Scandal Recap: Own Olivia Pope, You Own the World

Scandal Recap Fitz Declares War

This Thursday on ABC’s Scandal, Fitz, Jake, Cyrus, Mellie, Huck, Quinn, David and one surprising ally conspired to derail VP Andrew’s coup and follow Olivia’s trail of breadcrumbs. But when all was said and done, were they too late to the rescue?

LOVE… AND WAR | Coming off Andrew’s “How ya liking that war now?” taunt, Fitz realizes that his hands are largely tied when it comes to signaling for help, seeing as the veep has (somehow, and amazingly) switched out POTUS’ Secret Service detail with a bunch of treasonous agents as well as embedded snoops with the White House support/butler staff — meaning, “every phone call, every toilet flush” will not go unnoticed.

Yet later, out on the balcony, Fitz whispers into Mellie’s ear that her “boyfriend” has orchestrated a “bona fide American coup,” and as such his choices are to let Olivia die or send troops to die. FLOTUS’ take on things is, well, honest: “I thought you loved her…? Don’t tell me we’ve been through all this for a cheap screw. You know what you have to do.” So Fitz goes on TV and announces the onset of military action vs. West Angola.

FLORENCE TO THE RESCUE! | Back in her “prison,” Olivia is forced to read a script to a video camera, as proof of life and what not. But in doing so, she stops to ask for some water, using the glass to — as I predicted on Twitter, so gonna be a spy in my next life — catch a reflection of her captor. After disgraced Secret Service agent Tom facilitates a secret meeting between Fitz and Jake, POTUS hands off his copy of the video, and Huck soon enough spies the reflection, though the man (Ian) isn’t popping on any databases.

But then the Gladiators catch a break when Marla Gibbs comes knocking at OPA, looking for “the black lady.” After once putting her off, Quinn discovers that this woman is seeking her missing pal Lois, who lives across the hall from Olivia. Checking out the place, Huck finds Liv’s ring — proof that she was there — and then they use the Internet router to ID Otto, which leads them to Ian Woods aka Claude Jolie aka Martin St. John. Huck pings the guy’s cell, which doesn’t help much — but luckily Huck has another asset to pursue.

GONE (AGAIN) GIRL | Huck twice pops up in Elizabeth North’s home, threatening her daughter if she doesn’t help them find Olivia. After Huck tortures/burns/scars Elizabeth, she goes to Mellie with the truth and how she had no role in the kidnapping. Mellie in turn pays Andrew a visit, discloses that she knows his Olivia ploy, and questions her own role in his future as the next POTUS. Andrew, sadly but conveniently (but understandably!), buys into her come-on and they begin canoodling. And by the time they’re done and Andrew is zonked, Mellie has pinched his cell phones, which allow Huck & Co. to narrow down Ian’s pings to a Harrisburg airplane hangar.

Thanks to David Rosen and his 10-gallon white hat, the DEA launches a “drug raid” on the hangar, with Jake along for the ride — but Olivia has vanished from the faux prison. Why?

Because earlier, she mind-effed Ian’s socks off, suggesting that he sell her on the open market for a very pretty penny and be a boss, rather than “honor his contract” with the VP and be her babysitter for the next three years, when Fitz’s second term is up. (“Own Olivia Pope, you own the president!” goes her pitch.) So at episode’s end, we see Fitz receive a call from showered-and-ironed Olivia, who only gets in a quick “hi” before Ian grabs the sat phone and gives POTUS a heads-up on the bidding that’s about to commence. And thanks to the “chatter” going on about the leader of the free world’s girlfriend being up for grabs, Huck gets more digital “breadcrumbs” to follow….

What did you think of “Where’s the Black Lady?” And am I correct in thinking that Abby’s geometric dress, as damn purty as it is, was probably a bit short for appropriate White House wear?

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  1. Eric7740 says:

    Can we please give Kerry Washington her due Emmy that she should have won for season 2!!! If she’s not rewarded soon, she never will be!!!

    • Tina says:

      I Agree!! If this storyline doesn’t do it, it will never happen. It is overdue!

