The Fosters Sneak Peek: The Holidays Deliver a Harsh Truth for Jude

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Jude gets a not-so-pleasant surprise in his holiday stocking, courtesy of a disagreement between his moms, during The Fosters‘ Christmas special (airing Monday at 8/7c on ABC Family).

TVLine’s exclusive video finds Jude’s eavesdropping unearthing a family secret during his first December with the clan. After Stef points out that her wife sounds petty over the fact that her mother is spending Christmas with her (surprise!) brother, Lena corrects her, “Half-brother.”

And yes, apparently, it matters. “You can’t say that it doesn’t, but half is not full,” Lena adds, as a vulnerable Jude — a half-brother to Callie — overhears from the stairs.

Fosters fans, how badly do you feel for the kid? And is Lena in the wrong?

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