Outlander Video: Black Jack 'Is Not Quite Finished' With Jamie and Claire

Outlander Season 1 Video

Tulach Ard! There’s a new sneak peek at Outlander‘s upcoming midseason premiere — and beyond!

Starz on Wednesday released a fresh video, featuring stars Tobias Menzies, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, executive producer Ron Moore and more — which offers up plenty of previously-unseen footage from the back half of the historical drama’s first season.

VIDEO Outlander Sneak Peek: First Minute of Midseason Premiere Tells Jamie’s Story

As Moore talks about what’s ahead, we’re treated to snippets of a Claire-Laoghaire standoff, Geillis looking worried, Jenny giving her brother and his new wife what-for, Ian (yay!), Claire and Jamie getting nekkid, a taste of the growing Colum-Dougal friction and plenty of Black Jack Randall being a right blaggard.

All of this, of course, before Moore teases that Randall “is not quite finished” with the series’ central couple and then promises a “surprising” end to the season.

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“Have a cushion ready to hide behind,” Balfe says, giggling nervously (and if you’ve read the book, you know why).

Press PLAY on the video below, then let us know what you’re most looking forward to when Outlander returns in April.

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  1. July Lark says:

    Jack Randall may not be finished with Jamie and Clair but I am finished with watching him. I’m skipping the torture and brutality to come, I know the story, I don’t need to see it again.

    • redjane12 says:

      I am with you… Having read the book during the looooong hiatus, I am now kind of skittish about the whole Jack Randall excess which I found a bit over the top in all honesty…

    • Claire says:

      I understand. I have the first 8 eps on dvr, and while I rewatch all the time, I ff the flogging scene.

      The next 8 eps are where the fluffy romance ends and the gritty part begins. Wentworth was hard to read; I’m almost afraid to watch it. However, I am curious to see how it will be handled.

      • Paula says:

        Jaime might not look so dashing after Wentworth. The books truly give us a visual of the horrors that Jamie is put through – not looking forward to that part. I’m looking forward to see how Claire gets even tougher and never gives up on Jaime (loved that part in the books).

  2. Liz says:

    Is it April yet?

  3. Eliza says:

    Black Jack is horrible but I love Tobias Menzies. He’s an extremely gifted actor!

  4. Alichat says:

    This tease was so much better than the one they tossed us a week or two ago.

  5. Arlene says:

    One of the best shows on TV. They are slowly torturing the fans. April can’t come soon enough.

  6. Alichat says:

    I forgot to mention…….Ian looks NOTHING like I pictured he would.

  7. Shaun says:

    Why does this vid player never work properly?

  8. Jenna says:

    Omg, this show. ‘Let’s commence with the evening’s entertainment.’ Pleeeeease. I absolutely can’t wait til April. But, alas, I must.

  9. The only way to deal with DroughtLander is to have had the foresight to have dvr’d the first episodes! So…needless to say – I have watched them over & over & over! Pretty much a Jamie & Clare devotee- have all the 8 novels & anything else one can purchase to make the experience richer, ie the handbook! I Am Ready!

  10. Catullus 1000 says:

    An excellent series. I hope the cast & crew receive plenty of awards next year for all their hard work.

  11. Linda Lynch says:

    I am so excited for April 4th an loving Claire an Jamie together such great acting…keep going u two

  12. Betty says:

    Why is Jamie skipping stones by throwing them with his right hand? i though he was left handed?

    • tsevca says:

      Well, he is. But is Sam? I think he isn´t. And since Jamie learnd to do so many things with his right hand, I guess they thought this isn´t such a big deal. Or the video can be mirrored. They do it in trailers sometimes.

  13. Dianne Carey says:

    I cannot wait to see every last second, no matter the subject. I just think Diana is a genius, and I love these books!

  14. tsevca says:

    I really hope they do Wentworth the way it was in the books. You know, we don´t see it, we´re in Claire´s shoes, not eve knowing if Jamie is still alive. And then he tells her about it one piece at the time. First of all, the not knowing until it´s over has bigger effect – Will they come in time? Did somebody walk in and nothing happened? Or is Jamie already dead? Did he break his word? And then you see him and he´s hurt a lot but first doesn´t seem so bad mentally and then you find out. And second of all, do we really need to see it? Jamie describes details that they can´t show anyway without making it totally different genre and I´m still pretty damaged from reading the books and Jamie remembering. Diana wrote in all 8 books stuff that I consider bigger blow from her to their relationship. But those passages still give me nigtmares sometime and seeing them… When I read the books, at least the first two definitely, there was I think only one promo picture from show so my fantasy couldn´t make up the image completely and it still had impact on me.

    But what worries me beside that is how they talk about how this will hurt their relationship. There are some effects at first, but Jamie never blamed it on her or such things and made sure she knows it. Should I expect some changes?