      • Stevie says:

        really? for what? ridiculous overacting??
        i like kerry too, but please…

        • Lynn says:

          I agree with you to much acting need to chill a bit on that

        • Meh says:

          Totally agree. I just don’t think you can make a strong enough argument for her work on what this show has become. Each episode is more ridiculous than the last and calls for such overacting. Don’t get me wrong I watch and enjoy it, but it is not the elite show it was before. It is going the way of Grey’s Anatomy. The loyal fan base will keep watching until the end, but getting there isn’t as savvy as it once was.

        • Pooches2 says:

          I’m curious, what EXACTLY do you mean by “overacting”? Considering the situation OP is in (I’m really NOT a FAN of this B613, kidnapping, love triangle, etc. storyline), I don’t understand that analysis.

    • Mary says:

      If overacting is worthy of an Emmy, yeah, give it to her…if not, as I´d like to believe, then I doubt she´ll ever deserve one, sorry…

    • B says:

      She will be! If the Emmy Awards continue to deny her the award she has earned by being the best leading actress in a tv series the organization will be faced with the label of being racist if she doesn’t win this year and TheGood Wife wins again I’ll be shocked and heartbroken

  2. abz says:

    Kerry’s doing a great job with this arc. I still wish this arc had nothing to do with Fitz, but I know that would never happen. Anyway, still enjoyed the episode overall.
    I think Shonda needs to seriously cool it with the Shondalogues. This is the second one she’s given to Tom I believe and I hope its the last. The last thing I want is for him or the other characters becoming even more like the awful Rowan.

  3. Cheyenne says:

    I said the same thing about that dress. I love it but it’s way too short for the White House.
    Glad Huck whooped the living tar out of Lizzie Bear. The b*tch deserved it.

  4. TAL says:

    Reblogged this on Cerulean Chronicle and commented:
    Attention ‘Scandal’ fans! The following is a recap of ‘Scandal’ 4.11 – “Where’s the Black Lady?” courtesy of TV Line:

  5. Tran says:

    I’ll watch Scandal On Demand for the rest of the season but in my opinion, that episode really jump the shark.

    • Mara says:

      Agreed. I’m not even eatching on demand until Olivia is back. I hate this ridiculous storyline and the emasculation of the Fitz character. I know tv is not realistic but come on – the VP does this and there is no one the President can get to help? Please. I’m so done.

      • Marcie says:

        So totally agree. Can barely bring myself to watch it.

      • fiberlicious says:

        How can someone be emasculated who was never “masculated’ in the first place? Fitz is a petulant child.

      • SweetTweeny says:

        I totally agree. Fitz doesn’t have one Friend in the white house he could go too – not even one General in the Joint Chief of Staff to tell them about this coup? Like you, it drives me crazy how the writers emasculate Fitz. I’m just waiting for him to get “fukked” up the ass literally, because they have already done it fuguratively numerous times.

    • Tran says:

      BTW, Jason Butler Harner continues to have his share of dark TV roles. Didn’t like his previous guest starring roles on Blacklist and in the third season of Homeland (they should have Jason’s character getting killed off).

    • Eric says:

      Exactly how I felt the entire episode… I specifically came to read the recap to see if anyone else saw a shark swim by when we were supposed to believe that Fitz had lost complete control of the secret service

  6. MTB says:

    Give me a break! This is getting ridiculous. “You love her so you know what you have to do”. I don’t care that it is TV this is stupid. And to an earlier post. She deserves no award except a Razzy. That stupid face again. Lets get over this story line quick please.

    • Lovely says:

      Yeah like Mellie would encourage FItz to start a war for his mistress, who has been a thorn in Mellie’s side from day 1. So unrealistic and not what a wife would ever do. That’s one of the things that’s frustrating about this show… The contradictory writing of the characters. All these characters are cartoonish and unrelateable. A wife would never say that.

