Person of Interest Boss: Time-Shifting Episode Will 'Blow People's Minds'

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The following will excite Person of Interest fans… if not put them quite on edge, in anticipation of the midseason trilogy’s “nanners” second installment (airing Tuesday at 10/9c).

When last we tuned in to the CBS drama, Greer — frustrated by The Machine’s refusal to bow before the “god” Samaritan — set in motion a broader-hitting attack, on the world financial markets. Meanwhile, Shaw slipped out of the Finchcave, even though her cover has been blown and she is again visible to Samaritan’s eyes.

In the exclusive featurette above, showrunner Greg Plageman, along with much of Team Machine, preview this Tuesday’s episode, “If-then-else,” in which we will learn “more about The Machine’s capabilities than ever before.” Plageman goes on to tease a “massive, cool, time-shifting episode that’s going to blow some people’s minds” — perhaps because, he warns, “something totally shocking happens.”

Press play above and then share your POI-related anxieties in the Comments.

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