Quotes of the Week From Scorpion, Revenge, The Nightly Show and More!

We’re still a week away from Super Bowl Sunday, but you’ll be doing a touchdown dance in the end zone after reading TVLine’s Quotes of the Week.

Yep, we’re back with a collection of the best retorts, zingers and one-liners from the last seven days of small-screen proceedings — and there’s not a single flag on the play. (Did we use that sports reference correctly? Please say “yes,” even if the answer is “no.”)

This time around, we’ve got a zoological truth courtesy of Revenge, Martin Luther King Day wisdom from The Nightly Show and Late Night, strip-club concerns on Bad Judge, a parenting fail on Episodes and much more!

So click through the gallery below for the full roster of quotes, then hit the comments and share any great one-liners we inevitably missed.