CBS Pulls The McCarthys From Schedule Sooner Than Planned

McCarthys Cancelled

I know some Irish eyes that aren’t smilin’.

CBS has pulled The McCarthys from its schedule sooner than planned, replacing the freshman comedy with Big Bang Theory repeats effectively immediately.

The Futon Critic was first to note the scheduling change.

The McCarthys was always scheduled to go on hiatus before exhausting its 15-episode freshman run, following its Feb. 12 broadcast. (Two and a Half Men‘s hour-long series finale fills the 9:30 time slot on Feb. 19, and from there on CBS’ Thursday sitcom slate is to be as follows: new Big Bang, Odd Couple, Big Bang rerun, Mom.)

Sources tell TVLine The McCarthys technically is not yet cancelled and the four unaired episodes could see the light of day, though there is no plan at this time to broadcast them.

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  1. thisismenow says:

    I loved the show too. I keep investing my time in short lived shows. :(

  2. Kate says:

    I’m not happy about this!! It’s a fun show that was finding its way.

  3. GuessWhat says:

    the biggest surprise to me is that CBS hasn’t spun-off BBT yet. they keep using repeats of it to replace cancelled shows. and CBS is notorious for franchises: CSI, NCIS, etc.

    • Patrick says:

      How will they spin it off? I think they were sort of trying when they made the Comic Store guy and Kripke recurring/regulars for hot minutes. But those characters aren’t compelling enough to make a show about them. Who else is there? Its a very insular world that comprises Lorre’s shows. They characters don’t interact with anyone else, so it is hard to spin off new characters, since they don’t usually exist.

      • Christopher says:

        I thought a great spin off of the Big Bang would be to have a prequel of the Sheldon years with Laurie Metcalf reprising his mother and the story follow Sheldon in grade school or middle school. That would be a hoot to watch if they cast young Sheldon right !!! Kinda like a reboot of Leave it to Beaver with him and his misadventures and awkwardness with peers in school :-) They could have the pilot in a Big Bang Theory episode where maybe Sheldon becomes unconscious and the whole episode would be like a dream sequence.

      • Ron says:

        I agree with you about Lorre’s shows, but I would still like to see them try a spinoff of Two and a Half Men featuring the Berta character.

      • Floyd Smith says:

        They need to do a spinoff based upon Sheldon’s family in Texas. Laurie Metcalf would star as the mother with Margot Martindale and Delta Burke playing her sisters and Polly Holliday as Sheldon’s MeeMaw. They can cast a young hot actress as Sheldon’s sister, and Tyler Ritter could be Delta’s gay son, which could provide some great fodder for Metcalf’s ultra-religious character.

  4. dan says:

    Not surprised. The show started off decently and was better than I expected. However, the last few episodes weren’t as funny. The Dad and one of the twins got stupider with each episode, while Margie became more insufferable. I’m a Laurie Metcalf fan and usually she hits the mark with her characters, but not this one. She should return to TBBT as Sheldon’s mom. The only “normal” characters with some nuance were the lead son (I can’t think of his name) and the pregnant daughter. Can’t say I’ll miss it much.

  5. ClearlyDemented says:

    Wow. I was impressed by this show. Each week it seemed to get better. Don’t we get enough Big Bang repeats everywhere and all the time?

  6. Tony says:

    Not happy!! I really liked this show! I thought it was funny!! The Christmas episode was so funny!

  7. EJ says:

    No St. Patrick’s Day episode? Then what was the whole point of this show?

  8. Boiler says:

    Just another example of why people shy away from new shows unless it is some type of “fad” show

  9. Tran says:

    I have a feeling that The McCarthys is going to get canceled soon even if The Odd Couple gets a big boost for a Big Bang lead-in.

  10. Eric says:

    I wish networks and ‘sources’ would stop with the whole “not necessarily cancelled” line they want to throw at us all the time. If a network is pulling a show from their schedule and replacing it with repeats of another, 99.9% of the time, that means it’s cancelled. Otherwise why would you be pulling original episodes to show repeats of something? Networks just need to be upfront with the viewers and stop using that line.

  11. jj says:

    while I liked the show i’m not surprised, there was a lot of potential but it was a strange direction having the pregnancy and engagement storyline thrown in

  12. j says:

    Liked this show Especially the mother.

  13. Are you kidding me? Let a show have a chance! You think the early episodes of Friends and Frasier are better than what they became? No. I thought Laurie Metcalf was hysterical. Two thumbs down for this decision.

    • MamaBear says:

      Agree 100%. I love this show. CBS plays favorites for sure. A perfect example is Everybody Loves Raymond. It’s ratings were awful the first few years. They moved it all over the schedule. Then, close to the end of the second year it caught on. We all know what happened next.
      I’m so sick of networks not giving shows a chance. It’s not worth investing in them, & that’s why they do poorly. No one wants to start watching a show, like it, then it’s cancelled 2 months later. That’s why I started watching cable. At least they give shows a fair shot.

    • Wendy says:

      So agree! Though I loved Friends from day one and Fraiser my gosh was sit-com Shakespeare every epi!

  14. MB says:

    Well, there goes the only CBS show I actually enjoyed.

  15. tina bott says:

    I love this show and it’s characters why don’t the networks give shows time to find their own niche

  16. Nikki says:

    The premise of this show was good, but Tyler Ritter, bless him, needs To work on his acting skills. And did anyone else notice that the sister went from barely pregnant to very pregnant and back to barely pregnant depending on the week?

