Peter Pan Live! as Told by Twitter: A Dead Maid, Hot Lost Boys and More

Peter Pan Live!

Sometimes, you learn more about a major television event by not watching it. That was my experience Thursday, as I enjoyed Peter Pan Live! not through my own eyes, but through the eyes of Twitter.

(Disclaimer: TVLine Senior Editor Michael Slezak did watch Peter Pan Live!, so if “accuracy” is more your flavor, check out his photo recap of the best, worst and “whoops-iest” moments.)

All right, friends, here’s what I gathered…

It all started with a dead maid:

But the maid’s death (murder?) was quickly swept under the rug when Peter and Wendy met. Shipping began immediately:

Then came the group field trip to Neverland. Sadly, the magic of HD apparently nullified the magic of stage flight:

Suddenly, a hush fell over all of Neverland, as an (allegedly) gay crocodile sashayed onto the scene:

This was followed by a surprising amount of thirst for the Lost Boys Men:

Of course, others preferred the Native American gentlemen:

And then there was Resurrection‘s Frances Fisher, who just said, well, this:

Viewers had mixed feelings about Christopher Walken’s Captain Hook:

But in the end, there was one thing everyone could agree on:

I’ll end with this gem, courtesy of Nashville‘s Laura Benanti, who played Baroness Elsa in The Sound of Music Live! Unfortunately, Benanti was unable to watch Peter Pan in real time — I can relate — but that didn’t stop her from crafting the perfect dream cameo:

Did you actually watch Peter Pan Live!? If so, what was your favorite part? Are you Team Hot Lost Boys, Team Hot Native Americans or Team Hot Pirates? Drop ’em in the comments section below!

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