      • Uyai says:

        A controlling power hungry wife would actually say that. Have you ever met any woman who’s like Mellie in real life? If no, then take it from someone who has. A woman who’s married to a man for power or money would encourage whatever he does that keeps him happy. Both Olivia & Fitz would owe Mellie hugely if she fixes this for them. Mellie has so much to lose if Olivia dies, she needs Fitz to finish his 2nd term so he can help push her up politically, she needs him focused and happy and level headed, he can only be useful to her if Olivia’s alive and well.
        Every other angle of this episode was ridiculous.

        • Lovely says:

          You actually do make sense. And that is the way the Mellie character was originally written in season 1. Mellie just cared about doing whatever it took to keep FItz happy and in the White House even if it meant ensuring him contact with his mistress… ie. Inviting LIv to the White House ball because FItz “needed to see her”. The problem came in season 2… All of a sudden Mellie changed her mind and instead of giving her stamp of approval to the affair she demanded FItz stop sleeping with Liv and wanted her out of their lives. The contradictory and inconsistent writing of this character is the part that bothers me. One minute she approves of the affair, the next she doesn’t… She even went as far as going on national tv and telling the world that her husband was having an affair to force him to leave Liv… But now she’s trying to save Liv and reunite the two of them again. I don’t even think Shonda and the writers know what they want Mellie to feel. They’re all over the place and it’s very frustrating as a viewer to watch.

        • Lovely says:

          Another thing… There actually is a character like that on House of Cards, Frank’s wife Claire. Claire knows about every one of her husbands affairs and doesn’t mind one bit as long as it keeps him happy and focused on his political goals. I often feel that is how they wanted to write Mellie but they fell very short. Claire knows herself and her husband and she is her husbands equal in every way. I LOVE to watch that character.

          • SweetTweeny says:

            Mellie’s character use to be Claire Underwood. In season 1, Mellie was portrayed as a person who wanted power and would do anything for it (example: fake miscarriage). Mellie wanted to be Fitz partner and what upset her is that not only was Olivia Fitz lover, but she was Fitz partner also and Mellie was left out in the cold – as Fitz told her, the position of Fitz lady is ornamental. Mellie wanted power in the White House, and before the rape reveal, if Fitz would have given Mellie a meaty project, Mellie would have cared less about the affair. As I said in another post to you, the rape reveal really muddled Mellie’s character,

  7. herman1959 says:

    I knew last week that “Ian” would end pulling a switch on the VP and holding Olivia for ransom himself. But, I did not see Olivia helping him do it. Maybe the girl is just to smart for her own good. Credit to the writers for this…now get her back next week!

  8. Emily says:

    Did anyone else get the feeling that Mellie might be in on this with Andrew or have some other linked agenda? My spidey senses were tingling…

    • Absurdist says:

      Dumping Fitz for Andrew does her no good in the court of public opinion. Mellie’s not completely stupid; she’s got to come out of this looking better than anybody else or risk becoming the eternal second banana like Bitsy.

  9. opus says:

    Scandal has never been realistic but this story line is just going too far. I’m way over this show now – Shonda has made it just too absurd!!

    • Mara says:

      Yes! This. Thank you.

      • helixro14 says:

        This! Too!
        I know wars have been started for Wag the Dog purposes, but getting at last count more than 30 Americans killed for the sake of Presidential Pu**y is ri donk u lous.

        • Julia says:

          Yes! I totally agree with this. He is sitting there listening to all of the Americans dying due to the war in Angola and doesn’t even blink. All of these heroes are dying for Olivia?! Seriously…come on.

          • Sheila says:

            Totally agree. This episode is definitely insulting our intelligence even if it is “Just TV” Would a president really kill 30 plus of our soldiers to save his mistress? Well, ok maybe but it’s still sickening. And, Olivia would have been captured by her other boyfriend if she didn’t convince what’s his name to put her on the black market. Even though she was under duress she knew she had time to sit it out. It really makes all of them look really stupid. Over acting and overthinking. Although I do think she’s a good actress. I’ve seen her in other things where she doesn’t have to make all those ridiculous faces. : )