    • Zenobia Jackson says:

      Tyler Ritter was a bad choice…very weak, but, Laurie Metcalf was the only standout in the cast., It was just a very mediocre sitcom. I am surprised that CBS keeps greenlighting these not so great sitcoms (The Millers, The McCarthys, We Are Men, Partners)

  17. Daniel says:

    I felt like this show was finally finding the right rhythm with characters, and now it’s cancelled? That’s really disappointing news.

  18. Walter Leen says:

    Retired couple ( 72/67) with mega time to watch TV and McCarthy’s is out favorite of new shows, Ritter is a new star. However it’s Thursday nite slot was not right place, suggest Sat or Sunday nite. 2nd favorite was Forever.

  19. Mary says:

    Sounds like it’s cancelled without an announcement.

  20. Iakovos says:

    Sorry to hear about THE McCARTHYS. It was a decent sitcom. Disappointed all CBS can do is BBT reruns in its place. Really?

  21. S. says:

    No, not surprised at all. Tried to watch a few times, and just barely made it five minutes, much less a whole episode. Characters were stupid when they weren’t boring and non-existent plotlines. I am actually kinds of surprised it lasted as long as it did.

  22. Mare says:

    Dang, that stinks :-(

  23. Kat Morgan says:

    Augh! This is why no one should bother watching any show until it is in its second season. Did any comedy show make it to a second season this year? Doesn’t look like it.

  24. Maxsmom says:

    I just tweeted my enjoyment of this show “to the world”(my 55 twitter followers). DAMN!

  25. Bev says:

    it was getting better with each episode. I will be sorry to see the cast leave before we know anything about the baby or other characters in the show

  26. jeannine says:

    I liked the show, but hated the laugh track. It was too loud.

  27. Matty says:

    Nobody expected this to last as long as it has… it was a pretty awful show.

  28. Cody Skaggs says:

    I hated this show glad it’s gone

  29. Sheldon W. says:

    The only thing about The McCarthys that was fresh was that his family wasn’t freaked out by his being gay – they were ticked off because he wanted to leave Boston.

    Other than that, it was a boring, predictable show that was only occasionally funny – despite an amazing cast.

  30. DavidSask says:

    It was bad from the get go CBS was being generous leaving it on as long as did!

  31. Mr. Smith says:

    About time! Worse than The Millers!

  32. I liked this show…what is wrong with CBS? Heck, that have that stupid show, Two Broke Girls. one of the worst shows I have ever seen. I loved the mother on The McCarthy’s along with Joey from New Kids On The Block.

    • brandydanforth81 says:

      First quality or lack thereof in a show has nothing to do with renewals/cancellations.Its about Neilson ratings,a show making money for the studio/network.Second,2 Broke Girls has a syndication deal so it needs another season for more episodes and it will make money whereas MCarthys wouldn’t have plus 2Broke Girls is is season four getting better ratings than Mcarthys in season one.

    • Jana allen says:

      I agree, Two broke Girls stinks. One dirty joke after another!!

  33. Shannon says:

    This was my favorite new show of the 14-15 season. My favorite show last season was “The Millers” What the hell CBS?

  34. Jean Whitmore says:

    this is such a great show the McCarthy’s please reconsider

  35. I enjoyed the McCartheys. It was a very funny show. I think CBS should bring it back. 2 and a half men can’t end soon enough. You had something good with the McCartheys.

  36. Sheila says:

    You have to be kidding me – how many Big Bang’s can we watch??? I love the McCarthy’s – very funny great sitcom. Who is making these decisions? I just don’t get it when shows like this and the Millers are not even given a chance and 2 Broke Girls lives on for some ungodly reason. Please keep the McCarthys on.

  37. Cindi says:

    I hope they bring it back. Get rid of the engagement and just stick to the original cast members.

  38. Alison says:

    Don’t cancel the McCarthys!!

  39. Mike McF says:

    Please do not cancel, my family loves the show too much, give it a chance. Look what happened with cheers.

  40. Donna says:

    This show is hilarious. It deserves more time.

  41. Peggy says:

    Save the McCarthyism. I love this show. I am sitting here waiting for it to start. My evening is ruined !!!!’n

  42. t says:

    Not a fan. Just wasn’t funny.
    I did watch the first 3 episodes, I tried.

  43. Vince Johnson says:

    You should ditch that crap “Mom” instead of shelving The McCarthys.

    Was looking forward to The Odd Couple and The McCarthys. Now will stay with Fox’s Blackstorm.

  44. marybeth says:

    Please do not cancel the mccarthy’s it is one of my favorite shows that came on this year. I love it! Ever episode has me laughing hysterically.

  45. Mike McF says:

    The funny thing is, they don’t give the McCarthys a shot but I just saw another new show with mathew perry. How many chances does he get after friends? His new show will fail again and he will have another in about 18 months. Cbs needs new people to help make these decisions, give me a call. Seriously.

  46. Merlie Smith says:

    What s the matter with people that don’t watch these funny shows. We loved the McCarthys and looked forward to it every thursday along with Mom and Big Bang but to replace it with Big Bang reruns is not smart because that can get old as it is on all the time. Why do people think that Two Broke Girls is better? Who is rating these shows???? CBS has cancelled too many of our favorite shows like Mentalist, now the McCarthys, and others but they keep Two Broke Girls. Please give them a chance

  47. Michael says:

    I LOVE this show! Laurie Metcalf is amazing and the twins are supriingly hysterical. I’m done with CBS…done, done, done. BRING BACK THE MCCARTHYS!

  48. Vince says:

    The crappy show Mom should be shown the door along with Two and a Half Men.

    Won’t watch Thursday lineup. Will stay with Fox and Blackstorm.

  49. chaz says:


  50. Cheryl says:

    CBS you suck!! The McCarthy’s is hilarious and it was so fun to see a show about New Englanders–as I am one myself.