Beauty and the Beast Gets Return Date — and Early Season 4 Renewal

Beauty and the Beast Renewed

The CW is gifting Beauty and the Beast fans with two long-awaited treats.

Season 3 of the Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan-starring drama will premiere Thursday, May 21 at 8/7c, the network announced on Friday.

Additionally, the show has been renewed for Season 4.

As the 13-episode third season opens, “Cat and Vincent are able to focus on their love, finally free from Muirfield, manhunts and beasts. However, that love will be tested as new and more dangerous threats await. When they learn that innocent victims are being used to test the boundaries of the impossible, Cat and Vincent will uncover a deeper conspiracy, one which Vincent can fight only by turning to the beast he carries within. But unleashing the beast will risk Vincent’s life – along with his and Cat’s love – as they struggle to build a normal life together.”

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  1. Dude says:

    So they lied when they said yesterday that no decision had been made.

    • JEst says:

      There’s always some point when a final decision is made. Is it that hard to believe that it happened to come today and not yesterday?

  2. ELL says:

    Wait, what?

    • ted says:

      It was pretty surprising that when I went to Netflix and see Beauty & beast being dubbed as ‘Most Popular on Netflix ‘.

  3. Boiler says:

    I certainly hope this means Dixie is coming back. It is outperforming 2 already renewed shows and this would be the third

  4. Stephon J.S says:

    Wow. Picked up. I’m glad they making this show a summer show

  5. Buddy Glenn says:

    The international sales are doing really well. At least, the show will reach some form of syndication for America and beyond.

    • Yasin says:

      But that means that they will have to let it run for another 2 seasons

      • ChicagoDan says:

        It will have 70 episodes after S4 (assuming that’s also 13), quite a few shows have been syndicated at that level. Plus, between streaming and international, that’s a good number.

  6. Tran says:

    Don’t know if BatB should end after four seasons. I mean the CW has a grueling prime time schedule hopefully for next season despite the renewals of eight of its shows except for HoD.

  7. Ames says:

    I’d rather see HOD renewed. If CW is looking for summer programming, then that would be a great fun summer show. I like BATB, and the show is likely to outlive us all, but it’s been off the air for so long that it’s hard to remember what happened last season. I mainly remember thinking that S2 was a huge let-down after a great S1, and that I missed Vincent’s scar.

    • Pelusa says:

      I agree with you it had been off the air for so long that I am sure us the fans will have to re-watch S1 and 2 to remember the story and keep track of it. I also remember that S2 was a dissapointing season and I think even the producers knew something was not right becaue the season finale could easily had been the series finale episode for the way it ended.

  8. Ray says:

    I don’t get it. This turd of a show just won’t die, no matter how pitiful its ratings are.

    • lechatnoir says:

      I thought the same thing. Obviously we don’t have to watch but still .It should have been 2 seasons max .I think there is too little consistent juice left . Most of eastern europe watches this show hence why it keeps making money from those overseas sales.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    “But unleashing the beast will risk Vincent’s life – along with his and Cat’s love – as they struggle to build a normal life together.” Sounds like more of the same to me.

  10. ... says:


  11. mc says:

    Somewhere, fans of The Secret Circle are unhappy about this.

  12. Lizo says:

    Seriously??? Just cancel it already so I can stop watching. Oh my god.

  13. Lizo says:

    Season one was amazing, then they forced out the two original show runners and it sucked going forward.

  14. Dave says:

    Are you serious? I think literally 3 perplesso watch this show, how can this be possible? And they canceled the secret circle after one season even if it was The third series with highest ratings for cw That year….

  15. Season 3 must be something extra as BatB has already been renewed for season 4. May – please come quickly! Thank you so much CW.

  16. Jared says:


  17. T. says:

    How can they renew it before the new season airs? The ratings will be even lower than last season. It’s clearly their favorite show on their network because they cancel any other show that does as bad as it does.

  18. anonymous says:

    I 💜 this news!! Yay!! I love this show and it’s incredibly awesome and entertaining! Can’t wait for May! BatB is the fourth best show on The CW behind The Originals, The Vampire Diaries and Jane The Virgin :)

  19. Maria says:

    It was leaked, so they had no choice but to let fans know

  20. Christina says:

    Really?! The second season was AWFUL. If they renewed for a 4th season before they even aired the 3rd, I’m hoping they renew HOD!

  21. I’m so happy!!! #BATB is the best series, for me and for milions of passionate fans!!!! Jay is the best!!! VinCat is the best!!! Beasties are a strong Fanmilly!!!

    • xpetti4 says:

      I agree. I wish these haters would leave our show alone. I am happy it returned on Thursday nights at 8:00pm central in the USA. I am also happy and hope they get a 5th even 6th season.

  22. ted says:

    It was pretty surprising that when I went to Netflix and see Beauty & beast being dubbed as ‘Most Popular on Netflix ‘.

  23. Carla Krae says:


  24. brandydanforth81 says:

    I like the show but am shocked by its renewal again-it’s ratings are terrible even for CW standards and veiwers largely rejected the show in season one because it was a remake-and according to most not as good as the original or people want original I shows not remakes/revamps-then half of its already small sudience bailed before season two,It’s also crazy that CW is renewing almost evey show on air so far-ANTzm,WL,MoI,P& T plus BatB,Reign,TO,VD,SPN,Jane ,Flash,Arrow.Ratings wise,this show shoukdve been cancelled after season two with 0.2-0.3 demand not a million viewers.