  10. Mandy says:

    I didn’t love this episode. It felt like a let down after last weeks intense episode. This one felt really off kilter, the timeline didn’t make sense. the way the episode opened up was weird, so was Olivia just kidnapped? how long was she in that cell in the first place? When did fitz really find out? What happened to all that time in between? Than how the heck is the VP allowed to change the presidents staff? Isn’t that a form of treason? Huck was super scary threatening that little girl in her bed. Not a fan of that. I get threatening the mom she needed it, but a little girl and waiting in her bedroom. Not cool. I like how smart Olivia is at handling each situation and I hope she saves herself, she is that good. I love fitz but I feel like where is his power, his chutzpah? The love of his love is kidnapped by HIS VP yet there was nothing for him to do but give in? Creep around his house whispering and weak. The whole episode just felt scattered and lame. Disappointed. So everyone knows that fitz loves Olivia and she is his mistress? That seems crazy too.

    • RacerGurl says:

      Smart? She convinced the guy to auction her off as the Presidents weak spot multiplying one Andrew into hundreds of them. She would have been found at the end of this episode thanks to the phones had she not come up with her “smart” plan.

      • Mandy says:

        She had no idea she was going to be saved. She had to do what she needed to do. Stuck in a dungeon cell with no real food or shower she came up with a plan to save herself. How would she have known someone was going to come for her? it was weeks of waiting and no one had come thus far. She left her ring under the rug. She used the glass as a mirror, she used her bra to break a window catch. That’s pretty smart to me.

  11. ? says:

    This is the worst, least believable storyline ever. And that’s saying A LOT for Scandal.

  12. Carm says:

    I love Scandal but hate this story line. The whole thing is ridiculous.

  13. Alichat says:

    I have to admit….I was hoping that Fitz wouldn’t go to war, and Olivia would have convinced Ian of her “sell me to the highest bidder” play before he told Andrew to go F himself. That’s how I’d have preferred it play out.

    • Absurdist says:

      Yes, but too simple for the number of episodes remaining. Television continuity can never be simple, because then the story reaches a logical end, and that’s not good for American TV advertisers.

    • Michelle Williams says:

      Just a quick note, Olivia’s sell me to the highest bidder plan would have never worked if Fitz didn’t go to war because it would have meant she had no influence on the President, hence no worth. The act of going to war for her is what put her in the position to be deemed worthy because of her influence on the Prez.

  14. L says:

    Yea really how is the VP allowed to orchestrate this stuff? Why would the secret service blindly follow him? None of it makes sense.. Hope they get all these people for treason and execute them.

    • Absurdist says:

      Okay: illogical stuff.

      Ian allowed Olivia to kill TWO people. These were not people who volunteered for that, just two guys that got screwed for no real purpose. Collateral damage, or just convenient to the plot?

  15. Coal says:

    Everyone in the early days from Cy to Olivia even Tom now keep saying how Fitz is a great man and that’s why they do the things they do. Yet after four season’s I’ve yet to see him do anything great. Mellie, Olivia and Kate Burton’s characters were more politically savvy than Fitz in the first two season before they were turned into hysterical woman. Please people make understand was great about Fitzgerald Grant ?

  16. Hayes says:

    This show is now a joke.

  17. Imzadi says:

    While we are handing out Best Actress Emmys for Kerry, let’s give the Best Supporting to Bellamy Young. She was totally awesome in this episode. I love Mellie! And Portia de Rossi can do something other than snark (I miss Better Off Ted!); her scene with her daughter was sweet.

  18. Overthinking says:

    The only exciting thing that would happen for me at this point is if one of the Olivia bidders will be Stephen from S1 (here’s to hoping that Stephen was what they were referring for this arc tying into season one). Otherwise I am so over this story arc.

  19. Lynn says:

    AWESOM this show is great love the twists….and oh my I don’t think Ellen will like her wifes new backside lol

  20. Lola says:

    Very disappointed in Fitz. So many lives lost, tax payer resources spend all to get Olivia Pope back. Nothing can redeem Fitz at this point. He has lost all credibility.

    • Lovely says:

      Exactly. This whole Fitz will do anything for Liv and can’t live without her storyline is absurd. He chose the life of president and the sacrifice that came with it… now he’s killing thousands of people for his mistress. And he’s drinking alcohol and shaking… He’s weak. Nothing attractive about a weak man. I find this storyline repulsive, not endearing or romantic as I’m sure Shonda intended.

