The Flash Recap: Greased Lightning — Plus: [Spoiler] Is on the Loose!

This week’s episode of The CW’s The Flash succeeded on multiple levels, from the Metahuman of the Week to some extremely fun moments to a reveal (or two?) about the speedster’s identity. Then, for good measure, a closing tag teased big, hairy things to come.

I admittedly had tempered expectations for the “Peek-a-Boo” character, as Caitlin dubbed her (“Can’t I name one?”), but she was another good example of a metahuman who distinctly neutered Barry’s own abilities. Instead, it was again up to the S.T.A.R. Labs team to find the particular Kryptonite for this baddie, here being darkness (so she can’t see where she is “going”). I also forgot that I’m a sucker for nifty teleportation effects, be it X-Men, Harry Potter or this show that used to be on TV called The Tomorrow People.

Alas for poor Peek-a-Boo aka Shawna, her OTL Clay Parker, whom she sprung from the clink, bailed on her in the end, leaving her to claim an empty cell in the S.T.A.R. Labs Pipeline. Speaking of….

Hartley/Pied Piper convinced Cisco to let him out of his cell, so that he could explain what become of Ronnie — or more to the point, why Dr. Stein never left S.T.A.R. Labs the night of the particle accelerator explosion. Analyzing security cam footage, Hartley points out how Stein — who was doing cutting-edge things with transmutation (or “making two things one”) — got caught in the dark matter blast and fused with Ronnie. After getting blindsided/KO’d by Hartley, Cisco ‘fessed up to Wells, Barry and Caitlin about how he let Hartley loose — but just as critically why, because he has carried this guilt about sealing Ronnie inside the chamber during the explosion. Caitlin forgives Cisco, saying that Ronnie himself would agree he’d made the right move.

Caitlin of course processed this info dump whilst nursing a monster hangover, having drank wayyyyyy too much the night before while staking out a karaoke bar/trying to “have a life,” with Barry. Their excursion involved a round of “Summer Nights,” in which Barry proved he’s not just fast but has pipes, too. Caitlin got so wasted that Barry had to not just race her home but also help her get out of her LBD and into her jammies. Barry does so at superspeed, but shnookered Caitlin says he deserved any peek he sneaked, because of all the “good things” he does for people.

Elsewhere in this eventful episode, Barry’s father Henry got stabbed behind bars, after helping Joe once too often with intel on Clay Parker’s boss/possible whereabouts. As Henry later recuperated in the infirmary, he made note of the front page photo that Iris took of The Flash — as well as of the fact that the speedster has twice popped up at Iron Heights, first to help Joe, and now him. In other words, Dad totally knows, and though he plays “coy,” he has this message for whomever is The Flash: “I’d tell him to be careful, then I’d tell him he’s a hero. But the most important thing for him to know is that his father’s proud of him.” Sob.

But wait, there’s even more! The Flash Recap Barry Iris LindaAfter his karaoke turn, Barry got the number of pretty Linda Park, who it turns out is a reporter for the Picture News — setting the stage for an awkward introduction when Iris assumes Barry is at her office to see her. And last but not least, in the pre-credits tag, we see that former S.T.A.R. Labs subject Grodd the gorilla has made camp in the Central City sewer system, where he keeps busy scrawling his name on the walls and abducting maintenance men.

What did you think of this week’s jam-packed episode? And do you think Iris also recognized Barry from that amazingly crisp iPhone photo she took of the fastest man alive?

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  1. This show needs to start paying off the teases that have been stringing the viewers along for more than half of this season. We are at the 12th episode and I still don’t know who the Big Bad of the season, it could either be the Rogues or Reverse Flash. Heck, it could even be Grodd.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      You are assuming there IS a Big Bad or needs to be one. To be honest, and this link is tenous at best. This season is reminding me of Season 1 2 or 3 of Smallville with the ‘Freak of the Week’.. Or as it was sometimes called ‘Freak of the Weak’ (not all Villains are created equally).

      I honestly think Flash is trying too hard in its first season as opposed to Arrow which had its Gradual build. Im not sure its a good thing for the show to do.

    • Ashley says:

      Isn’t it kind of obvious that Wells is being set up to be Reverse Flash and thus the Big Bad? They even confirmed that he’s a Reverse Flash.

      • Patrick Maloney says:

        He’s the Reverse Flash but that doesn’t mean he will be the Big Bad of the season, especially when they have yet to give him any clear objective.

        • Well, based on what I’ve seen so far (first five episodes) and read online, I’m wondering why, if Wells IS the Reverse Flash, he would go back in time to create the very machine that gave Barry his powers.

          • Thomas Pittman says:

            It all has to do with time travel I expect. It’ll probably end up being that he is from the future and got his speedster powers from Barry so if Barry never got his powers, neither would he.