  25. Maria says:

    Can’t wait to see Vincent and Catherine back on my screen. They have the best chemistry on television.Period.(no offence to fans of other couples, lol, to each his own.)
    I’m happy for it being a summer show now, clever move by the CW. As long as it makes money for CBS through other revenue, it can go on. Fans are happy, it doesn’t hurt other shows- win-win situation for everyone!

  26. brandon says:

    That’s awesome can’t wait

  27. kathyb1953 says:

    I am happy for the show’s fans, but I got bored with the show quite awhile back. Wish they would renew Hart Of Dixie instead.

  28. pamela says:

    I am so happy about the renewal but am shocked honestly since I hears ratings were so low.

  29. Drew says:

    There is something bigger going on here. The CW has renewed pretty much all of their shows, ratings or no ratings. And they don’t have a lot of pilots ordered, do they? I am wondering if they aren’t thinking about long-term plans for this network at all.
    If they go under, I wonder what will happen to Arrow and The Flash.

  30. Guest(Real name won't be revealed until i say so) says:

    (In Frieza from DBZ Kai voice) I hope you BATB fans are satisfied. You have successfully dashed the show that I liked hopes(although it was cancelled back in May 2014) due to your interference and network interference too! I see that not only this show weaseled it’s way to a early renewal, but it also weaseled it’s way to 2 wins at this year’s People Choice Awards for Best fantasy/scfi show (although the other nominees are way better than this ratings turkey) and Best fantasy /scfi actress (although the actresses that was on the list are way better in my honest opinion). (using normal voice) Now people are still mad at the CW for canceling The Secret Circle but I’M still mad and bitter about The Tomorrow People stupidly getting cancelled, it’s probably because of this show for all i know. TTP did better in the ratings even when it moved to Monday but i guess it wasn’t enough for the network, was it?! No you had to kill it because “it didn’t do well digitally”, (In Foghorn Leghorn voice) AHH, SHADDUP! What does doing well digitally have to do with what show getting renewed anyway?! I should just end my thoughts about this show’s renewal right now because in all of my 22 years i have never been angry with a show as i am now and i really don’t want to start raging so i’m just gonna out of here.

    • MeforYou says:

      So, by your logic…its Beauty and the Beast’s fault that your show, TTP failed??!!! I wonder what it’s like to live in your reality.

      Also, LOL at your “in all my 22 years…”, as if that’s some huge milestone.

    • xpetti4 says:

      Please stop hating on BATB. Start your own fan base so your shows will renew. I love BATB. I hope it renews for many more seasons. Change channels and find something to watch that will make you happy.

  31. Tessa Ebarrete says:

    this show should always be renewed because the main cast have a great following all over the world and they always win at People’s Choice because many people love the show much, it must have more than 10 seasons with 22 episodes each; we will be more than HAPPY !

  32. Anne says:

    Yeah !!!! Can’t wait .😃

  33. kate says:

    This is somewhat confusing…. Dind’t they say a while back that the 3rd season will be its last?

  34. Jared says:

    Not sure if this has anything to do with renewals but doesn’t The CWs contract with Tribune(the stations that carry The CW) end in 2016? If that is the case maybe the network wants to have as many seasons as possible for its current crop of series before a possible shut down?

  35. carlos says:

    please do not cancel this show

  36. MARY K. PEARL says:

    Thank you so much I’m very happy, my show is back!!!!

  37. Diane says:

    Really happy to hear that when season 3 ends I will already know that it will be back for season 4. I hope Cat & Vincent will get some happiness, I’m really glad that the CW has renewed some many shows that I really like. They made a mistake killing Finn off of The 100 because it’s ratings have gone down since that happened.

  38. meme says:

    Thanks so much luv this show..can’t wait great to know we have season 4 great actors

  39. Vicki says:

    Finally!!!! I agree too I’ll need to watch S2 again to catch me back up. It’s been too long between seasons. I love BatB and Reign. I hope both stay around for a long while. I know some haters are going to squawk about that but hey, to each his own. ;)

  40. So very good news. at last and to read that there will be a season 4th it is icing on the cake.It is my favorite serie from the beginning.

  41. Pierrette Garant says:

    Great news 2 more seasons – my favorite serie –

  42. debbie says:

    This season will be a great ride yes and congrats for season 4 want 2 episodes please this wait is torcher

  43. Brandon Lawellin says:

    When are they going to add beauty and the beast season 3 to Netflix because I don’t have cable and I got really interested in it its so amazing dude I love and jay Ryan is amazing

  44. Becky says:

    I have missed this show!!

  45. pettielp says:

    I am so ready for BATB to return. Who cares when the decision was made!!

  46. pettielp says:

    I love the show and I am happy its has been renewed. Yeah, Vin/Cat.

  47. Linda Belanger says:

    I am a fan of this program happy that it’s back & would love to see actor Daniel DiTomasso return. I believe he appeared once only. He played Killian in series Witches of East End. I am very disappointed that the series was cancelled don’t understand why as they had great actors there

  48. I I admit I am obsess with cat and vin love for each other this is one of my favored love stories ever I have both 1&2 at lease two hundred times I know it’s over the edge but I love it.

  49. Can’t wait till u return to tv .love it am a big fan x

  50. francis says:

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE RETURN OF BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ON MAY 21 Which is this evening but they did not show it. They showed zombie instead. I was really disappointed.