      • Gabby says:

        Thank you, Lovely. I have been trying to come up with the proper word to describe this story line and Fitz in particular, and you nailed it: repulsive. If Shonda thought this would make us all swoon and ship F/O (Hey, I just forced a bunch of people to die because I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day!), she really misread at least some of the room. Ick. Just ick.

      • well said Lovely, the man is a schumk

  21. Lola says:

    I’m sure in “Kidnapping/Babysitting a Hostage 101” there’s something to the effect of never going with a plan that the hostage suggests or believing any plan the hostage suggests as a ‘win-win’
    So Ian had not considered by himself, what a good idea it would have been to double cross the VP and sell Liv to the highest bidder, until Liv suggested it to him and now he think he will pull this off without a hitch.

    • Joanie says:

      I think that Ian’s greed is what is blinding him…she uses weakness to her advantage just like Papa & Mama Pope!!!!!!

  22. Joe says:

    If this story goes on any further I’m going over to The Black list

  23. Ellinas1978 says:

    Show has finally gone off the deep end (and that’s saying a lot).

  24. mo says:

    I’ll go ahead and say it – I was seriously miffed at the “let’s sell me” storyline, not just because it’s crazy, but because, as a black woman, I can’t imagine ever saying those words on sheer principle. My husband is white and he was queasy watching the whole thing. I might be alone in that, but, it just felt…icky to me.

  25. Julia says:

    Ok Mellie killed it tonight. That character gets better and better.

  26. Tracey says:

    Olivia will run back to Jake after all the sacrifices Fitz made for her.

    • Lola says:

      Fitz is an idiot, he is not willing to get a divorce so they can be together but he is willing to start a war, sacrifice American lives and resources to get her back. That is ridiculous, and if Liv still finds Fitz attractive after this then she’s as vile as he is and they do belong together.

  27. Lovely says:

    So Mellie has hated Liv for years because she stole Fitz heart yet she encourages her husband to start a war for his mistress… I mean come on… getting rid of Liv once and for all is advantageous to Mellie. She certainly wouldn’t encourage or help Fitz get Liv back. Who is writing this stuff?

    And did the kidnappers call Tanisha from the hair salon to come and lay Liv’s hair just right… LOL this show is so unrealistic that it’s now comical.

    • Rachelle says:

      I don’t think Mellie wants Olivia killed. Do you not remember the bomb episode? Mellie got all drunk and ‘celebrated’ Olivia’s survival, I think she said something along the lines of ‘olivia being blown to bits is my worst nightmare….the cross you would build and hammer her on and worship her for the rest of your life’. Because that way, Olivia would forever be a martyr in Fitzs eyes and there is no way she could compete with that….

      • Lola says:

        Exactly, I was about t say the same thing that Mellie made it very clear that Liv dying as a martyr is Mellie’s worst nightmare. That is why she did all she could to save her.

      • Lovely says:

        Yeah… Still not by buying it. It’s not consistent with how any REAL wife would behave in that situation. Mellie has been through too much due to the FItz/Liv affair. And yes I recall that scene and many others that contradicted the scene you just quoted. Scenes where all Mellie wanted in the world was to be rid of Olivia so her weak husband would stop being obsessed with her…. Like Mellie going on national tv to say FItz was having an affair to force him to leave Olivia once and for all. I know people like Olivia but from Melle’s perspective she is a homewrecker who threatens her marriage, power and position. I mean for goodness sakes FItz was a hair away from divorcing Mellie to be with Olivia. Would Mellie really do “everything she could to save Olivia Pope”… doubtful. Mellie would let Olivia die, let her weak husband cry and drink and mourn. Problem permanently solved. I could possibly see Mellie just staying out of it but encouraging FItz to go to war for Olivia and actively helping save Olivia is ridiculous… Plus Mellie is supposed to be intelligent and she knows that FItz going to war for one person would cost countless other lives… But coming from this show which contradicts itself all the time with poor writing and inconsistent character development… I’m not surprised.

