Once Upon a Time Photos: Evil Queen Gets Her Licks In vs. the Charmings

A very old grudge is born anew as the Spell of Shattered Sight rains down upon ABC’s Once Upon a Time this Sunday.

In the penultimate episode of Season 4A, aptly titled “Shattered Sight,” Storybrooke is in a state of chaos with all the residents at each other’s throats. While immune Emma and Elsa race to free themselves of their “sisterly” ribbons and take down the Snow Queen, David can only watch when Evil Queen-mode Regina clashes with Mary Margaret in an epic battle, swordplay and all.

Elsewhere, Rumple gathers Belle and Henry as he prepares to leave town forever, Will Scarlet looks to square his tab with Hook and Kristoff’s thick-headedness leads Anna to a heartwarming discovery.

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