Reality Check: Hooray for Hollywood Week on American Idol! Plus: The Ickiness of Contestants Hitting on J.Lo

Picture it…American Idol, Hollywood Week, Season 14. No vicious “Airplane Hangar of Doom.” No threat of Randy Jackson’s inane mentoring sessions. And a dozen (or two) fantastic, charismatic vocalists signaling the possibility of a truly stellar three months of competition.

That dream scenario began to look like a reality during last week’s two-part Idol telecast — or at least that’s the conclusion drawn by my co-host Melinda Doolittle and me on this week’s episode of Reality Check.

Still, though, it’s always important to separate the future Candice Glovers from the Lazaro Arbos types — which leads us to debates about Maddie vs. Maddy, Hunter vs. Shi and true sexy vs. Big Sexy. All that, plus an extended rant from both Melinda and me about why we never again want to see a contestant invite judge Jennifer Lopez back to his room for a bottle of wine and a “cuddle.” Take it from the Lady Doolittle: “You don’t have a chance!”

Press PLAY for this week’s full Reality Check experience — then hit the comments and share who you’re loving, who’s overrated and how Season 14 is playing out!