        • SweetTweeny says:

          Mellie has not acted like a “real wife” from day one. Mellie and Fitz had a two “killer scenes”in this episode and that is when I truly understood Mellie’s motives. In the 1st scene, she tells Fitz why she slept with Andrew and how her and Fitz have been through so much that she is willing to accept a partnership and Fitz cut her off when she was going to run down all the things they have been through, starting with Defiance. The second scene really crystallized Mellie’s motive for me. It is when she told Fitz that all the hell Fitz and Olivia has put her through had to be much more than him chasing a skirt. Mellie had to find meaning in Fitz and Olivia’s relationship and when Fitz told Mellie that he loved Olivia, that’s when she said if you love her, then you know what you have to do. She has accepted that Fitz loves Olivia and now she wants a partnership. Mellie is playing a ‘long game”. She wants to keep up the facade (partnership) because she is going to get something out of it.

          • Lovely says:

            First of all Mellie is not a stupid woman. She has known for a very long time that FItz loves Olivia. That has been clear from season 1 when MEllie arranged for Olivia to come to the ball because FItz “needed to see Olivia”. If it was simply an affair FItz would have moved on but it’s obvious that he cannot function without Liv in his life. Remember him drinking himself almost to death during the time when he and LIv weren’t speaking? Mellie knows what time it is and has known for a long time. This past episode was not her first realization of FItz love for OLivia. And you speak of a long game… Well FItz and Mellie have two separate ideas of a long game. FItz wants to divorce MEllie at some point and marry OLivia. Mellie wants to keep her marriage however imperfect, and the partnership together. So their end games are at odds. So therefore I’m still not seeing how it benefits Mellie to keep OLivia alive. Exactly what is she going to get out of it? What’s in it for her if OLivia is rescued and returned to Fitz? Is FItz going to be so grateful that he stops treating Mellie like dirt? Because from day one FItz has been disrespectful and cold to Mellie practically throwing his affair in her face at every opportunity. Maybe Mellie is hoping that If she helps OLivia be rescued FItz will be so grateful that he’ll stop being a cold SOB to her. It’s just disappointing to me because MEllie had the potential to be a real force in and of herself, independent of her husband. But in doing this she has shrunk herself. I would have loved to hear her tell FItz I hope your precious OLivia is beheaded. That would have been the Mellie I loved… This past episode just made her look really weak and I just rolled my eyes… Something I’ve been doing with this show a lot lately.

          • SweetTweeny says:

            Lovely, how can you say from Day 1, Fitz has been disrepectful to Mellie. Iif you remember the scenes from Season 1 Mellie damn nearly put Olivia in Fitz’s bed. During the entire season 1, Mellie was real cool with Olivia sleeping with Fitz and chastised Olivia for “dropping the ball” during the Amanda Tanner arc. As for Fitz treating Mellie like dirt, if you remember, before Olivia even came on the scene Fitz and Mellie had a dead marriage – they were barely speaking to each other and Olivia noticed this right off the bat. Also, Mellie withheld “affection” from him for 10 years. Unfortunately, some postes (not necessarily you) are trying to re-write Mellie’s character. There was no love in that relationship for 10 whole years. They did not talk to each other, they did not touch each other. Even when they sat on the couch, they would sit as far away from each other as possible. They didn’t even interact with their kids – as Fitz said, Mellie shipped them off to boarding school at a very early age.

            The writers did a disservice in trying to rewrite Mellie’s character, to make her more sympathetic by putting in the rape scene which was nothing more than a plot device used to garner sympathy for Mellie because he original watchers of Scandal did not like Mellie Grant. The only thing the rape scene has done was muddle Mellie’s character. At one time, I understood her – she wanted power and was willing to do what was necessary to stay in power. I think the writers are trying to go back to “bad-ass” Mellie and having her accept her marriage as a partnership, hence why I say Mellie has a long game.

