Peter Pan Live!: The 22 Best, Worst and Whoops-iest Moments

There were highs (quite literally, Allison Williams’ aerial pirouette), lows (Christopher Walken searching for a line) and head-scratchers (that Mummenschanz-esque crocodile!). But no doubt about it, NBC’s Peter Pan Live! was an artistic upgrade from last year’s dubious Sound of Music.

Clocking in at a full three hours, though, there were plenty of peaks and valleys (not to mention snafus) during the course of the live broadcast — and Team TVLine tried to catch each and every one of ’em.

Wendy’s eyebrow-raising nightgown neckline, Hook’s eyebrow-raising eyebrows, and Minnie Driver’s last-act gravitas… we’re weighing in on all of ’em.

Click through the gallery below to get our take on the proceedings, then hit the comments and tell us where you agree, where your opinion diverges and which wacky moments we might’ve missed. (And don’t forget to grade the musical in our handy poll, too!)

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