          • Not much of a villainous motivation,

          • James says:

            We’ve seen Wells steal the Tachyon Particle device and even strap it to his chest to gain some of the speed force.
            Basically in the comics Barry is the original flash and the more he runs (and the faster he gets) the more speed force he generates meaning Wells can syphon that for his own gain.

            Wells probably time travelled back to kill Barry’s mom but then ran out of speed force and has been biding his time until he could make Barry generate more

          • There were two blurs the night Barry’s mom died, one yellow and one red. I think the two were fighting across time at super speed.

  2. James D says:

    good episode. Stoked about Grodd. I agree with Patrick though things do need to start paying off especially with Wells.

  3. Joey Padron says:

    good episode. good to see Grodd again. glad to know why Ronnie isn’t himself. good to see Dr.Stein for first time on the show. can’t wait to see more of him on the show in next episode.

  4. Ashley says:

    The DCAU Justice League fan in me is super excited about Gorilla Grodd. If they pull it off, I think I’ll love this show even more. Also nice to see Iris back to investigating The Flash, hoping for more of her in future episodes, her character has a lot of potential.

  5. Viv says:

    My heart broke there a little bit on the TTP reference (yes, still miss it). Good episode. I´m weirdly happy that Hartley was able to escape, I really like Andy Mientus in this role, but I´m a fan since Smash (another show gone to soon…). And glad we got an answer regarding Ronnie.

  6. Might be getting too ambitious with how many subplots they’re building up but still definitely enjoying the ride overall.

  7. Lauren says:

    Two Lindas.

  8. Drew says:

    Peek-a-Boo would make a much better Suicide Squad member than that stupid Cupid chick. I liked that her moral compass was way off, but she was still sympathetic.

  9. analog says:

    Is there any way they could just make Malese Jow the main love interest?

    • aplwrites says:

      Linda Park marries Wally West in the comics. Wally is the second Flash formerly Barry Allen’s sidekick Kid Flash. Not sure they will introduce a kid flash or Wally. Linda could very well be a long term character… or she could be easter egg fodder for comic geeks.

  10. Blah says:

    Now if only grod could meet some teenagers who the particle accelerator had merged with turtles

  11. Anon says:

    Gotta love Dr. Snow…..Danielle Panabaker is beyond adorable
    Caitlin and Barry are far better than the creepiness that is being fixated on your pseudo-sister.

    • CC says:

      I agree a thousand percent!!!!!

    • dana says:

      Cait and barry have zero romantic chemistry, that episode only proved that they can be great friends

      • murley says:

        I am hoping they are setting up a friendship between Caitlin and Barry to replace his friendship with Iris once that turns romantic. Barry/Grant Gustin has great friendship chemistry and I want that to still be a part of the show once the romance starts revving up.

    • JJ says:

      Omg finally someone states the obvious creepiness of Barry being on love with his “sister” if he thinks of Joe in a father figuere then Iris should be a “sister”

  12. Skittles&Bits says:

    Barry/Dad scenes are still sucker punching me in the gut. Grant Gustin has such amazingly poignant chemistry with the actors who play his dad and Joe. And wooza, I didn’t know he could sing. I mean I was aware he was on Glee but when he busted out during the karaoke scene, I think, for the first time, my heart fluttered ha. Solid episode. It was awesome seeing Cisco put the hurt on Hartley even if it was short lived. I hope the show gets a bit more creative and fast; some plot points are starting to get grossly predictable.

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  14. S. says:

    Loved this episode. Not liking Hartley, but I’m trusting the PTB and hoping that will change. Glad to see Barry moving on from Iris, and loved the Dad scenes. Hope they keep this up, and that Grodd turns out to be a big scary and not a dud. Can’t wait for next week.

  15. Luli says:

    Can we please have an extended scene of Barry and Caitlin singing?!?! Cause that was hilarious and I love Grant’s voice. More drunk Caitlin too, and SnowBarry!

    Also I feel bad for Shawna…. I thought at the end she was going to help the capture Clay.

  16. Kat says:

    As entertainment weekly noted, this episode was very weak. Creepy line from Caitlin about being ok with Barry looking at her goods because he does so much good???? Bringing on Linda Park as a love interest for Barry when she’s Wally’s girl??? Iris who is such an iconic character for this show is also poorly written. I could go on. Just not a good episode. Writers are doing a horrible job for the female characters.

    • Anon says:

      yes…Linda Park is best known as Wally West’s girlfriend/wife….but Felicity over on Arrow, she was Firestorm’s stepmother in the comics.
      Let them change things up a little.
      Linda is probably not gonna be around long anyway…

    • Me says:

      That line was so inappropriate. Barry’s attitude is also awful. He just shows up to meet Iris and is angry because she didn’t cancel her date with her boyfriend and his mother? Tired of picking her up when SHE falls? WHAT? She doesn’t owe Barry romantic love. The sense of entitlement on Barry’s part is disgusting. VERY badly written episode.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        Oh get over it, Barry wasn’t nearly as emotional about Iris going out with Eddie as you claim. He wasn’t frustrated out a sense of entitlement, I think he roled his eyes, that’s about it. No she doesn’t owe him something, but that doesn’t mean it’s not rational for him to feel some emotion when someone he cares deeply about is going out with someone else when he assumed they would do something that night. You didn’t even make a mountain out of a molehill hill, you read something that was not even there.

