Reality Check: How Old Is Too Old for Idol? (We Debate J.Lo's Icky Answer!) Plus: Savion and Sarina's Comebacks!

There’s optimism in the air surrounding Season 14 of American Idol — and mainly because two of the most egregious, pre-voting-round evictees from last year’s ho-hum installment are back and more brilliant than ever (or at least as brilliant as before).

Yep, on this week’s season premiere of Reality Check, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I celebrate the Golden Tickets earned by Sarina Joi Crowe and Savion Wright, though one of us is not buying into the “my, how much he’s improved in the last 12 months!” arc being foisted on the latter vocalist.

Melinda and I also dish our other Week 1 faves, ponder whether or not the Randy Jackson barnacle has been fully removed from the U.S.S. Carrie Underwood, and take on Jennifer Lopez’s side-eye-inducing remark about how 25-year-old female contestants present as more “beaten-down” than their teenage counterparts. Ms. Doolittle even weighs in with some pointed commentary on J.Lo’s “Booty” video — but she’ll have you know her remarks came out sounding meaner than she intended!

Press PLAY for the Reality Check season premiere, then hit the comments with your thoughts! And stay with us every week from now through May for all our observations on Idol and The Voice!