          • Lovely says:


            We agree on one thing. The rewriting of these characters has done a great disservice to the show. I am completely confused now as to who Mellie is, what she wants, her motives, etc… that is not because I am dense or slow… It’s because each season they completely rewrite the character. I could accept Mellie being against the affair… I can accept Mellie being for the affair to further her cause… But Mellie going back and forth with it is really annoying. As you pointed out season 1 she was for the affair… Then season 2 she went completely ballistic and wanted to do everything in her power to end the affair… Now I guess she’s back to supporting it… Huh??? And what???

            And the poor writing doesn’t stop there… They completely rewrote the history of Mellie and FItz’ marriage. As you noted It went from being a no love long dead marriage to FItz being jealous of Mellie having an affair… And FItz whinning to Olivia about how Mellie never loved him… Que the crappy rape back story… Which I agree was completely stupid and didn’t fit at all… We never saw Mellie being the least bit uncomfortable around FItz father Jerry but now we’re expected to believe that he raped Mellie. I really don’t like it when these series try to rewrite history like we the viewers have no memories. It’s insulting to my intelligence.

            Like I stated I have no problem with ruthless Mellie. I love the character Claire on House of Cards… What I have a problem with is how the writers want to make her ruthless one episode then soft and pathetic the next, etc. It’s really bad writing. I’m just SMH at this point…

        • Uyai says:

          Mellie is not a real wife. this is where you all miss it

  28. diane says:

    Maybe the war is not real! You never know with scandel. Is the vice preident the next to go.& I think mellie is just playing him.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, I thought the same thing, thank you for saying it. Fitz better be making it look as if he’s gone to war, it’s the only thing that makes any real sense for his character. If not, Shonda just lost a lot of viewers and Tony just lost a lot of fans.

  29. Anna says:

    Seriously, this is like Grey’s Anatomy season six all over again! (Except sleeping with a ghost is still more ridiculous…) But seriously. This storyline is so silly. Still, this episode was MUCH better than the last one, so I guess they’re improving?? Idk, really. I don’t really see where they’re going with this. Why wouldn’t Cyrus go to OPA and talk to Huck or Quinn or anyone, after he knows that “they” have Olivia? OPA and Fitz & his people should probably work together. And now that the VP doesn’t have Olivia anymore, first thing to do is stop the war and clean the White House – but then what? I just don’t see where this season is going. Which is not unusual for Shondaland, but in this case I’m NOT excited for it at all…

  30. Lisa Whitley says:

    This show reminds me of a friend who used to be fun, sophisticated and clever but is now a drunk with a cocaine habit! She’s still my girl but I’m not excited to hang out anymore. Someone please tell Shonda she is losing some of her most ardent fans with this disjointed season. It doesn’t even feel like I’m watching the same show I fell in love with. Time to call the divorce lawyer?

    • Lovely says:

      To be honest… It’s been disjointed for a while. Last season was horrible as well. I don’t know why I keep coming back for more abuse. Maybe someone should start a support group for disillusioned gladiators.

  31. Ella J. Wade says:

    Scandal had such a great first year, and even second year. What happened?

  32. Vince Lansford says:

    I vowed to stop watching a show when the kidnapping occurs. All the way back to Jack Bauer
    ‘s daughter on 24 who was constantly abducted.. We all know that nothing terrible can happen to a lead character, so why give them another minute of your time. This whole plot line is so ridiculous, it’s becoming the old Superman saves Lois Lane, yet again. Haven’t all of the main characters been responsible for the deaths of innocent people? Maybe that’s how it all ends. Everybody dies.

  33. Patti says:

    Sorry, folks, Scandal just got stupid.

  34. rachelle says:

    Kerry Washington’s acting is atrocious. I don’t want her to win an award only because the show is popular. If she doesn’t deserve it, she shouldn’t get it. And in my opinion, she does not deserve it.

