Parenthood Video: Amber in Labor, Zeek's Big Choice & More Finale Fare

Parenthood fans only have four more hours with the Bravermans, and it seems these final episodes will be some of the most emotional yet.

NBC has released a two-minute preview of the drama’s last four episodes, which includes major milestones for the family.

Zeek’s looming health issues remain the focus of the series; in the video, he and Camille plan to make a big decision about his ailing heart. (Warning: When Zeek asks his wife, “You with me?,” her response will reduce you to tears.)

Other highlights of the preview:

* Amber goes into labor in the middle of the night, with Sarah right by her side.

* Adam admits to Crosby that he wants out of the Luncheonette.

* Hank tells Sarah he’s “all in” with their relationship — any Gilmore Girls fans getting serious Luke/Lorelai flashbacks?

* After Joel promises Julia he will never leave her again, they take their next steps (er, glides) toward reconciliation on the ice skating rink.

Ready to see it all for yourself? Press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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