      • Alichat says:

        Barry wasn’t angry at Iris. He was angry and frustrated with himself. How he’s always dropping everything to help her with the hope that her feelings for him will change. He wasn’t saying she owes him love. He was saying he needs to wake up and move on.

      • Gaia says:

        Just ignore the feminazi. Move along.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      People are making too much of that line. I don’t think the writers were implying anything remotely like what some are attributing to it. It was far from the best line they could’ve come up with but she was drunk and hardly in full control of her faculties, plus the point is that Barry would never take advantage of her.

      • DT says:

        Exactly! Her character was drunk…drunk people say stupid things…even flirty stupid things. Before someone gets carried away with that too, let me clarify that both guys and girls alike say stupid things sometimes flirty stupid things while drunk. The point was just being made that Barry wouldn’t take advantage even when a pass was made at him. Y’all are way too sensitive. The Flash is a comic book show told in a light hearted fun way. I enjoyed the episode and continue to enjoy the show.

  17. Linda Park should be Wally’s contemporary. I hope Barry’s not robbing the cradle — thought I guess now Wally and Park will have a “younger man, older woman” relationship in this canon.

    • Drew says:

      Unless Wally is Iris’s cousin rather than her nephew. However they do it, it seems like they shot themselves in the foot as far as Wally goes. If they bring him in, he will need a whole new backstory… Which is fine since the comics messed him up in the relaunch anyway. The iconic Wally West appears to be dead.

      • Which is very unfortunate.

      • Luis says:

        The T. V. shows are not going to hew religiously to the comics storylines because the mediums are too different; there’s no way for the T.V. show to maintain the internal coherence of a comics storyline. We don’t know that we will ever meet Wally West in the T.V. universe; however, elements of his story can serve dramatic purposes for the show. It might not float everyone’s boats, but it stands up pretty well/.

      • James says:

        There is no indication that Iris has a sibling, so Wally can’t come in as her nephew.

    • Gail says:

      The TV shows just drop names from the comics as Easter eggs for the comic book reading public. The name has little relationship to the character in the comics. It wouldn’t surprise me if a characters named Jay Garrick or Bart Allen pops up on the TV show.

      • isosim says:

        Look at the fanboys over at Emergency Awesome if they had their way there would 7 Flashes by the end of season apparently they would taken over by Grodd – I am still unclear as to how many reverse flashes there would be.

  18. Todd says:

    I just hope they take their time with Grodd and don’t go in the same direction as Smallville and Doomsday. Love the show, just don’t ruin it by rushing it.

  19. packabellr says:

    I’m really wondering if there are gonna follow the comics plot

  20. Gail says:

    I would love for the TV show to do the story of Earth 2, which was originally introduced in the Flash Comics Instead of using Jay Garrick maybe they could use the Silver/Bronze age as Earth 2 with an older Barry and Iris married and Wally West as Kid Flash etc.

  21. FranL says:

    I didn’t enjoy the bar scene as much as most people did. Way too cheesy and as much as I like Caitlin, I found Danielle Panabaker’s drunk acting cringeworthy. The best part was Grant singing and dressing Caitlin in the hotel room, but please, no more drunk Caitlin outings writers!

  22. Charlitos says:

    The formula for the show is already starting to get old for me. Every week’s Metahuman villain and resolution feels too similar. There’s a new Meta in town, Barry gets his ass kicked by him/her, STAR Labs finds a weakness, Barry uses the weakness to beat the villain. I’m a fan but I need them to start mixing it up. Somehow Arrow has managed to avoid the repetitive Villain of the Week-type procedural feeling. ALSO, did anyone else think locking up Peek-a-Boo Shawna in their underground jail was a little harsh… she didn’t actually hurt anyone.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Just because you don’t kill or physically hurt someone doesn’t mean you aren’t a danger. She should be in some sort of prison, I don’t see how STAR Labs’ jail is any worse than a normal one.

      Arrow uses a similar formula. He comes up against the baddie of the episode, something goes wrong, but he gets his man by the end of the episode.

    • G. says:

      I liked Shawna and I felt bad for her … but no, she showed she needs to be locked up. She’ll commit any crime her loser boyfriend Clay tells her to.

      But, I will say she is the first villain I’ve ever wanted to see get let go for a good reason down the road. Cisco letting Hartley out was just BEYOND stupid.