What's on Your TV Wish List for 2015? Tell Us Now!

The Office Christmas Episode

The start of a new year always brings a few certainties: confetti in Times Square, the chorus of “Auld Lang Syne” — and, for the TV junkies among us, high hopes for our favorite shows.

We want to know what’s on your wish list for 2015, and here’s where you come in: Email your Most Wanted lists to feedback@tvline.com or use the Contact Us page.

Are you praying for the return of a beloved character? What about the couples who need to hook up (or break up)? Is there a story arc that needs to end — pronto? We want to hear all your requests for 2015!

If you’ve got a dream for the small screen, don’t hesitate to share it with us. For example: “I wish that Leonard and Penny would start planning their wedding on The Big Bang Theory. Think of all the hilarious plot lines!”

We’re turning off the Comments section, so again — email feedback@tvline.com or use the Contact Us page, putting “TV WISH LIST” in the subject line. Once we’ve received a batch of your ideas, we’ll share them in a photo gallery with your genius, thoughtful and/or funny quotes — so start wishing!

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