister” but neither of these things is true. He didn’t have a sister. He didn’t know a sister. The way a man relates to his brother is not the same way he would relate to a sister. And to top it all off, there were how many conversations that turned out to be lies? There are all sorts of trust issues, and Ben is well within his rights to be hurt or even to walk away. It happens all the time, with all sorts of issues that arise in families. It isn’t about intolerance or hate, it’s about that very personal bond being broken. He trusted his brother with everything and thought that it went both ways. It didn’t. The foundation of their relationship that he thought was solid turned out to be mush.
        You can say that as a society we need to do this or that, and you’re free to hold those beliefs all you want. But you can’t dictate the rules of specific relationships and individual emotions. It doesn’t make Ben evil or wrong.
        Likewise, married men who come out of the closet still destroy the lives that their family members thought they had. You can celebrate their being true to who they are all you want from outside of that family, but who are you to tell his kid or his wife that they shouldn’t be pissed off?

        • Drew says:

          And for the record, if one of my brothers came to me and told me that they had changed their name to “Bob”, I would still call them by the same name that I have used for them since I learned how to speak. They can have other people call them “Bob” all they want, but I’m not. If that’s a problem, too bad.

    • KPMOM says:

      Seriously. The man just found out that his brother of 25 years wants to be a woman. It came out of nowhere for him and so he’s a little shocked. Give the man a chance to absorb that before you expect him to start using female pronouns.

  15. liame says:

    I enjoyed Callie and Michael Sams dancing in da club/bar, best scene of the night.

  16. Scottie says:

    This episode reminded me of Grey’s past…decent storylines, some underlying plot movement, and I actually laughed. Geena Davis brought it home. I’m going to go with it and assume the character 180 is from the tumor.
    Interesting that Callie went for a dude. Granted, a smokin hot one….

  17. Gayle says:

    I do not think and Amelia quit hits it off. Personally Amelia is all for herself in an earlier episode she was gushing over Meredith. Since Derek left apart from the 3D episode she does not even appear to have asked Meredith if she is ok. All the way along it was said this was going to be a Meredith Centric series. It really appears to be Amelia and she is just too gushing. Even is Derek is in DC it will be nice to have him back if not for every episode. Derek and Meredith are made for each other and hopefully they will continue even if Derek is in Washington some of the time. Amelia and Owen all a bit quick for my liking