Reality Check: Does Idol Want a Guy to Win (and Which Girls Could Stop Him)? Plus — We're Tired of 'I'm Tired'!

American Idol has whittled the Season 14 field down to a mere 48 contestants — and that number will be halved again by week’s end. But as the show’s producers dole out extra screen time to a select few singers, this week’s Reality Check examines whether the House Where Kelly, Carrie and ‘Tasia Pay the Mortgage should brace for The Year of the Dude.

Yeah, it’s probably too early for wild conspiracy theories, but has that ever stopped my co-host Melinda Doolittle and me? Heck no!

Also on this week’s agenda: The excuses we never again want to hear from contestants, the front-runners who stumbled a little during Group Rounds and the vocalists who were axed with an illegal lack of supporting footage. All that, plus Melinda sings a snippet of “It’s Raining Men” — and threatens to do some light stalking of Nashville contestant Clark Beckham — and I embarrass myself in new and mortifying ways.

Press PLAY for the full Reality Check experience — then hit the comments with your own opinions and theories!