Mindy Project Sneak Peek: The Move to 'Frisco Is a Go! (But There's One Catch)

The Mindy Project Season 3 Video Spoilers Rishi

Rishi is back in this week’s Mindy Project — but the Lahiri siblings have a less-than-ideal reunion when Mindy realizes what her little brother’s been up to since last we saw him.

Watch this exclusive sneak peek, and you’ll see what we mean.

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After Danny shocks Mindy by agreeing to move to San Francisco with her (!), all that’s left is for her and Rob to secure funding for their new practice. But a nice woman at the bank has some bad news for them. (Hint: All defaulted roads lead to Rishi.)

So Min gives her little bro a scolding — and drops some big news on him, in the process.

Press PLAY on the clip below for a preview.

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