Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere Pics: Who Gets Lei'd at Mona's Funeral?

Mona Vanderwaal always loved a good party, so is it any surprise that her final shindig — more specifically, her funeral — looks like a black-and-white luau?

New photos from the Pretty Little Liars‘ Jan. 6 winter premiere (ABC Family, 8/7c) find the residents of Rosewood coming out in droves to bid farewell to the show’s latest victim, but is it possible the killer is also among them? (Spoiler alert: obviously!)

In addition to a pretty significant time jump since the Christmas special — not only is it suddenly warm out, but Toby’s no longer wheelchair-bound — the premiere also features an epic confrontation between Alison and Mona’s mom that is not to be missed.

Browse photos from PLL‘s winter premiere below, then drop a comment: Who do you think killed Mona?

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