  35. Scandal Watcher says:

    Wow, there are so many negatitve thoughts and comments about this episode, the show, the writers, and the actors below. While this was not my favorite episode, I am not giving up on the show as a whole. I want to see where Shonda is taking the show and the characters. I do agree with some of the charater assessments, Bellamy kills the Mellie role. I also agree Emmys should be given based on merit only. That being said, I hated that POTUS caved and went to war but he really could not kill off the star of the show without killing off the show. From your comments below, some of you would be ok with that. I would have liked for David’s plan to save her to work, and while POTUS was making his announcement about going to war he would instead announce to the world the VP’s plot to make him a puppet leader by commiting kidnapping, blackmail and treason. I think Cyrus will do something mean as he realizes what really happened,. he was a little too quiet. Episode 4-12 is really going to be nuts! Auctioning off a person for power? I hope the Grant’s stay together, Olake makes it and OPA gets back to managing DC crisis.

    • SweetTweeny says:

      How can the Grant’s stay together when Fitz looked his wife in the eye and professed his love for Olivia? Mellie was the one who told him to go to war because of his love for Olivia. She was the one who said that all the stuff that Fitz and Olivia has put her through has to be more than he chasing a skirt. Mellie realizes that her marriage is over and she wants a partnership, She even slept with Andrew to get his phone to help save Olivia. Mellie has been through to much shyt to even consider taking Fitz back nowing clearly where his heart lies.

      How can Olake make it when Huck let Jake know about the ring – she got the ring from Fitz and she never takes it off – which means all the time she has spent with Jake on the Island and in his bed she still had Fitz in her heart. How can any self respecting man put all of this to the side, knowing clearly where Olivia heart lies.

      Look at Olivia’s dream sequence – it was all Fitz. As she told Abby, for once she did not want to be logical, she only wanted to be happy. Even now, she is calling herself the President’s most prize possession – anyone who controls Olivia Pope controls the President.

      Like you, I want to know where Shonda is taking these characters. As of now, my thoughts are that Mellie wants a partnership with Fitz so she can launch her own political career. As for Jake, I really don’t know. I just believe if Jake and Olivia get together it will be a marriage like the Grants – one side having love (Jake) and the other side settling because she can’t be with the one she really wants. Like Fitz, Olivia might try to make a marriage to Jake work, but she will never be truly happy.

      • Susie says:

        Has to be the stupidest storyline ever. Let’s autction off a worthless woman for BILLIONS!!! Ugh what is Shondra doing although she doesn’t write the shows she oversees the final product. The previews ar too absurd for anyone to accept. Are the writers basing Oliva on Helen of Troy? I have no idea why I continue to watch but between this and the stupid Blacklist (which I think is better show with better acting). I may begin watching the Fox new crime drama instead of both and DVr the prior

        • SweetTweeny says:

          Unfortunately, I think the writers are basing Olivia on Helen of Troy which, like you, I find it completely stupid. Whoever came up with this arc needs his or her ass kicked. I really thought they were going to get back to the “case of the week” format and with Olvia choosing herself, I was interested to see how that was all going to work out.

  36. Shana says:

    Fitz had made his decision prior to his balcony chat with Mellie. He also had a point about not wanting to dishonour the memory of his son Jerry by giving in to terrorists (Andrew) and , tarnish his time in office . Why then would Mellie encourage him? ” Don’t tell me we’ve been through all of this for a cheap screw”. Been through all of what? Doesn’t make any sense that Mellie would actually condone him running off to save Olivia unless we’re supposed to believe that doing what the VP wants is going to keep him Fitz in office? What would happen if Fitz decided to sacrifice Ms Pope and not got to war? Would impeachment then be a foregone conclusion? Too convoluted…

  37. Lynda Dutton says:

    I am in the U.K. and thanks to you I can cheat and catch up on my favourite shows cos we are behind on a lot of my fave series. I need to know what is going on!!!!

  38. Shay says:

    Omg people moaning about the show not being realistic! Firstly, how many of you have any involvement with the President of the United States to even know what the reality is behind the scenes there? Secondly, it’s a goddamn TV show! Do you want them to show the boring office duties in the white house and do a 45 min show with people reading papers, signing things, preparing speeches etc? If i wanted to watch the mundane triviality of real life, I would just stare out of my window! Do you people think all other shows and movies depict reality? Do you believe there are alien robots that can transform into cars in real life, too?? The show is called “Scandal” for a reason- it has to be scandalous!