Glee First Look: A Reunion-y Season 6 — With Bonus Quinn and Karofsky!

Don’t trot out the old adage “you can’t go home again” — not when you’re talking about the plucky, musical twentysomethings of Glee.

As evidenced by the following first-look photos from the first four episodes of the high-school musical’s sixth season, the original wide-eyed members of McKinley High School’s New Directions have all gone back to Ohio — Lima, to be specific — with songs in their hearts and plenty of accompanying drama, to boot.

Quinn and Puck are looking pretty cozy, while Brittany and Santana seem to be spending a lot of time together, too. But Kurt and Blaine look like they seemingly have to clear a few more obstacles if they’re ever going to get their happily ever after. (To that end, how come Karofsky’s got his hands all over everybody’s second-favorite Warbler*?)

*I’m not the only one who kinda sorta loved Sebastian most of all, am I?

Don’t fret, Gleeks, there are pics of Sue, Schue, Beiste, Mercedes and Sam in your future, too!

Whatever your allegiance, click through the gallery below for a sneak peak at Glee‘s upcoming crop of episodes, then share your thoughts in the comments!