Hot Video: Jimmy Fallon Reunites Saved By the Bell Cast on Tonight Show

Wednesday’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon partied like it was 1993, proving that friends really are forever.

What started as Fallon’s recollection of his days at Bayside High became a full-blown Saved By the Bell reunion, with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani (No Longer Amber) Thiessen, Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley and Dennis Haskins reprising their iconic TNBC roles.

The nostalgia fest poked fun at Bell’s on and off-screen histories, including Berkley’s infamous role in Showgirls and the chart-topping sensation known as Zack Attack. It also envisioned an alternate ending to the gang’s high school years, with Kelly carrying Zack’s child out of wedlock.

As you may remember, the late night host first attempted to reunite the cast in 2009. After only managing to get Gosselaar to appear, he set his sights on reuniting the cast of California Dreams instead.

So get excited, Preppy, and hit the PLAY button above. Trust us, this is so much better than an unauthorized Lifetime original movie.