The Simpsons Sneak Peek: Mr. Burns Creeps Out Famed Engineer Elon Musk

Elon Musk has rubbed elbows with the most elite, powerful men in the world… but nothing can prepare the 43-year-old entrepreneur for the supreme displeasure of meeting C. Montgomery Burns.

The real-life celebrity super-genius — who’s had a hand in everything from PayPal to NASA — makes a trip to Springfield in Sunday’s The Simpsons (Fox, 8/7c), and TVLine has an exclusive first look at his unfortunate close encounter with Homer’s sinister employer.

(Unless it’s totally normal to squeeze the moisture out of someone’s mouth less than five minutes after meeting them. If that’s the case, nothing is weird about this clip.)

Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment below: What do you think of The Simpsons‘ 26th year?

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