Scandal Sneak Peek: Will Fitz Go to War to Get His 'Olivia Doll' Back?

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It’s the age-old question: Would the President of the United States declare war in order to save the life of his mistress?

As Scandal picks back up after last week’s wild, break-from-format episode, Olivia’s stance is no, of course Fitz would not do such a thing, just for her. But her cunning captor Ian begs to differ, as seen in the above sneak peek from Thursday’s episode (ABC, 9/8c).

How will Olivia eventually be extricated from this mess? Will Fitz indeed attack West Angola? Will Jake & Co. swing into action? Will David Rosen reveal himself to be an operative for the extra-secret B614 organization and storm the place, Rambo-style? Watch the sneak peek and share your theories below.