Revenge's 11 Potential Midseason Finale Victims: Who's Dying Next?

Revenge Death Spoilers

“Nobody does death like Revenge,” the promo for Sunday’s midseason finale (ABC, 10/9c) boldly declares. But who’s to be on the receiving end of that not-so-idle threat?

The possibilities are endless. No, wait, that’s actually a huge overstatement. The victim pool can be safely narrowed down to the following 11 individuals, all key players (to varying degrees) in Season 4:

1. Emily
2. Nolan
3. Victoria
4. David
5. Daniel
6. Jack
7. Charlotte
8. Margaux
9. Louise
10. Ben
11. Agent Taylor

Obviously, a few of those Hamptonites are guaranteed immunity — unless ABC decides to off Emily and introduce a compelling revenge story for Officer Ben — but we won’t be sure of anything until Sunday.

Browse our gallery of potential victims below, then drop a comment with your best guess: Who’s next?

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