Allegiance Sneak Peek: Alex Puts His Lying, Spying Parents On the Spot

Allegiance Season 1 Spoilers Video

On Thursday’s Allegiance (NBC, 10/9c), Alex’s parents, Katya and Mark, will scramble to hide their secret Russian spy lives with more lies.

But their son’s Beautiful Mind-like recall of past events makes piecing together a plausible cover story extremely difficult, as you’ll see in the following exclusive video.

When Alex points out the inaccuracies in Katya’s (fake) explanation for her whereabouts on a date more than 20 years ago, she warns him, “You don’t want to know the truth about where I went all those nights.” (She’s totally going to invent an affair, yes?)

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your theories on what kind of tale the ‘rents will spin.

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